archer rewatch

this gif is so hilariously disdainful to me

he could have just teleported, but nope he’s gotta do the “i’m not only mad but disappointed” look plus the full body turn and strut combo BEFORE TELEPORTING

Alison: Emily? You were supposed to wake me up.

Emily: It took me longer than I thought it would.

Alison: I can’t move. I think something’s wrong with me.

Emily: You’re in the hospital.

Alison: We’re going to miss our flight.

Emily: We’ll take the next one. Ali, you called me last night.

Alison: Did I?

Emily: Yeah. And you sounded scared. Like you wanted help.

Alison: This is a scary place. There’s this lady that cries all night. Am I in Radley?

Emily: No. No.

Alison: Well that’s good. I was worried for a minute. *sighs* Mommy? Why did you leave me? I woke up and there was dirt all over me and you wouldn’t help. *crying* Why did you leave me in the ground? It’s so cold.

Mary: Alison.

Alison: You were wrong about Elliot. He’s not like what you said at all.