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Sickbay Confessions

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Title: Sickbay Confessions

Pairing: Archer x Reader

Word Count: 1,002

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Jonathan made his way towards sickbay.  He got news of your injuries on the alien planet only five seconds ago.  He had reservations about sending you down to the surface, but you told him that you could handle it.  Archer knew you could handle yourself, but some planets were unpredictable.  The captain had a feeling something would go wrong.  He hated being right, especially since you were the one that had gotten hurt.

The doors to sickbay opened as Archer approached them.  Phlox approached him, as he was walking away from your biobed.  “[Y/N] needed an unconventional form of medicine, so she might be a little loopy,” Phlox informed the captain.  “I told Trip and Mr. Reed they could return to their duties  [Y/N] seemed to get the worst of it.  You can ask her what happened when she recovers.”

Archer nodded, padding towards the biobed that you were laying on.  He rested his hand on your arm, gaining your attention rather quickly.  You tried to sit up, but Archer put his hands on your shoulders so you couldn’t get up.  “You need to rest [Y/N].  Doctor’s orders.”  The captain released your shoulders when he knew you wouldn’t move.

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toaspacefaraway  asked:

Okay so I've been wondering what made you think Zoroastrianism was the answer to archer's identity, so much that you researched an entire religion

One, because it was the thing I knew the least about when it came to mythos and notable currents of thoughts, and since I had already exhausted all my other history and mythos knowledge, and Two, I decided “well, it’s gotta be somewhere I don’t know about, and Fate already has made numerous references to Angra Mainyu, which is from Zoroastrianism. Archer has been noted as a highly irregular Servant many times already, and coupled with his darker skin, maybe he’s related to the dark mud of the grail in some way. All in all, it’s worth checking”

And Three, because my Diamond Pride wouldn’t let me lose that match. The novel was not gonna outwit ME, DREAMER.

I was just catching up on Shadowhunters and I love how when Alec was told he was going to have to get married, his reaction was literally just like, “Not today, Satan. Not today.” as he fucked off and didn’t even come home for the night.

Snow White noted archer can’t take the shot.  David draw’s his dword.  But it is the Evil Queen in her ridiculous dress who can barely run (Lana is doing a great imitation of Ginny running in that corset) who acts first.

Because Regina Mills instinctively goes charging after children in danger.

S01.E03 - Be Mine

Written by Madellaine Paxson. Cover by Galou.

This episode was the third created, and it was mostly thought as our “Valentine” episode. You know, as part of the combo Christmas-Halloween-Valentine that you get in every show (even though we are missing a “Christmas” episode in LoliRock…).

We learned a few things from “Flower Power” (episode 2), and “Be Mine” was the first to benefit from this experience. From here we introduce the Black Crystal monster, starting with “The Archer”.

The design of this monster would define the main features for all monsters to come :

  • Massive (compared to the princesses, and it was only the beginning !)
  • Mix of black, red, and green crystal, colors of Mephisto & Praxina’s crystals. (Note : the Archer doesn’t have green crystal, but next monsters will)
  • And one signature yellow eye.

The episode itself is mostly “classic” otherwise… except for the little twist at the end : Nathaniel and Iris kiss (although accidentaly) ! We were quite sure very few of the audience would expect it that early in the show, and were hoping to break (a little) the usual codes here.

Our main issue was Mephisto. We weren’t sure how he would be received, since he’s really goofy in this episode… We wanted to avoid a “Team Rocket” feeling, with a bossy Praxina/Jesse and a stupid Mephisto/James, but, well, the producers wanted them this way, so… :)

Hopefully, most of the reactions were really positive and didn’t care about that. And even though most of the audience called Mephisto & Praxina the “Team LoliRocket”, it didn’t prevent everyone to love them anyway. :)

Happy Endings Part 1  (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Telekinetic female

Word Count: 2,149 (whoops)

Warning: Swearing, a little angsty, violent in some parts

Request: Hi. Love your stories! Could you do a story of steve/reader where they are together and she gets kidnapped and brainwashed by hydra, she’s so powerful (telekinetic) and attacks Steve and the avengers when they try to stop her. After much fight, she snaps out of it. And realises that she has hurt the avengers especially Steve so she runs away to an isolated farmhouse. Nat and wanda visits her and ask her to come back. After much exposition, she comes back on Christmas where stark has a party (everyone is there) and gets back with Steve (tons of feels pls!) Maybe smut also! Sorry for it being so long! And thanks in advance!!!
A/N - This is for imperfect-scribbles, sorry it took so long! I had to split it into two parts because of how much I’d written, it will be out soon! Enjoy! <3

“HEY WAIT UP!” you screamed at the top of your lungs as you hit another Hydra agent on the head, you could practically tell your boyfriend was smirking as he replied, “C’mon (Y/N)! And they call me the old one…”. Using his shield he took out an attacker, then he turned his attention to you, you were surrounded by three agents; nothing you couldn’t handle. But that didn’t stop Steve from intervening by throwing his shield.

“I had that” you growled as you took out the remaining man, you picked the circular object up and threw it back at him, “And for the record you are the old one ‘cause you’re a fossil”. Before Steve could respond with something witty a voice chimed in the ear piece, “It’s enough with you guys doing this at home, let alone on a mission. Stop.” Clint huffed, a grunt could be heard. “Yeah I gotta agree with Birdbrain on this one, save the mushy gushy stuff for later” Tony said as he flew overhead in his suit. You looked at Cap with a small smirk on your face, “Oh…we will”, he groaned as his cheeks tinted a shade of pink and rushed away.  “Eww gross” Tony audibly shuddered.

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Wordless, Soundless: Chapter 1

It’s McCree who notices the truth behind Hanzo’s wordless existence, the memories of his own soundless pastmaking it impossible to miss the signs, and with time they both find peace in their shared silence.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by this POST

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What the signs want to know

Aries: where the notes went
Taurus: where the notes went
Gemini: where the notes went
Cancer: where the notes went
Leo: where the notes went
Virgo: where the notes went
Libra: where the notes went
Scorpio: where the notes went
Sagittarius: where the notes went
Capricorn: where the notes went
Aquarius: where the notes went
Pisces: where the notes went

Archer Dunhill is indeed Uber A.

They’re pulling the Charles storyline on us again. Elliot Rollins is obviously not AD - we know better than to believe they have revealed Uber A’s identity in only 4 episodes. I’m very confident Uber A has forged all the evidence of the existence of Archer Dunhill; now that Uber A’s “helper” is dead, AD is making it look like it was Elliot and that’s it. Technically, AD is framing Elliot to look like AD because he’s not alive to defend himself. Similarly to how CeCe wanted to end the A game when Aria killed Shana; putting the blame on the dead person. I don’t think Elliot Rollins is his real name though, he most likely is a Kingston, perhaps Wren’s brother (which I would love) because they do need to explain the British accent. But Elliot is NOT Archer. Uber A is Archer Dunhill. Uber A is putting everything of themself onto Elliot. Hence they’re pulling a Charles storyline on us. We know who Uber A is but at the same time we don’t! Who is Archer Dunhill!?

It’s worth noting that this is probably Uber A’s biggest mistake. This is how the girls will find out who the real Uber A is… eventually. The fact that Uber A released their true name; Archer Dunhill, will greatly assist the girls when uncovering the truth later!

Also, Marlene did say “the girls will make a deadly mistake and Uber A will use this to fuel their final final game”. Yep! Archer Dunhill is sending the girls on a wild goose chase into Elliot when really, they’re looking into the wrong person.

Edit: so this of course means a current character on the show has lied about their true identity. Just like we found out CeCe is actually Charles… who is Archer? They’re literally repeating the Charles storyline. They must’ve found the fans liked this formula for revealing A so they’re doing it again. I have no problem with that, I actually really like it! We know who A is but at the same time… we don’t!

“Do you think you can elude death’s seeking gaze? Do you think your gallantry will do anything to subdue its irresistible encroachment? I will show death in all of its glory, and in the end you will yearn for its embrace.”

Starting 1/11/16, the Sunguard will embark on its largest and most ambitious campaign to date. Their goal is to sail back to the frozen wastelands of Northrend to defeat a splinter sect of the Cult of the Damned hereby known as the Cult of the Bleeding Eye. Coming with an impressive campaign map, the Sunguard will attempt to use all of the forces under their command to destroy this powerful necromancer coven or die trying.

The majority of the campaign will take place in the argent duchy of Light’s Glory. Having been founded a year after the fall of the Lich King, this newly founded colony will need to be motivated to contend with the coming danger on the other side of the Winterspine Mountains.

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