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  • Stain: What’s your blood type?
  • Izuku: How should I know?
  • Stain: How could you NOT know?
  • Izuku: Who am I, Karl Landsteiner? Discoverer of blood groups?
  • Stain: So you don’t know your own blood type, but you know who discovered them?
  • Izuku: Now
Headcanon for 7.10

Okay what if they are sitting on the couch in the Loveshack and they are almost kissing and suddenly *cling* the oven’s timer rings and Carol acting all nervous invites him to stay for dinner and Daryl being the giant dork he is accepts and they eat dinner together stealing awkward glances at each other and then they say goodbye “pretty sweetly” and we all die and go to hell together omg someone stop me



Can I just say…that tonight was the BEST EPISODE I have seen in the entire series of Archer?! Seriously, everything I had been hoping for happened in this episode! As someone who has been rooting for Lana and Archer since day 1, this whole episode was perfect for me! It’s very rare that a show delivers on everything that fans want to see.

We got to see just how much Archer loves and cares for Lana shown at how worried was for her, how supportive he was through her labor and how helpless he felt when he couldn’t do more. I really how to give props to him. Throughout this season, we saw how serious he took the whole pregnancy, so much so that he read up on all the possible complications, studied lamaze and even got certified as a doula. He didn’t want anything to go wrong.

Yeah, Archer is a mess. He’s selfish and immature and bit of an idiot. And don’t even get me started relationship wise. He’s horrible at them. But when it comes to things that matter the most to him, in this case Lana, he doesn’t mess around.

Now, we ALL knew that the baby was his. Let’s not pretend that it was really a big surprise. Although I got to say that the reveal was cleverly executed to say the least. It wasn’t done half-assed or just shoe-horned in for the sake that the fans wanted it. There was some actual backstory to it. So kudos to you, writers!

Back to Archer, I can’t gush about this episode enough. It was just so good! Like I said, everything that I had been hoping for finally happened, and if the series were to end here, I would be more than happy.

So now that he and Lana have a baby together, I can’t wait until to see where their relationship goes from here. I’m not expecting marriage (atleast anything soon), but it’s going to very interesting seeing these two trying to work together as parents.

Ah what the hell, I’ll just say it - Welcome to the world Abbiejean Archer!!

Okay, out of that episode we got:

  • The best end to that voicemail running gag I could ever humanly ask for
  • “Should we call the Ghostbusters?”
  • Archer admitting he was jealous and wigging out when Crash was too close to Lana
  • Archer/Lana/Ray cuddling 
  • “I’m not playing bitch!”
  • Archer’s little naked butt wiggling into the tent
  • Everyone in this show is super cool about being naked around each other?
  • Everything about Cheryl’s birthday party
  • Archer/Lana/Ray in really tight long johns
  • Ray… just Ray
  • Archer telling Ray his bucket list??????

I also just have to say, I like how little this episode relied on running gags. 

I’ll have to write more later but I just… yup, gonna go watch it again and then kill some darkspawn.