archer is awesome


(god please watch that it’s like 23 seconds of this man being absolutely badass, the reason i cry myself to bed every night is that i know i will never come close to how cool fate/go james moriarty is)

I literally cannot with Sterling Archer's character development.

For the record, I don’t get how people aren’t loving Archer Vice right now.

They completely upended the status quo and I adore that, but who cares? Conversation for another time. What I can’t get over is how much Archer has changed since the first season and how I’ve gone from liking him to completely loving him to pieces. 

I mean, think about it. He was so unbelievably selfish and dickish when the show began and never had any thoughts about anyone else but himself for the longest time. And now? Let’s check off some of the things he’s done this season alone:

  • Proposed to Lana and offered to help her raise the baby
  • Covered for Pam when she was the one who got them in trouble with the cocaine on the way to Texas
  • Told Pam they liked her better (or, rather, hated her less) when she wasn’t on coke and that she shouldn’t be killing herself over beauty
  • Brought his mother flowers on her birthday
  • Offered Lana a chance to run when the FBI was closing in on the house and then made her laugh after he upset her
  • Threw Lana a baby shower and got Kenny Loggins to go just because he thought that “Danger Zone” was their song
  • Saved Ray, Cyril, and the two asshole cops who were going to kill them, made a raft, protected the two of them from killer crocs, carried Ray the ENTIRE way through the jungle, resisted the urge to hit Cyril with the gun after he “took command” AND didn’t get mad when he found out Ray was faking being paralyzed the entire time  
  • Hasn’t made one single crack about Lana’s baby being from a donor and told Cyril off for talking shit about it 

All of which he’s done while still being the same arrogant pain-in-the-ass we’ve come to know and love in spite of ourselves. I love that he still does shit that is somehow weirdly adorable, like yelling “canonball” before jumping into croc-infested waters and ruffling Cyril’s hair and giving him a stick so he can pretend it’s a gun. I love it. I love that he’s still a jerk, but he’s also softened up a bit and seems to give a shit about his team members, even while making their lives a living hell. That’s some damn good writing, and one of my favorite things about this season so far. 

This is exactly why I’m excited that the show’s been renewed already. I really want to see where they’re going to go from here, especially with the baby due by the end of the season. I know I shouldn’t still be shipping Archer and Lana, but dammit, I can’t help myself. It’s clear that he genuinely cares about her and she might still have some feelings for him too, even if she refuses to give in to them since he loves pushing her buttons. It’s going to be one hell of a finale. I can already tell. 

Here’s to you, Archer Vice. Looking forward to two more seasons of awesomeness. 

RWBY Volume 5 Ep 1 Recap(plus shorts)-HERE WE GO(spoilers)!

Shorts will be recapped in a few sentences cos…well they short.

Weiss flashes back to her sister Winter foreshadowing that the’s next to die while sitting on a train. SORRY WINTER QROW SHIPPERS-her time is nigh.

Blake flashes back to her friend explaining why she fights for civil rights when she passes for whit-I MEAN-human! Yup, human, ALL while failing at an attempt to stop Adam “I love teenagers” Taurus’ plans.

And Yang flashes back to the time her and her sister were almost killed by a bear because Ruby couldn’t do dick without a weapon at the time-RIGHT BEFORE-ironically saying she’ll always be by her side…ALL while riding a motorcycle aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelf!

Basically three sad flashbacks-THERE YA GO!

The episode starts out SWINGING with team RNJR criticizing the show’s logic of having them walk all the way to Mistral, and joking about how Qrow almost died. HAHA death.

1:04 We are then treated to what only looks like rejected character and background designs to Legend of Korra and/or Avatar the last Airbender! Don’t get me wrong, nice drawings, but don’t they have the budget to freaking animate crowds anymore?

1:33 Qrow gives brief Mistral backstory right before-SURPRISE AIRPLANE MOTHER FUCKERS! You are shocked, do not lie.

1:44 Weiss has WITTY banter with the airship pilot of cargo ship three-THE FIGHTIN’ TRES-where Weiss hears a cry for peril which the pilot ignores…kinda…kinda dark.

3:07 We are then treated to the city, where…no-one is anywhere…throughout the whole town…you know you can only use Grimm attacks to not animate crowds in large spaces for SO long Rooster Teeth.


Nora: Maybe try…LOUDER?!

Damn Nora, when you get sassy?

Thankfully Qrow points out how it makes no sense that there are no CGI models running around-AND SPRING INTO ACTION!  

4:31 They close in on a door and find-SOME OLD MAN THEY MAKE FAINT…FAKE OUT! Next thing you’ll tell me is that his name is Spencer Pokensensen and that he’s a servant of the courts.

4:50 As for what HORRIFYING event caused him to not greet them at the gate it turns out…HE FORGOT…are all headmasters incompetent? Ozpin didn’t see team MEAN until they struck, and this guy is forgetting meetings, what the hell?

5:05 Team RNJR introduces themselves all saying there names as if fans forgot-OR-for those weirdos who start a show in its fifth season. Yeah I know you exist-AND YOU’RE SCUM!

5:12 The new Headmaster’s name is….Leonardo Lionheart…I don’t have a joke for that, that just sounds AWESOME!

5:36 Qrow reveals he told the team about the ancient mystical glow orbs of destiny, and Nora does her perfect impression of every fandom ever:

“…SO-is this not going how anyone thought it would?”

But enough about that-




…my god…THEY AGREE ON SOMETHING! FUTURE FATHER-IN LAW AND SON IN LAW BONDING! Er…POTENTIAL future father in law, heh heh(Bumblebee fans don’t hate me please).


Kali: Well at least you two can finally agree on something.

This is why I love you Kali, you are absolute purity in this magical Harry Potter meets X-men meets M.A.S.K. world.


Blake: Guys, everything’s gonna be okay.

…Blake…being positive…I am scared.

6:20 Blake is revealed to have an unnamed body-gaurd whom the fandom will attach a personality to WHILE ILIA DROPS IN…okay they HAVE technology in this world, she should’ve tripped off some damn motion sensors-SPEND SOME MONEY GHIRA!

Ilia then reveals that she took the fall for those creepy fox…brothers? Or are they married? I’m cool with either, I just want some background on who were originally supposed to be the main villains of volume 1(seriously, look it up).

8:00 SILENT PRINCIPAL’S ROOM-get ready for dramatic exposition babies!

Leo reveals the reason for a lack of teachers and students is OF COURSE-because of the Grimm…ironically from the Vale attack, DAMN this show is good at long lasting consequences.

9:13 OH WOW-Atlas is being a problem? Know what else, WATER IS WET!

9:42 OBLIGATORY RENORA SITTING TOGETHER MOMENT-there ya go you ship-hounds!

We are THEN told that each Maiden can open a specific door with their own abilities…I keep making Avatar parables, but that sounds RATHER Avatar, you know like in Volume 1 with the fire temple?

“She was determined at first, but the weight of responsibility proved too much for the child”.

AND THEN THERE’S THAT-that is AANG mother fucker!

11:30 Typical Avatar, runs away from home, gets picked up by bird bandits-WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!



Leo: DAMMIT QROW, you don’t have a search warrant!

Qrow: SCREW YOUR WARRANT-lives are at stake!


14:06 OOOH-poor Johnny boy, he REALLY wants him some revenge on Cinder.

15:06 But thankfully they make a logical compromise and-HOLY SHIT-he was lying because of Watts! I thought he was tricking him or some shit, this is WAY more interesting!

15:30 HEY-its that end scene from volume four! HOORAY FOR CYCLICITY! 

16:31 WELCOME TO JUST RITE-for all your Seven Elleven gas station allegorical needs!

…wait that place has a BAR?! Its a gas station…where people go to feul their vehicles…and serves alcohol…thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is a messy combination.

17:30 Yang gets hit on by a drunk guy, then hits him SO HARD he bounces like four time! What is his semblance having a body made of rubber?

18:01 AH-Yang does the Archer drink finger-AWESOME!

18:18 WELP-we got our answer, she went after Raven-COMMENCE ALT-U FAN STORIES NOW!

18:56 Hey girly, I heard your looking for someone!

Damn, literally the ONLY TIME in history when getting hit on by a drunk creepy guy pays off!

19:00 OH DAMN-spooky music, WHO COULD IT B-oh its just Oz…didn’t we know that all ready in the trailer? And did we need a second pointless fake-out? A TAD superfluous.

I would also like to point out this is the ONLY time a man getting drunk and taking an underage boy home with him is okay, the ONLY time!

We then close out the ep with Oscar introducing his Bishie ass to the group as Oscar Pine(mother-fucker’s name was a play on the Prof’s name, twas DESTINY), reveals he’s mother-fucking OZPIN, all while the drunken old man on the couch REJOICES! HOORAY FOR ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS!

We’re also treated to the NEW theme song, lots of action, lots of fighgint, bitter sweet messages yadda yadda, you know how it goes. 

WELCOME TO VOLUME FIVE BABIES-this has been MicksteRecap with Yoshimickster, hope we can be pals this season!

So right now, a lot of whiny white dudebros are whining like a buncha babies about the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery only having one white male character in it. (And a *gasp* gay one at that! Oh noes!) But serious… Have these guys ever watched Star Trek before? I mean:

Deep Space Nine: The show all Trekkies worship had ONE white guy in the form of Chief O'Brien. (And he was just a carryover from the Next Generation.) You can’t count Bashir, because the actor who played him is Sudanese. 1 white dude out of a main cast of 10. (And I stuck with the main cast, because if I went into supporting cast, it’d end up being like 2 out of 30.)

Voyager: Only had two white dudes. Tom Paris, who was a frickin’ traitor and a member of the Maquis and was a convict during the show’s premiere. And the Doctor… Who isn’t even human. So once again, one white dude. 1 out of 10… Again.

Next Generation: Had three white dudes, but was a product of the 80s as well. And those white guys were Picard, who’s character AND actor is a major frickin’ supporter of equality and progressiveness. Wesley, who everyone hated… Even Wil Wheaton. And Riker who was meant to be this Kirk-like swaggering hero-type but was instead this big lovable dork you wanted to hug. Chief O'Brien who mainly came into prominence on DS9, so we’re not counting him twice. 3 out of 11. And I’m not sure if the whiners even wanna count Wesley.

Enterprise: Had three but was also cancelled prematurely and to be honest, kinda sucked. (I’m sorry, it did!) It had Archer who was awesome, but it had Tripp who was not, and that other guy who’s name I can never remember because I keep mistaking the cast of Enterprise for the cast of Galaxy Quest. 3 out of… Oh whatever, who cares.

And the original show… Who had four, but was a forced product of the 60s. Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Spock… The latter of which was only half human as well. But it should be pointed out that if Roddenberry had his way, it probably would have been diverse as all hell back then. These assholes have been crying about this shit ever since then-Commander Sisko was put in charge of Terok Nor. They whined all the way through Voyager because of Janeway and to a lesser degree, Tuvok. (Who was actually pretty damn awesome!)

I turn 42 next month. I remember people bitching about Janeway in issues of Starlog in the 90s, and fanzines moaning about Doctor Pulaski was “kinda a bitch, because she didn’t respect the Captain.” These bullshit complaints are nothing new. It’s just that this is the first time we have a new Star Trek show with modern social media in place. 

There’s a bunch of stuff to complain about with Discovery. The premium streaming-only crap. The questionable alien and ship designs. The fact it’s YET ANOTHER FRICKIN’ PREQUEL SERIES. (Christ, aren’t we all sick of prequels by now?) But the complaints of diversity? That’s just the default stances of the small minded and those who’s never paid attention to the damn franchise before.

A Quick note about Archery poses.

Hello! Here are a few quick archery drawing tips to help you draw your archers, wether they be Hanzo, Hawkeye, Legolas, Katniss, or your own OC Here are just some tips on how to draw archers

as a note, when you are doing archery, you hold the bow with your oposite hand and draw with your dominant hand. in Hanzo’s case, he is holding the bow with his left hand and drawing with his right. A lot of people like to draw(art wise) archers pulling the string back at chest level or even at hip level, which is a bit of a problem because you can’t aim when shooting like this. You can’t see where the arrow is going to land because it’s so far down it doesn’t match your line of sight. It also isn’t a good place to draw because you can’t pull the string as far back as possible. You could probably do a little damage like this, but you’re accuracy will be terrible and your shot’s won’t be powerful enough to stick or do much damage.

This is how you would really want to shoot. When an archer is pulling back the string, you want your dominant hand at your cheek or chin level (I like to match it up with my mouth/ear personally) Here you can see that the arrow and Hanzo’s eye line are roughly the same, so he can aim and get that sweet POTG. His shoulder is up now so he can pull all the way back and get a nice clean headshot on Tracer. Also as a note, I drew it wrong here (woops) but on Hanzo’s bowstring is a little notch that helps him pull the string back, If I remember correctly, in game he actually pulls it back with his whole hand and then let’s go, but I drew him here using his top two fingers, (which is what I do). His glove has his thimb, index, and middle finger covered and pinky and ring finger uncovered and this is probably why. ALSO also, the arrow should be on the side of the bow that goes towards your dominate hand, that way you can rest it on either the bow or your hand holding the bow giving you more stability when firing. 

Another note, for your oc’s and other characters. The bow string is really powerful and when you fire, it hit’s your bare arm and IT HURTS. A LOT. Most archers will wear an arm guard or something to keep from getting welts, stings, or even bruises. Hawkeye  & Merida can be seen wearing arm guards most of the time, and Legolas and Katnis wear long sleves, but Hanzo here is apparently too TOUGH AND MANLY with his BOOB OUT and HIS EPIC DRAON TATTOO to care about bruises on his arm. Edit: someone noted that the string normaly only hits your arm if you have the wrong arm posture with a bent elbow, but that it is still a good idea to wear and arm guard, sorry, my bad and thanks for pointing that out!

I hope this was helpful! Please continue drawing awesome archer people because I love awesome archer people, they are my loves, like literally all my fav characters are archers, I love them so much. 

As a note I am not a professional archer, or even a good archer, I’ve just had a bit of experience with archery, watch a lot of archery, and adore archer characters like Hanzo and Hawkeye, so take everything I say with a grain of salt and if you’re not sure, do some research :)