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Enterprise Texting Headcanons

Archer: texts like a dad. He always ALWAYS signs his texts. He’s a slow texter too. Uses basic abbreviations like “lol” but doesn’t know many others. Uses the =] smiley.

T'Pol: either sends sparse texts without enough information or texts that are way too detailed. You can ask her a simple question and get a flood of 20+ texts in explicit scientific detail. Uses no smileys or emojis but uses excessive scientific abbreviations that no one but Trip can understand.

Trip: an unintelligible mess of ALL CAPS and emojis 😏 and (=゚ω゚)ノ all kinds of cute things. Uses so many abbreviations that tbh no1 gets it smh and also uses outdated abbreviations like rofl and roflmao. Sometimes sends rage texts (ALL CAPS!!), but always apologizes later.

Hoshi: perfect grammar and spelling and lots of emojis 💕she usually texts back promptly. Tries to explain some text lingo to Archer but with no success.

Reed: doesn’t text back until several days later, or not at all. Sends one word texts like “k”. Doesn’t know what emojis are.

Mayweather: is always texting his family and random members of the crew that no one else seems to know. Always smiles at his phone when he gets texts. Only Archer and Hoshi have his number. He sends and receives more texts than anyone else. Has been known to still use “XD”.

Phlox: enjoys emojis a bit too much 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 LiKeS tYpInG lIkE tHiS. Uses many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

"How do you want to die?"

“How do you want to die?” An odd question, the archer thought, given that he and the gunslinger were not close by any meaning of the word.

“With my honor.” The archer replied.

Some months later, McCree asked “How do you want to die?”

Again, Shimada thought this an odd question, but because he could feel the weight in his friend’s voice when asking.

“Among my loved ones.” Shimada replied.

“How do you want to die, Hanzo?” Jesse asked, sleep in his voice, a tired smile pressed against Hanzo’s forehead.

“With you.” Hanzo replied. His words just as soft, arms pulling Jesse closer to him in bed.

Years later, husband stood before husband. “You never told me how you wanted to die… I know this was not how you wanted to go.” The remaining husband dusts off the grave, his fingers tracing the name he loves so much. “Jesse McCree”

Dead-eye comes at a price, a final mark. One that never misses.

Who had the very last line of the series?

Star Trek: Enterprise- Captian Jonathan Archer

Star Trek: The Original Series- Captain James T. Kirk

Star Trek: Next Generation- Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Star Trek: Voyager- Captain Kathryn Janeway

“But Carly,” you say, “You forgot to mention Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space 9.” 

Wel, I didn’t. I saved that one for last; for dramatic effect.  Because DS9 has the unique distinction of being the only Star Trek series where the captain does not get the last word. That honour went to….


Lets, just think about that for a moment. Whether you watch Star Trek or not, I think we can all agree that the most iconic person on the show is the captain. The captain is the main character of the series. They are our introduction to the show, the eyes in which we view the world that they inhabit. When a new Trek series is being created the producers look meticulously for the right actor to bring the captain to life. When Trekkies have debates, you know at least one topic of discussion is going to be, “Who was the best captain?” (the answer is Sisko). The captain is the symbol of the show. It makes sense to give the captain the last word in a series. But that’s not what DS9 did. They didn’t just give the last line to a non-captain, they gave it to Quark. A character who is not a member of Star Fleet. A Ferengi with a different moral code than Star Fleet. It’s like McDonalds going out of business and the company’s final goodbye is being given by the Hamburglar (I’m hungry. It was the only comparison I could think of). In the end, I don’t think the writers gave Quark the last line because they didn’t like Sisko, I think they gave him the last line because they like Quark. 

Artemis has always fascinated me a lot (maybe because I have a thing for girls who are wonderfully skilled archers, idk). Also, even thought she’s the emblem of chastity, I’m pretty sure she’s gay (????)

Anyway she, together with Athena, is like a big sister to Kore/Persephone (well, they’re actually step-sisters, so we’re good).

  • Pam: But wait. Why are you telling me your plan to NOT make Lana jealous?
  • Archer: I dunno, I... Oh my God, Pam! I think you might be my best friend.
  • Pam: *hugs Archer* You're MY best friend!
  • Archer: What about Cheryl?
  • Pam: You're my second best friend! Oh, my God...
  • Archer: What?
  • Pam: Eh, by now I thought I'd be doing a lot better in the ol' friend department.
  • Archer: I thought by now I'd be dead.
  • Pam: Well... Day's not over.
  • Archer: Right?

Imagine while Wind Archer is still in LINE that Tiger Lily and Herb talk about him all the time and how cool (and cute) he is. And when Wind Archer finally gets to Ovenbreak he’s just ATTACKED with playful noogies (theres a way to without harm dont worry) and hugs. There’s also a few tears too, out of happiness though of course :p

Theory time!

Stay with me on this one. This is just a quick possible theory.

Alison is pregnant.

I think that the fact that they showed Alison throwing up in 708 was something that we were supposed to pay attention to. She could’ve just told someone “I was so nervous I threw up” but they chose to show it instead. Marlene loves to make us think so she could be just messing with us but regardless I’m rolling with this theory.

The timeline of PLL seems to roll by relatively slowly. Alison is still technically a newlywed meaning the whole honeymoon probably has been weeks ago even though it was many episodes ago. I think that her throwing up was morning sickness and she’s about to get the shock of her life by bringing a child into this world.

HOWEVER! There is two possible scenarios

1. Alison is pregnant with Archer Dunhill’s baby. To add insult to injury and possible shock value for the summer finale. After this man tricked, drugged, institutionalized, lied, schemed, and stole every dime she’s had, it would totally send Ali into a spiral. This would keep Archer in her life for the rest of her life, through their child. She would never get the normalcy back that she’s trying so hard to get. There would have been plenty of time to inseminate Alison because she was sedated.

2. Alison is pregnant but with Emily’s child. Bare with me people….I find it hard to believe that A.D would steal Emily’s eggs and we never hear about it again. He/She has already warned Emily about “their child” when He/She sent her that package with the baby stuff in 6b. The baby could be Emily/Archer or Emily/A.D’s baby so that opens up two further things. This would be major shock value and a leeway to Emison. Think about it: Alison finds out about it and realizes Emily is the mother but also acknowledges the fact that Emily isn’t prepared to mother a child at this time so she agree to raise it together. This depends on if AD had access to Welby to inseminate her

-The only problem with the whole Alison being pregnant is the fact that Rollins was drugging her up. You’d think that that would damage the baby.

- When Archer took her out of Welby after knowing that she didn’t kill Charlotte. He could’ve been doing that to protect his child- not Alison, from AD. If Alison is carrying his and her baby, it would be the closest thing to having a child with Charlotte that he can get - it’s been said that when identical twins have children that although their kids are first cousins, their DNA is similar to that of them being siblings.

Fire Emblem AU: Kingdom of Karasuno

Once upon a time, Karasuno was a famous kingdom. It held a lot of resources, had a powerful army and was continually growing. That was, until a war broke out. Karasuno and its neighbouring kingdoms fighting for the Fire Emblem.
Karasuno won the long and hard war, but at a high price. The royal advisor Ikkei Ukai died, and the famous army commander only known as “Little Giant” vanished wihtout a trace, leaving Karasuno in a mess.

Nowadays, the kingdom is ruled over by Daichi, a still young, but down-to-earth Lord. Always at his side is his trusted Tactician Sugawara. Daichi is focusing to not lose more land to the neighbouring kindgom Seijouh. Karasuno just lacks strenght for an offensive. Yet, that may change when two young recruits called Hinata and Kageyama enroll into the army.

Daichi - Current ruler over the kingdom of Karasuno. He is a reliable and loved leader. However, the kingdom is weak and his mind is clouded with constant worries about attacks from the neighbouring kingdom Seijoh. His class is Lord, but prioritizing defense over attack. To compensate for this, he mainly uses axes. Later as a Great Lord he’ll use swords as well.

Sugawara - Karasuno’s (head) Tactician and Daichi’s most trusted friend, never leaving his side. He mastered both swords and magic (his element being wind), but prefers swords. As a tactician he tries to lose as few soldiers as possible. His position is endangered when a young genius tactician joins the army, but he sets himself the task to be a good teacher and guidance for the young boy. Later he’ll promote to Grandmaster

Asahi - He joins the party later than the others. A skilled Mercenary. He led a part of Karasuno’s army into a battle against Dateko and suffered a devastating defeat. Feeling guitly and not being able to carry the responsibility for so many lives anymore, Asahi retires from the army. None of Daichi’s, Suga’s and Noya’s attempts of persuasion could bring him back. But when he meets Hinata remembering him about the rush on the battlefield, he decides to return to the king’s side and help in leading Karasuno back to its former glory. He becomes a Hero later on.

Nishinoya - Despite his loud mouth, his class is Thief. He’s surprisingly sneaky, however, when he gets engaged in battle, he can’t help but blurt out ridiculous names for his attacks. Nishinoya belongs to Daichi’s inner circle and most skilled soldiers, although no one would suspect that from his behaviour and looks. The more the rest of the army develops, the more Nishinoya feels stuck. He wants to learn something new to help his comrades. That’s the reason he becomes a Trickster later on, so he can both attack his enemies and heal his allies.

Tanaka - Loud, boisterous, most times shirtless, Tanaka can only be a Fighter. He is a fearless fighter and on top of that instills terror in his enemies’ hearts. Because of his delinquent looks, many enemies mistake him for a mere bandit, a big mistake most of them will realize too late. Although weak in defense, his attack is not to be scoffed at, only surpassed by Asahi. He promotes to a Warrior later on to further hone his attacking skills.

Ennoshita, Kinoshita, Narita - Daichi’s cavaliers. After the defeat at Dateko’s borders under Asahi’s command, the three of them resigned from the army, despite Daichi’s and Sugawara’s pleading to stay. However, they felt guilty soon after leaving and came back to beg Daichi for forgiveness. They were happily accepted back into the army. Later on Ennoshita and Kinoshita promote to Great Knight, while Narita on the other hand promotes to Paladin.

Hinata - A young boy from a small village in Karasuno. He grew up with tales about the little giant, striving to be like this legendary army leader since his early childhood. His starting class is Pupil, in the beginning he’s very weak, not standing a chance on his own. But as soon as he promotes to Mage and then Sage, he becomes nearly unstoppable in battle, especially with Kageyama by his side. He focuses on fire magic.

Kageyama - Since he can think, the only thing he remembers wanting, was being a tactician. Karasuno already had its tactician, so he enrolled into the army as a mage. After the first battle however, Sugawara saw Kageyama’s talent and took him in as a Tactician apprentice, just to be overshadowed soon. Despite his talent, Kageyama still has to learn a lot, especially that a victory isn’t worth anything, when one half of the army dies. He also promotes to a Grandmaster later.

Yamaguchi - He is a Myrmidon. Yamaguchi starts rather weak and has to be under constant watch not to get hurt , but ohhh boy… If he manages a critical hit, everything in his way will go down. His will to become stronger stems from a childhood of bullying. He immediately took the chance of enlisting into Karasuno’s army. Yamaguchi persuaded his childhood friend Tsukishima to come with him. Soon enemies begin to fear his critical hits, especially when he becomes a Swordmaster.

Tsukishima - A sarcastic Dark Mage, who wouldn’t have even thought of joining the army and fighting for Karasuno, if it wasn’t for keeping an eye on Yamaguchi’s persuasion. In the beginning he fights without putting any effort into it, because he experienced what fighting with all your passion gets you into, as seen in his brother’s severe injuries. But over the course of war, he realizes that you have to give your all if you want to survive (and keep your allies safe). He promotes to a Sorcerer.

Kiyoko - The army’s ministering angel. Not only is she a Valkyrie, constantly healing her allies, she also takes care that all weapons are okay, the supplies are enough,… and thus carries a big responsibility. Since she can’t fight for herself, Nishinoya and Tanaka took it upon themselves to shield her from all harm (wether she wants it or not). She promotes to Troubadour in order to fight for her allies for all the times they protected her.

Yachi - A young and still inexperienced Pegasus Knight, she was recruited by Kiyoko, who needed help in taking care of the supplies. Her mother didn’t believe in her, but that didn’t stop her from joining the army and helping her country. Everyone in the army is happy about another girl that Kiyoko could share her workload now. She’s a bit like “the baby” of the army, so everyone is always quick to keep her away from archers and wind magic. She becomes a Falcon Knight later.

Takeda + Ukai - Takeda was Daichi’s royal advisor, his only problem is: He has no idea about battles and war. He read in books what he knows about it. However, he is very good at researching and producing/securing connections. He disappears for a short time and upon his return brings along Ukai Jr. As an descendant of Ikkei Ukai, Ukai jr. has a great knowledge about war. With those two by his side, Daichi manages to bring his kingdom back to its old glory.

One typical sunny day ...
  • Hanzo: (fans himself) I'm so hot -
  • McCree: Hell yeah you are.
  • Hanzo: ... I did not finish speaking.
  • McCree: But you're still hot, though.

Mortals do not know true patience.

If Varus thought archers relied on patience to hone their skill, he was wrong. If he thought courting his wife forged in him a near supernatural patience, he was wrong. And if he fooled himself into thinking rearing his son meant he had the patience to guide a life, he was wrong.

Pallas knew patience, and Varus knew nothing.

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first of all you're really pretty!!! second of all maybe cole, aidan, archer or mickey. i thought those when i saw ya. hope this helps!

thank u asdfghj both for the compliment and the suggestions!!