archer pond


Doctor Who - DC Universe

Alex Kingston aka River Song aka Melody Pond aka Dinah Lance

Arthur Darvill aka Rory Williams aka Rip Hunter

John Barrowman aka Jack Harkness aka Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer aka   Ra’s al Ghul

Todd and Archer || Look, but Don't Touch. Okay, Don't Even Look.

Todd sauntered at a leisurely pace through the halls, keeping an eye out for any patient that may need help. From his time here at Kingston, he knew that people liked to sit in the halls at night, as he did so many times himself. Sighing, his thoughts began to free themselves, and he faintly wondered to himself where Archer had been; he hadn’t seen his fiance in a few hours, and while he figured he may have been in a session with a patient, it still worried him. Archer was by no means weak, but if he was with Landon..

Todd frowned deeply and shook the thought from his head. Archer wouldn’t allow Landon to do anything like that, he was sure. Sighing, he continued on until he saw something on the floor up ahead in the hallway. Quickening his pace slightly to get to it faster, he reached down and picked it up. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was Archer’s walkie-talkie–his name had been pasted on the side of it with a sticker. Panicking, Todd’s heart raced. Maybe Archer had dropped it. Yeah. He’d dropped it..

Suddenly, a muffled noise reached Todd’s ears, and he quieted himself in order to catch what it was. The faint sound became louder as he began to slowly walk forward, and he soon realized that it was coming from a slightly ajar door to his right. Moving ever-so-quietly, Todd approached the door and found that the sound was of someone crying. Although, the more he listened, the more it sounded painfully familiar.

“Archer!” Todd cried out and ran into the room, instantly falling to his knees in front of his fiance. He saw the marks, the newly-formed bruises, the bleeding cuts. Already knowing what had happened and keeping a probable suspect in mind, Todd crawled a bit closer to his lover. “A-Archer,” He whispered, tears already slipping from his own eyes and smearing his makeup. “Archer, baby.. we’ve got to get you home.. o-okay? Archer, babe..” His voice became more and more desperate as sobs choked up his throat. “Baby.. come on.. please..” He reached out for his lover, his fingertips gently grazing the other male’s shoulder.

Surprise, Archer! | Phone call
  • -grumbles as he steals a phone from the nurse's station, and dials the number Todd gave him. Waits for the voice to answer on the other line-
  • Luke: Archer... It's Luke. We need to talk, but I really hate having to do this on the phone.
I'm just concerned...| Archer.

It wasn’t a hard task to get out of the asylum. A little charm here and the batting of his eyelashes entranced a new nurse who quickly forgot her job. Landon basically walked right out of the asylum with no questions asked. He took a deep breath as the fresh air filled his lungs. It was so good to be free into the world again. Landon actually missed it somewhat. After a few more deep breaths, he began walking in the direction of the address he found in one of the staff files just left lying around in someone’s locked office.

Landon approached the house after walking for about twenty minutes. It was…nice. A small pang of jealousy pitted in his stomach as he began to realize that Archer lived in that house…with Todd and not him. It was like Todd was getting to live the life that Landon longed for. He hesitated a minute of two debating whether or not he should be doing this, but he needed to know Archer was okay. Quickly he walked up the front walk way and knocked on the door. “Archer,” he said softly, “it’s me.”

There You'll Sample Josh and Archer's meat pies! || Josh and Archer

Savoury and sweet pies, as you’ll see. Josh had been wondering the asylum for a while with a great smile upon his face. He had changed the lyrics to a song a little to make it relevant for what he was about to do. He knew he was making cakes, not pis but he didn’t think that cakes fitted into the song as good as pies. He and his new friend, Archer, were going to make cakes with meat in them and then feed them to the staff as a prank.

Josh wasn’t really that much into that into ‘pulling pranks’, especially on people of authority, but he felt as though he could and so he should. He was safe here. He didn’t have to fear his brother lashing out at him for doing something 'freaky’ or 'gay’. Here he was free and for the first time in a long time, Josh was happy without the inevitable depression eating away at his joy. It was pure. It was right.

Josh began to sing other snippets of different songs from the musical that he loved so much. He smiled as he called out “and who are we to deny it in here?” in a terrible cockney accent. He looked like a madman but he cared little for what people thought.

He was enjoying life and hoped to enjoy it with his new friend.

Todd and Archer || Brothers.

Todd sat in his hospital bed, propped up by pillows. It was just today that he’d been informed that he could eat proper solid foods, so he felt the need to take full advantage of that and request a meal for dinner. The hospital staff had brought him a lovely tray of food in no time–thank god, he was starving–and he, needless to say, began eating as soon as possible. Oh, how lovely it felt to be able to consume solid food again; the surgery he’d gone through left him unable to eat anything but popsicles and drink fluids. It wasn’t all that bad–one of the tubes they’d equipped him with nourished him so that he didn’t feel hungry–but his stomach would still feel terribly empty. But now, he sat in bed and ate spaghetti and a bread roll from the Asylum kitchen while watching whatever corny show was on the television in the corner of the room.