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a thing I drew for my own au lol cause I’m way too deep in it

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ah fun fact tho this part of the actual fic hasn’t been posted yet and I don’t remember…when this happens but we’ll get there eventually I just really wanted to draw the boys taking a nap after writing this part

small doodle of tsumugi finally finding her cosplay muse­™ and dressing her up as a certain fate heroine she looks a lot like (blondes, ahoge, badassery)


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saihara as shirou and maki as rin because why not

who could be archer? i thought of ouma as illya

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Hanzo and his crush or s/o taking a peaceful walk by the cherry blossom trees and when they stop, Hanzo gets in a cheesy mood and picks one to put in their hair?

Pale Comparison 

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A/N: Hello yes, I love sappy Hanzo.

Hanzo remembers the first time he met you.

You were meek and silent. An awkward smile at greeting faces and a low voiced introduction to match. He shouldn’t have been as surprised as to why you chose him to befriend. He was one of the few who would not force conversation, preferring to remain silent unless spoken to. There had been times where he had tried to pass you to Genji, or any of the others to be honest, but having grown accustomed to your presence. It felt almost wrong to not have you with him.

It was inevitable that he would have fallen for you as hard as he did. You had begun speaking to him more over time and he to you. A mutual share of knowledge and facts over the little common ground shared between the two. It had taken you both some time until what was acquaintances bloomed into a healthy friendship. And, in his case, a crush on someone as lovely as you.

A relieved sigh brings the archer back from his thoughts. “I’m glad we were able to finish that mission pretty quickly, don’t you think?” Hanzo looks you over, the ease of your shoulders telling him you’re relaxed in his presence. He hums.

“Happy to rid of me so fast?” The Shimada asks, raising an eyebrow while watching you from the corners of his eyes. He can see where the words process through your head, as your body stiffens slightly.

“What? No!” You turn your body towards him, hands waving in urgency. “I didn’t mean it like that at all, Hanzo. I like hanging out with you!” For a moment you’re worried, hoping you haven’t upset him. That is, until you notice a playful smile teetering at the ends of his lips. You frown, face falling. “Oh ha ha, Hanzo. Very funny.”

“The look on your face was amusing, yes.” He chuckles lightly into his fist. You shake your head.

“You’re awful.” You jab at his shoulder.

He takes of hold of it, a mock look of hurt. “You wound me.”

You roll your eyes. “Yes ,well, you had me worried for a second there.”  He chuckles once more offering apologies to which you hum at dismissively.  

A silence falls over as the sun beings to set on the horizon of Hanamura. The streets are starting to slow, as the day crowd diminishes and the night crowd has yet to come out. Your paces are matched, steps falling in unison as you watch at your feet. Allowing Hanzo to lead the way back to the hide out.

“This way.” Hanzo says, placing a hand at your bicep to catch your attention. There’s a flash of confusion on your face knowing that isn’t the way back but Hanzo assures you. “Trust me.”

He takes you through a dense alley in order to reach a different street. A group of people wait for the light to change, the crowd seeming a bit intimidating as Hanzo walks in with no difficulty. You grab at his sleeve, making sure not to lose him. He, however, takes your hand to hold in his.

“I don’t want to lose you.” He explains, his grip tightening for just a moment. You nod, holding on to his hand and standing closely next to him. The light changes and he pulls you along with the crowd.

The first thing you notice is the smell. Its earthy unlike the smell of the street corners and sidewalks. He pulls you away from the crowd, taking to a different stone walkway from the rest. You’re in a park, it seems.

“My mother used to bring me here when I was younger.” He begins. “The cherry blossoms around this year are in full bloom and have yet to fall.” He stops in front of you, brown eyes gently looking to yours. “Look.” He moves out of the way and you see the rows of cherry blossoms lined up on either side.

You’re eyes widen in amazement. Hanzo motions you forward and your steps fall not far off from his. Your eyes dart around taking in the scenery as you enter deeper into the arch way of flora that surrounds you both.  It looks never ending from where you stand.

The way the pastel skylight hits just right as the flowers sway with the wind.  The smell of nature and the coziness of Hanzo’s hand all adds to the grandeur of this detour. It’s almost magical.

He stops for a moment, his hand leaving yours as he reaches to an overhanging branch. Carefully, he pulls it down, picking off a perfectly bloomed cherry blossom from the branch before letting it go. He turns to you, a dust of pink prominent on the highs of his cheeks as he approaches you.

You can feel the heat on your face as his hand tucks a bit of hair behind your ears. He is gentle as he places the flower in your hair, adjusting it to make sure it does not fall. When Hanzo is done, he takes a step back in order to look over your features. You shyly meet his eyes.

“A shame these blossoms hold such pale comparison to the one before me.” He motions to move his hand in yours once more. His grasp in gently and warm, the look he holds for you just the same. “For you are the most beautiful one here.” He chuckles in amusement when you remain silent, having been left speechless. “You’re as red as a cherry.”

You huff, “Well when you say and do things like that how can I not be!”

He laughs, its unguarded and loud. A rumble in his chest as he holds your hand while doing so. You shake your head, happy to see him show you a rare side of him. “Forgive me,” He brings himself to a calm expression. “It just felt right to say something such as that.”

You pucker your lips. “Why do you love to tease me so?”

“Perhaps it is because I like you.” He opts, watching you from the corner of his eyes. He begins walking, to what you assume, is the end of the pathway. You look over to him, surprised. With your free hand, you touch at the flower. Feeling the softness of the petals between your fingertips with care. Hanzo watches you, the glow of your face as the sun sets and the lanterns cascade over you. His chest thumps, heart racing as you smile to yourself before looking back at him. “Or perhaps it is because you are easy to fluster.”

You pout, arm dropping back to your side. “Jerk.“

He tugs at you slightly.  “We should return back to the hotel.”

“Yeah, it’s getting late.” His hand remains in yours as you swing them between you. The walk to the end takes of the park takes only a few moments. A comfortable silence falls between the two of you as he directs you on where to go. Night has fallen over the city and the neon lights single the beginning of a different side of Hanamura.

When you make it back to the safehouse, you thank him. A gentle kiss planting itself at the top of his forehead while his hands are occupied at loosening the tie that holds his hair. Immediately, you can see redness spread across his face after doing so. Silky strands falling to frame his face as he launches into a coughing fit. You giggle, jokingly asking if he is sure it’s you who is easily flustered.

Your worst nightmare

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The Stark tower was extremely silent, not a single sound could be heard . Closing your eyes, you crossed your legs on your bedroom’s floor and started to meditate. Meditating had been an old habit of yours to pass the time when you were captured by Hydra.

They experimented on you, and by the time the Avengers had found you, you had already powers, to be exactly, to create mirages.

After being fred , you had proven yourself as an excelent recruit and were accepted as an avenger and, because of your bubbly and hyper personality, you had befriended all the members of the team, and even had caught the eye of a certain captain.

Everytime you walked into the room, he would go mute, felt how Tony chuckled at his behaviour, earning a light punch on his shoulder. Although it was quite obvious, you didn’t really think about love, and because of that, were oblivious to his feelings.

“Hey (Y/N), how about we train a little bit before the mission?” Clint’s voice broke you out of your peaceful trance, making you jump scared “Geez Clint, you scared me!” You rubbed your back and stood up, following him.

As he saw that, Steve’s fists curled into balls. Why he had to be so shy? He asked himself as the green eyed monster made his appearance. Pushing himself from the wall, he made his way to the training room.

“Is this the best you can do (Y/N)?” Clint had you on the ground, for the tenth time “Don’t assume you’ve won yet, Katniss” you kicked his royal jewels and sprung up, and punched his face “Is this the best you could to Barton?” “OK I surrender” Clint raised his hands in defeat as he saw Steve’s figure on the door “(Y/N), care to spare with me now?” Steve asked sheepishly “Sure, Steve” You smiled as you high fived Clint “See you later” You waved him goodbye

As Clint passed beside Steve, he whispered “Go get her tiger”, earning a blush from the soldier.

“Ready Cap? Remember I can mess up your life in three secs ” You asked smirking as you got into fighting position

“As ready as I’ll ever be” Steve smirked back, preparing himself for the fight.

“C'mon Steve, you can go harder on me! I’m not made of glass!” You shouted in between punches.

 You knew Steve was strong, so you didn’t understand why did he go easy on you “Goddamnit Steve, punch me harder!” You swept his feet off, making him fall to the ground “This is the last time I’ll ask you: Hit me harder” As Steve’s answer was the same weak punches and kicks, you sighed in defeat as you separated from him “Is it because I’m a girl right? Right?” You asked, pointing an accusing finger at him.

You couldn’t understand it, you didn’t think of him the same way he thought about you…Steve lowered his head and didn’t look at your eyes.

Crossing your arms, you concentrated yourself “OK, Steve, as I see that you will not be more violent to make me stronger, then I’ll have to use my powers…I didn’t want to, but you’ve made me” You closed your eyes, reopening them with a blood red that would put to shame Snow White’s lips.

“Show me your worst nightmare, Rogers, and fight it!” Dark fog engulfed Steve as the illusion started to create, but what you saw surprised you.

It was a woman’s body, but not any woman’s, yours. You were lying on the ground, a pond of blood around you. You were dead.

Looking at Steve, he had dropped into his knees and had paled considerably “No…Not my (Y/N)…Not her” He clutched your lifeless body as a few sobs escaped your lips.

“Enough!” You vanished the illusion and ran to where Steve was, head hung low.

“Is this your worst nightmare? Losing me?” You asked him , lifting his chin with your hand “The day we found you, I swore to myself to never let you be harmed again, not only by HYDRA, but for any evil force” He whispered in a sweet voice, as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Weeping it off with your thumb, your eyes flickering between his eyes and lips. Steve caught the hint and leaned in “May I?” “You may” With that, he closed the space between the two of you. It was only a peck, but it meant for the both of you.

“(Y/N)..I really like you…Would you like to go out with me? He asked, biting his lip nervously.

"It would be my pleasure, Steve” You smiled back, standing up and helping him up.

Meanwhile, in another room

“C'mon Legolas, the cash” Tony smiled triumphantly, earning a scoff from the archer “And here I thought the one to kiss the other would be (Y/N)” Clint chuckled, while giving Tony the prize.

“We should do more bets like those” Tony smiled at Clint.

“With who? There aren’t anymore couples” Clint sat on the laboratory table, pouting

“Geez, you’ve got no eye for this. I bet that Vision will kiss Wanda first!”

“Wanda? Vision? You’ve no remedy Tony…But I’m in”


Artemis has always fascinated me a lot (maybe because I have a thing for girls who are wonderfully skilled archers, idk). Also, even thought she’s the emblem of chastity, I’m pretty sure she’s gay (????)

Anyway she, together with Athena, is like a big sister to Kore/Persephone (well, they’re actually step-sisters, so we’re good).