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Glorious Gems of MP - Purana Mahal of Datia

It is a chilly November morning at 9 am, and we are on our way to Datia. The entire drive had very limited visibility and it felt like the fog had developed its own character overnight and started travelling with us like an old companion. Little did I know, this was probably the best preface for the place I was about to visit shortly. Around mid-day, the fog started clearing up to reveal some friendly jaggery hawkers.

I looked around, and find myself surrounded by sugarcane fields! That is when I learnt that the periphery of this district is famous for jaggery factories.

Biting on a few delicious pieces, I moved towards Tourist Motel in Datia where I got a glimpse of the main attraction - the marvellous Bir Singh Palace, also known as Datia Palace and locally referred to as the Purana Mahal. I sat on a bench, looking at the breathtaking view of this overwhelmingly stunning palace!

This palace is famous as a testimony to friendship. As I wondered the story behind the palace, my guide narrated one of the most unique stories I have heard in a long time. Centuries ago, when Bundela Raja Bir Singh and Akbar entered into an alliance at Orchha, it marked the beginning of a friendship with the Mughal ruler’s son Jahangir. Bir Singh built the Jahangir Mahal at Orchha to welcome him on his first visit to the city. But the Raja was not too impressed by the Orchha Mahal and so went on to build this majestic maze of a palace in Datia.

Up close, Bir Singh Palace was more than just a spectacle. So much so that I was awe struck by the entrance gate itself. Each of the tiles, carvings, colours, motifs had a tale about a great friendship. The figures in yellow represent Bir Singh and the one in green depict Jahangir placed in numerous frames made to look like almirahs. The main arch has carvings of them catching deers, a dragon like figure as well as motifs of the sun and the moon.

Sadly, a lot of the enamel work had withered away with time but it still does not need a lot of imagination to guess how breathtaking it must have been when it was built. I spent a good amount of time gazing at the gate and figuring out these stories that were the inspiration for this wall.

Built entirely of brick and stone with no cement or iron to hold it together, this palace is one of the finest examples of the blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. Designed in the form of a Swastik, it is a great balance of classical and symmetrical.  No wonder Sir Edward Lutyens, the renowned British architect was awestruck by this palace. He was so overwhelmed by Datia Mahal that he chose to visit other edifices in India before he embarked on designing New Delhi.

The palace stands on a square base with octagonal towers on each of its corners. Some of the ceilings have beautifully carved islamic patterns that looked like the night sky filled with stars. Some of them have naqqashi work. The chhatris are in the shape of a lotus petal, whereas arches and doorways are clearly inspired my islamic architecture. Every wall spoke to me about the beautiful aesthetics and whispered poems of friendship. Although the rooms with stucco work were shut, I managed to get a peek of a few figures - trees, birds, vases - simply stunning. This wonderful fusion of two worlds made it even more interesting to spend more time around this place.

In the 17th century, the cost of building this palace was about a whopping 35 lakhs but the heartbreaking part is that no one actually ended up living in it.

And the biggest irony - even Jahangir himself was never able to visit it.

About the artist 

Neethi Goldhawk is an independent illustrator and textile print designer who loves drawing all things dreamy, inspired by nature and life. She has illustrated for platforms like Redbull Amaphiko and Launchora. Her pen name (Goldhawk) was concocted in the crowded space of her mind full of absurd characters, who are but little children at heart. She is an avid Tumblr blogger and can be found here

By Neethi Goldhawk
begin again (m)

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts, you knew separating your present and your past within the walls was an important distinction to maintain your respectability. But finding out that your coworker was your schoolgirl crush for five years hadn’t been part of the plan.
Pairing: Hoseok | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 13,788
Author’s Note: Took advantage of some Hoseok feelings I’ve been suffering from as of late and decided to pair it with my Harry Potter AUs!!!! Once again, tagging @chokemejimin who has asked to tagged in my HP works!! Hope you like it! 


There’s a saying that goes around that often relates to the idea that people, places, or things that were once daunting and terrifying gradually start to become less intimidating with the help of time, growth, maturity—all those things you never believed would happen to you. After all, who wants to welcome the idea of growing old with opened arms?

You remember being seventeen and witnessing what you had believed would be the last sight you would ever get of Hogwarts, the comforting walls that housed seven years of your childhood, seven years worth of secrets, friendships, youth, innocence, and a desperation to chase after something you didn’t quite know about yet. Being as young and naive and indecisive as you were, it would have been difficult to comprehend the idea of returning, if returning to Hogwarts was something you even thought to consider in the first place. It never was.

It’s funny how much you had a tendency to return back to the place that reminded you most of home. Despite the history behind its walls, the war across the campus, Hogwarts remains consistent and peaceful and traditional. Unlike your very first day at eleven years old, you brush in through the doors of Hogwarts with a grace of familiarity. No longer do the tall walls that seem to stretch out to the ceiling terrify you and no longer do the endless corridors frighten you. You’re no longer a student who perhaps did not know any better. You’ve returned as a professor, just a little bit older and just a little bit wiser.

The baggage handle curled around your fingertips feel as if they’re growing heavier and heavier the longer you find yourself making your way through the outside courtyard of the school, towards the castle, trying to make your way to the new quarters you had been gifted with as a new educator of the institute. In spite of the struggle, it’s hard to keep the bounce out of your step, the smile across your features, because although returning back to the rooms of your past is not something you would have elected to spend your career under, it’s a new whole sensation approaching Hogwarts and knowing that you would get to do something and invest your time in something you were always particularly passionate about.

You’re just reaching the front steps of the school, before a voice calls out to you, striking a chord of familiarity in your heart as you let the tone sink into your mind and rummage through the archives of your brain. “Hey, you need some help with that?”

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Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

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I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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ilvermorny / remus lupin

Anonymous said: Can I have a one shot where you’re from Ilivermorny or whatever and you transfer to Hogwarts and James (or Remus) is asked to escort you to your classes and such until you get used to it oml Im in love with this idea😍😍😍   

the gif tho. fUCK

word count// 1,353

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Dumbledore’s office was quite intriguing. Tall shelves of books stretched to the ceiling and the quirky gadgets that scattered the room sparked your interest. Your fingers ran along the columns as you ascended the few stairs that led up to his desk, admiring and soaking in each detail. As you drew near the polished desk, your eyes met those behind a set of half-moon spectacles belonging to a long bearded man. His eyes were gentle and amused and you suddenly felt embarrassed for gawking at everything.

“Your office is sweet,” You exclaimed excitedly and your fingers itched to run along the spines of the hundreds of books.

The headmaster chortled gleefully and appeared puzzled. “I hadn’t a clue an office could be sweet, but I’m delighted you think so!”

You giggled and shook your head, forgetting you weren’t in America any longer. “No, sir. In America, people use the word sweet to describe something that’s cool or really nice.”

He ‘ah’ed’ and nodded in understanding, his eyes squinting as he smiled. “Y/F/N, the transfer student from Ilvermorny. We’ve been expecting you for awhile,” He informed and held a yellow candy out towards her. “Lemon drop?”

Brows furrowed, you accepted the candy and smiled at the peculiar man. You slid the lemon drop into your mouth and shifted awkwardly, waiting for him to continue and unsure of what to say. 

“Since you’ve no idea of your way around, I have spoken to a student whom is willing to escort you to your classes. He should be here any moment.”

“What’s this student’s name, Professor?”

Dumbledore carefully chose another lemon drop before replying. “His name is Remus Lupin. He’s in the Gryffindor house, as are you, and he’s a very bright wizard.”

Just as he finished and you had pursed your lips, mulling the newfound information in your mind, footsteps sounded from behind you and you spun around curiously. You had to refrain from giggling as the boy you assumed was Remus Lupin stumbled ungracefully up the few steps. When his eyes quickly flickered to you, his head ducked but you still caught sight of the pink tint to his cheeks. He tousled his messy hair further as his long, slender fingers raked through it and a giggle finally escaped when he kept beating his eyes toward you, but never for longer than a few seconds. 

“Ah, Remus!” Dumbledore exclaimed and rose from his seat. “You finally arrived.”

Remus rubbed the back of his neck and nodded sheepishly. “Sorry about that, Professor.” He smiled nervously.

“Not to worry, Mr. Lupin. This is Y/F/N, a transfer student from Ilvermorny.” He gestured to you and the attention in the room turned towards you.

You smiled politely at him. “Hi,” You blurted and sent a small wave his way.

He tried not to gape at your enthralling smile and after blinking a few times to make sure you weren’t a figment of his imagination, he smiled weakly. “Hi,” He replied, but it was less bubbly and sounded like he’d ran a marathon beforehand.

The headmaster clasped his hands together and a creamed colored piece of parchment glided from within his desk when he flicked his finger wordlessly. It flew into your grasp smoothly and your eyes scoured over the words while Dumbledore explained, “This is your schedule. I have put you in the same courses as Mr. Lupin to make him escorting you much easier on both of you. Seeing as how it’s Saturday, Remus, you may show her around the school today if you please. Now, you two can be off!”

After the meeting in Dumbledore’s office, your tour of the school commenced. Your mouth remained parted as you walked the corridors alongside Remus, your eyes taking in as much of the surroundings as possible. He had led you to the grand staircase and you heard him chuckling as your head tilted back to admire the portraits lining the walls. The marbling of the stairs as well as the architecture of the arched doorways was simply breathtaking and you found it hard to take in all of the subtle details. 

A palm landed on the small of your back, urging you toward the staircase. He couldn’t stop his eyes from training onto your awestruck face and smiling in amusement. You looked as if you’d never experienced magic in your life as you studied the moving portraits when you passed them on the ascend up the marble stairs. 

Deep within your own thoughts, an abrupt squeak elicited from you when the staircase began to move, gliding through the air to connect in a complete opposite direction. Your body swayed dangerously and Remus instinctively caught your waist to steady you from falling backwards. Your hands gripped onto his biceps and your stomach lurched when his muscles flexed underneath your palms.

“I think you failed to mention that the stairs move,” You joked breathlessly and you weren’t sure if the pounding of your heart was caused by the moving stairs or him touching you. 

Remus licked his bottom lip and bit it, his eyes darting from you for a split second before returning. He smiled sheepishly. “The stairs move.”

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t bite back a smile. “Thanks for the heads-up.” You laughed and dropped your hands from his arms, placing your firm grip upon the railing instead. “Anything else I should know before I go any further? You know, so I can avoid plummeting to my death.”

“Right. Some of the stairs disappear or will make you leg sink through,” He informed as he continued on guiding you upstairs before pointing at a particular step that you both were approaching. “Like that one, for example. You’ll learn which ones to jump. Eventually.”

“Eventually?” You cried and widened your y/e/c eyes. “Is this school trying to kill it’s students?”

He chortled and hopped over the step with ease. “Hogwarts is one of a kind, love.”

His hand extended for yours which you gratefully accepted. You stretched your leg over the pesky stair and hopped onto the same one Remus stood on. Your landing wasn’t as smooth as his and you stumbled into him a bit. His hand that wasn’t curled around yours went to your waist for the second time and you flushed pink, giggling off the clumsy act. He smiled down at you gently and you swallowed nervously, his close proximity heightening your nerves. 

“Erm, we should probably head to the common room,” He said lowly and your belly fluttered. “It’s getting late.”

Pulling away from him, you tucked a hair behind your ear and nodded. “Lead the way, Lupin.”

The Gryffindor common room didn’t disappoint. 

A fire burned brightly in the fireplace, crackling and popping soothingly. Red couches and armchairs scattered around the room, but the small window seat caught your utmost attention. It had it’s own little nook, little plush pillows perched on top of the seat with a throw blanket folded neatly along it. You could vividly picture yourself practically living there with a book or homework assignments or perhaps charcoal pencils to sketch the view. It was cozy and warm to welcome you as soon as you entered into it. 

“The girls dormitory is that way and the boys is over there.” Remus pointing in the correct direction of the dorms and you watched in amusement as his face flushed. “Not that you needed to know where the boy’s dormitory is unless–”

You nudged him and he closed his mouth immediately. “Maybe I’ll visit you in your dorm sometime,” You teased and winked suggestively, thoroughly enjoying him so flustered.

“R-Right! I-I mean-”

“I’m kidding, Remus.”

“I knew that.”

Smiling up at the messy haired and brown eyed boy, you pushed yourself onto your toes and pressed your lips to his reddened skin. “Goodnight, Remus,” You hummed and just as quickly as it had happened, you had slipped out of sight towards the girl’s dormitory. 

Remus grinned goofily in the direction you had left in. 

He could still feel your lips on his face even as he laid awake in bed that night. 


Oak Park, IL, Residence (Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright) by Mary Warren

Dear Damian part 6 (Older! Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Oh yes my Squirtle squad, here comes another part of Pain and Feels, so grab your tissues and find yourself a secluded room where nobody can hear you cry, because this one is a doosy. Love ya guys!

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(Female Reader)

Word Count:1226

Warnings: the angst, blood, swearing

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 7

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Light stung his eyes as the executioner’s hood was flung from his face. Damian squinted while his eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, he frantically looked around for you. When he couldn’t find you, he panicked, his heart sped up as he thrashed around.

“Where is she!” He shouted at the guards that were holding him. “I swear, if you hurt her- “

“Relax young Wayne!” Damian’s head snapped in the direction of your father’s voice, “she’s right here!”

He gestured to one of the arched doorways surrounding them, Damian’s heart nearly stopped as saw the guards hauling your writhing body towards him. They forced you into a kneel and tore the hood off your head. You made eye contact, he could see the pain and fear in your eyes.

Your father clapped his hands together excitedly, “Well, let’s get this started now, shall we?”

He motioned for his servants, who brought him a katana. He swiftly unsheathed his sword, and slowly walked toward Damian, inspecting the blade.

“You, my friend, have ruined my life.” He said, slowly walking closer and closer.

“You ruined my relationship with the league of Assassins, you made me look like a fool, and you stole my daughter away from me…” His eyes narrowed and his mouth formed into a scowl, “and for that, I will make you suffer.”

He pulled back his arm, with hatred in his eyes, and swung down.

You spat blood out on the floor, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. Killer Croc howled and came charging towards you. You rolled out of the way, throwing several knives at the beast. He snarled at you, tearing the projectile weapons out of his scaly flesh. He slashed at you, sending you flying through the air and crashing into the opposite wall.

You winced at your newly broken ribs, and struggled to get up, but your limbs didn’t seem to obey what your brain was telling them to do. Killer Croc stalked toward you, and grabbed you by your hair, slowly lifting you up. You screamed in anguish as you rose in the air.

Just then, a pair of birdarangs flew through the air and sinking into his flesh, right before letting off a small flash bomb. The monster let out a scream, and dropped you to the floor. You let out a grunt on impact, looking up to see Damian rush over to you.

Damian didn’t look at your father, all he could look at was you, your [H/C] hair, your [S/T] skin, and those beautiful [E/C] eyes of yours. He wanted you to be the last thing he saw. He watched as you screamed and struggled against the guards, pleading with your father to spare him.

Then he swung down, but Damian never felt the blade pierce his skin, in fact, he felt nothing at all, he was numb. He watched your face turn from rage to shock, as blood fell from the corner of your mouth. His eyes widened as he lowered his gaze to your abdomen, where your father had driven the blade right through you.

Damian kneeled down next to you, concern showing in his eyes. “Beloved, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Dami.” You struggled to say as you sat up, wincing from the pain. “Better now that you’re here to help me kick this reptile’s ass.”

Damian smiled, but a roar from your opponent caused him to change his focus.

“Give me a moment beloved.” He said with a scowl, as he charged at the beast.

All he could do was watch, in complete shock and horror as your father removed the blade from your torso. You crumpled to the ground, blood pooling around your body all too quickly. Your father casually wiped the blood, your blood, form the katana.

NO!” Damian Screamed in outrage, straining against the guards, trying to get closer. “You should have killed me!” He screamed,” Why didn’t you kill me?”

“Why, my dear boy. Merely killing you would’ve just been to quick, to painless, this on the other hand,” He said with a cruel smile, “Is much more entertaining.”

You struggled to get to your feet, pulling your staff out, and running into the fray.

“Dammit [S/H/N]!” Damian shouted, as you pounced on the Killer Croc, striking him with your staff. “Stay out of this!”

“Fat chance Robin.” You said turning to him for a brief second.

This was a mistake on your part.

No sooner had you turned around, had the Crocodile raised his talons, intending to tear you to shreds.

“[S/H/N]! Watch out!” He screamed, you turned around to see the monster’s claws coming straight for you, but they never hit you.

Before they could tear you into ribbons, Damian had knocked you out of the way, receiving the blow himself.

Rage boiled inside of him, causing his adrenaline to spike up. He tore the guards grip from him, knocking the man to the ground unconscious with one swing from his bound hands. He then tore the bonds form his hands, giving him the opportunity to smash the head of the other guard against the hard ground.

He took them down one by one, knocking some unconscious, but killing most. They would pay.

He then finally reached your father. He enjoyed latching his bloodied hand onto his throat, and watching him struggle for oxygen, before the life left from his face completely. He dropped the lifeless body to the ground. Breathing heavily, he looked around him, observing the mass of dead and unconscious bodies that littered the grounds.

His rage and blood lust subsided only when he heard a faint, weak, and familiar voice.


After Croc had knocked Damian to the side like a rag doll, you had managed to knock the beast unconscious by giving him the shock of a lifetime, tazing him with enough electricity to knock out an African Elephant. You had rushed to his side, gasping and wincing along the way. You knelt down next to him, and observed the large bloody scratch marks across his broad chest.

“You idiot,” You lovingly muttered to him, helping him to his feet. “Why did you do that?”

Damian scrambled to your limp body, almost slipping in the blood as he scooped you up. Your skin was so pale and cold, he almost sobbed when he saw how dull your eyes had already become.

“[F/n], I’m so sorry,” He said, tears rolling down his cheeks, mingling with the blood running down your mouth, “If I had just gotten out quicker, if I had only- “

“Dami…” You whispered, raising your bloodied hand to his face. He leaned into your touch, feeling the blood from your hand rub off on his face.

“Why? Because I love you.”

“I love you.” You whispered, lightly kissing him on his lips. Then leaned your head back and closed your eyes.

And I will always protect you,”

“[F/N]? [F/N]! Please stay with me! I’ll get help! I can get you all fixed up!” He pleaded, but he didn’t move. It was too late.

Sobs racked through his body, as he clutched your small lifeless one close to him. He breathed in your sent, and buried his nose into your [H/C] hair.

“Please don’t leave me [F/N], I need you!”

”… I will always protect you.”

Creepypasta #1087: It Doesn't Matter How Many Times I Tell My Babysitting Story, Because No One Believes Me

Length: Long

Listen, I’ve told the cops my story three times now. You can keep asking but I’ll keep saying the same thing. I know what I saw. I’m not crazy.

They were advertising for a babysitter on Craigslist. The post read “WANTED – BABYSITTER. ONE NIGHT ONLY. PARENTS NEED A DATE NIGHT DESPERATELY! $50. MUST LIKE GAMES.”

Well, I needed cash and I like kids. I like games too. I figured it would be easy money for just one night, so I responded. Back and forth, the typical shit - “We’re so happy you answered”, “When do you want me to come over?”, “Here’s our address”. All that stuff was pretty straightforward. Nothing really jumped out at me.

I should’ve realized they never mentioned who I’d be babysitting, right?

So I pull up to the house and it’s a real shithole. One of those that’s in an okay neighborhood and probably looked fine a long time ago but it got really gross and now their neighbors are pissed because in between their all-right houses is a total dump but no one says anything about it. And they had real weird decorations, too – next to the mailbox were these little bird-things with stone eggs for bodies and old metal limbs sticking out. Pointy rusted beak heads bobbing on weak springs. Real weird.

I knocked on the door because they didn’t have a doorbell. Right away, it opened, like someone was waiting for me.

First off, the guy was old. Like way, way older than I’d expected. I mean, the ad read like a couple with a baby who hadn’t been out in forever and this guy couldn’t have been a day under 70. Kind of stooped over, bald, skin sort of hanging off his face like it does with some old guys. His nose was all red, burst capillaries, most likely from too many years in the bottle.

“You’re here,” he said, excited, waving me in with a gnarled, liver-spotted hand. “Come in, come in!”

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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…



Chapter 13

‘Where are we going?’ you whisper through the darkness to Hoseok, catching a glimpse of his grin as he turns to look at you over his shoulder, and letting the giggle escape you as he continues to pull you down the castle corridor, the two of you jogging to some unknown destination after having left the dining room moments earlier.

‘Patience is a virtue, Jagi.’ He says over his shoulder, a bubble of laughter leaving his own lips and the sound makes you pull on his hand suddenly to stop him, pants leaving you both even as you pull him back to you and you tiptoe to crash your lips to his. His hands immediately come to curl around your back, your own smoothing up his chest and neck till you could knot your arms around his shoulders, pushing your lips harder against his own in a desperate attempt to taste more of him.

‘I’ve wanted to do that all dinner.’ You murmur when you break for air, the silence of the castle closing in around your little bubble of one another as you continue to dot kisses on his lips, grinning when you see him similarly as intoxicated by you.

‘Why the hell didn’t you?’ he pants, pressing you closer to him, a tremble running down your spine with the feel of him pressed against you, and he crashes his mouth back to yours, stroking his tongue against yours and you feel so light headed in your euphoria that you would have fallen to the floor had he not been holding you as tight as he was. The strands of his hair as they ran between your fingers felt like the softest fur and his lips battling with yours tasted of cherries and liquor, but the best part of the moment was when you opened your eyes as you pulled away and watched intently as he opened his.

Brilliant white orbs stared back at you.

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They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU )

A/N: So. I’ve decided to make a Tom Holland/Spiderman fanzine, and if anyone is interested to contribute (and tell me how the heckie to go about doing it ), please PLEASE send me a message and we can work this out!! I actually want to send the fanzine to Tom Holland himself, but I also have no idea how to send it to him so PLEASE SEND HELP. 

WARNINGS: Underaged drinking, so I’ve put it under a read more!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request something with Prompto and a timid,cute and demure young woman who sells flowers and herbs in Altissa? Maybe the other boys have noticed the way she looks at Prompto or how she asks about their blonde friend out of worry when he's not within eyesight and Prompto's oblivious to it until the boys decide to step in and play cupid?

Altissian Flora - Prompto x F!OC

“He’s got it bad,” Noctis remarked from where he, Ignis and Gladio stood in the plaza just outside the shop. They could see them inside, Prompto talking animatedly and Artemisia maintaining that bright smile with her hands clasped together in front of her apron.

“Do you think he’s going to make a move?” Glad questioned, scratching at his beard.

“Prompto may be a natural flirt, but unfortunately we know that tact is not his forte,” Ignis replied, shifting his weight as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I suggest we devise a plan.”

(tagging @iinkpools, @ascensiontree, @chocobro-daydreams and @chocobrodreamteam for funsies)

Altissia had to be one of the most amazing cities that Prompto had ever seen. Before leaving with Noctis and the others, he’d never really left the Crown City before. So when the boat docked and he stepped onto the city’s busy streets, he was in complete awe.

The canals wove through stone archways and under bridges, and there was a distinctly sweet aroma in the air from all the patisseries and shops lining the streets.

“Can we go explore?” Prompto begged, clasping his hands together like a small child. He bounced from foot to foot as Ignis sighed, though a smile graced his features.

“That’s up to Noct.”

Prompto turned to his best friend. “Come on, buddy. Let’s walk around a bit! It’s not every day we get to see the capital of Accordo!”

Noctis shrugged. “Don’t see why not.”

Prompto whooped and pumped his fist in the air. “Come on, let’s go this way!” He grabbed Noct’s arm and dragged him along a side street. Ignis placed over at Gladio, who shrugged and started after them.

The city was truly amazing. A lot more open than Lestallum, and with a lot more people. Ignis went off in search of new ingredients for recipes, and Gladio was speaking to an arms dealer. Prompto was in the middle of convincing Noctis to buy some pastries for later when something caught his eye.

It was a small flower shop tucked away in the corner of a plaza. It had a narrow arched doorway with an antique bell at the top, and the most amazing floral arrangement Prompto had ever seen in the window. There were flowers he had never even seen before, different shapes and colour combinations that piqued his curiosity. He placed his hand on the worn door handle and pulled it open.

The bell clinked as he entered the shop. The interior matched the door’s aesthetic—it was quaint, with worn hardwood floors and walls that were painted a deep green. The shelves were a deep, warm brown and gold filigree accented the edges. It immediately felt very cozy, and Prompto began examining some golden, almost iridescent flowers he wasn’t familiar with.

“Can I help you with something?”

Prompto turned in the direction of the voice. It was melodic, and very sweet, like the sound of songbirds at first light. He spun around and felt his breath hitch in his throat.

The florist who’d addressed him was probably the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. She wasn’t a stereotypical sort of beautiful, but her large doe eyes, button nose and the small smile gracing her lips made her, in Prompto’s mind, absolutely stunning. She wore glasses that slid down her nose, her dark hair pulled back in a loose bun. She wore what looked to be the uniform of the store, a dark green button up that was a little loose with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, black pants and a white apron that had the golden flower he’d been examining sprawled across the front in delicate embroidery. It took him a second to respond when he noticed that she was shifting uncomfortably.

“N-no,” he finally stuttered. “I’m just browsing. Never been to Altissia before, actually.”

“Oh,” she smiled, tucking a loose strand behind her ear. She moved to stand next to him, pointing to the flower he’d been examining earlier. “This is the flower of the capital city. It grows in abundance here, because the canals make the air just the right temperature for them to bloom. Most other places are too dry.” She turned to face him with a smile. “Would you like a small bouquet? Since it’s your first time here, I’m offering it to you free of charge.”

Prompto blushed, scratching at the back of his head with a bit of a stammering giggle. He mentally punched himself for sounding so juvenile. “Sure! I mean, if it’s not too much trouble, that would be amazing—”

Suddenly the bell clanked and more bodies entered the small shop. It was the others.

“Prompto,” Noctis called from the doorway. “Come on. Gotta make tracks.”

“Uh, just a second!” he replied, before turning back to the florist with a frown. “I’m sorry. Duty calls.”

She looked sad for a split second, but regained composure so quickly that he almost didn’t notice. “That’s alright,” she finally said. “Go on, your friends are waiting.”

Prompto craned his neck to look over at his friends. Noct was fiddling with his phone, Ignis was looking all around, mumbling to himself about the different plants that were housed in the small store, and Gladio was looking right at him, wiggling his eyebrows. Prompto felt his face go ten shades of scarlet and quickly turned back to the girl.

“Let’s make a rain check on the flowers,” he said, and she smiled, a simple upward curve of her lips. “I’d like to know more about the different kinds you have here.”

She gave a small nod. “I’d like that.”

“What’s your name?” he asked, realizing he’d never introduced herself. “Mine’s Prompto.”

“Artemisia,” she answered, pushing her glasses further up her nose. “It’s nice to meet you, Prompto.”

Prompto heard the sound of a throat clearing and remembered that his friends were waiting for him. “See you again soon?”

She nodded in affirmation with a small bow. “See you again soon.”

Prompto rejoined with the others and exited the shop. Artemisia sighed, and went back to tending her flowers.

“Who was that?” Noctis teased once they’d left. “New girlfriend?”

“W-what?” Prompto stuttered. “No way!”

“She not pretty enough for you?” Gladio teased. “Or is this another case of Cindy Syndrome? Or Aranea syndrome?”

“No, nothing like that!” Prompto exclaimed, running his hands over his face. “She’s…I don’t know. She’s different.”

“She seemed quite lovely,” Ignis remarked, patting Prompto on the back. “And she also seemed quite interested in you.”

“No way,” Prompto responded glumly. “She was just being nice. Someone like her…I don’t know. I could just tell that she was a good person, you know? But she probably just saw me as just another customer.”

The others exchanged a look and dropped the subject.

It was a while until the next time the guys returned to Altissia. The first time they returned, Prompto made it a point to visit Artemisia at the flower shop. They chatted for a while, and she showed him some different flowers from other neighbouring regions. Prompto was listening, he really was, but he couldn’t stop looking at Artemisia’s face. She noticed a few times and blushed before refocusing on the flora.

The group came to visit Altissa pretty frequently after that. Prompto came to visit Artemisia every time, and they started to get to know one another pretty well. Artemisia was shy, but Prompto’s enthusiasm for everything around him and his warm, welcoming nature made it easy to open up. The first time he got her to laugh, his heart swelled with pride. He told himself to make her laugh more often, because the musical lilt of it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.

“He’s got it bad,” Noctis remarked from where he, Ignis and Gladio stood in the plaza just outside the shop. They could see them inside, Prompto talking animatedly and Artemisia maintaining that bright smile with her hands clasped together in front of her apron.

“Do you think he’s going to make a move?” Glad questioned, scratching at his beard.

“Prompto may be a natural flirt, but unfortunately we know that tact is not his forte,” Ignis replied, shifting his weight as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I suggest we devise a plan.”

“We gonna play Cupid?” Gladio teased.

“It’s clear to anyone observing the two of them that they are infatuated with one another,” Ignis replied cooly. “Well, that is, clear to anyone except to each other, as it were. We may have to set up something for the two of them without letting the other know.” Then, the three friends came up with a strategy.

“I’ll deal with Prompto,” Noctis agreed. “You guys wanna handle talking to Artemisia?”

“Done and done,” Gladio gave a thumbs up.

The next day, it had all been arranged. Noctis stole Prompto for the day, and Ignis and Gladio beelined for the flower shop.

When the bell rang overhead, Artemisia turned, half expecting to see Prompto at the doorway. Instead she saw his two friends, the taller, thin one and the giant covered in tattoos. She looked at them curiously.

“Hi boys,” she greeted. “What can I help you with?”

“Hello, Miss Artemisia,” Ignis replied politely. “We wanted to come see you in regards to Prompto.”

Her expression faltered. “Is he alright?”

“Oh, he’s fine,” Gladio replied. “Never better.”

“He’s asked us to relay a message,” Ignis said. “He wanted you to meet him at the restaurant on the second floor of the plaza, the one that overlooks the canal tonight. Will you be able to attend?”

Artemisia’s face flushed, but she tried to keep her composure. “Um, y-yes. Sure.”

“Perfect,” Ignis smiled. “We shall pass along the message. Have a good day.” They turned and exited the store.

“That was easy,” Gladio remarked as they made their way down the street. “Wonder if Noct is having much trouble.”

She wants to meet with me at the restaurant tonight?” Prompto asked incredulously. “When did she tell you this?”

“Look,” Noctis groaned, running a hand over his face. “Just go tonight, alright? That’s a royal order.”

Prompto held his hands up defensively. “Alright dude. Twisting my arm here.”

At nightfall, Artemisia closed up the shop and changed out of her uniform. She hadn’t been expecting to be asked out to dinner, and she didn’t have enough time to run home and change. She wore a casual day dress, simple and light blue, with capped sleeves and a scoop neck that fell just above her knees. She glanced at her reflection in the window as she left, and sighed. She took her hair out of her bun and it fell in long, dark waves down her back, hoping that she didn’t look like too much of a mess.

When she got to the restaurant upstairs, Prompto wasn’t there yet. She decided to take a minute to compose herself, leaning against the railing of the balcony that overlooked the port of Altissia. The breeze felt nice against her skin, cooling the heat that flushed in her cheeks.

“Wow,” she heard from behind her. She turned and saw Prompto, who looked absolutely stunned. “You look…beautiful.”

Artemisia blushed and looked down at her feet, her hair falling in front of her face. “Thank you,” she said, looking back up at him. He’d changed his shirt for something a little more formal, a dark red button up with a black collar and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. “You look quite handsome, yourself.”

“Aw,” he laughed nervously, scratching at the back of his head. “Ignis made me get this shirt. He said I needed to dress like an adult.”

Artemisia laughed at that, and they went and sat at a table that had been reserved for them. They ordered their meals and a glass of wine each, clinking their glasses together and taking a sip.

“I was surprised when Noctis told me that you wanted to meet me here tonight,” Prompto admitted. “Can’t say I saw that one coming.”

Artemisia regarded him curiously. “That’s odd. Ignis and Gladiolus told me that it was you who wanted to met me here tonight.”

Prompto cocked his head to the side, realizing they’d both been set up. He looked around for any sign of his friends, but didn’t see anyone nearby.

“Well,” he shrugged with a smile. “I’m glad they tricked us, then. Because now I get to have dinner with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Artemisia felt heat rush to her cheeks and blamed it on the wine, smiling into her glass. Dinner was easy, and conversation came naturally. Prompto had never felt more comfortable with someone in his entire life, especially a girl, and Artemisia found herself laughing more than she ever had before.

When dinner came to an end, Prompto offered to continue their evening by going for a walk around the city. Artemisia accepted his invitation and he offered her his arm. She looped her arm through his, her hand coming to rest on his bicep, and they walked together through Altissia’s cobblestone streets.

The string lights that wove overhead mimicked the stars in the night sky, the yellow glow making Prompto’s hair seem even more golden. He led Artemisia further up until they were at the highest overlook, one where they were able to see the entire city and even further beyond.

“It’s beautiful here, it’s it?” Artemisia sighed, leaning against the railing. She turned to Prompto to see if he was admiring the view, but instead she found that he was looking right at her. She shifted under the heat of his gaze and felt him take a step closer.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, his voice carrying a slight tremble.

“Please,” she replied, barely above a whisper. He placed one hand on her waist and the other along her cheek and closed the distance between them. Hesitantly, he pressed his lips against hers, so soft and so gentle that it was barely there, almost as if he was still asking for her permission.

She tilted her head and leaned into him, pressing a little more. His lips moved against hers and she brought her arms up to loop around his neck as both of his came down to pull her flush against him. They pulled away briefly, and Prompto placed a few soft butterfly kisses on her mouth and cheek, earning a giggle when he pulled away.

“I had a lot of fun with you tonight,” he said, playing with a strand of her hair. “I was wondering if we could do this again? Hopefully sometime soon?”

Artemisia bit her lip and nodded. “I’d like that.”

Prompto smiled so wide that his cheeks hurt and leaned in for another kiss.

Off to the side, ducked behind a stone wall, Noctis, Ignis and Gladio exchanged high-fives.

“That was easy,” Noctis noted, pretending to dust off his hands.

“I daresay we have a knack for matchmaking,” Ignis agreed. “Though I must admit, those two were a rather easy sell. Barely any resistance from either party. It took me longer to convince Prompto to purchase new garments for this date, if I’m honest.”

Gladio snorted. “Come on,” he led his other friends away. “Let’s give them some privacy.”

New Orleans - USA

New Orleans is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the USA. One of the most iconic styles in the city are Creole townhouses. This style of townhouse occupies much of the cities French Quarter, and the Faubourg Marigny area. Creole townhouses were built after the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788, and up until the mid 19th century. Some features of the style are courtyards, thick walls, arcades, and cast iron balconies.  The facades of the townhouses sit on the property boundary, usually with arched doorways and windows. 

There are many organisations in New Orleans that are dedicated to preserving the history of the neighbourhoods in the city. These organisations include the Friends of the Cabildo, who also offer walking tours of the French Quarter. 

Writing Challenge! // Snog’s Fic List

Tagged by the wonderful @not-just-any-fangirl and @hannah-nobody !

List the first lines of your last 20 stories.
See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors. 

I’ll go with all my on-going fics first and then move on to oneshots. :’D


1. The Art Of Slaying Dragons [Nalu / Ongoing / Rival Chefs]

Cooking, despite what some might try to tell you, is an art.

2. In Every Living Thing [Nalu / Ongoing / Modern Fantasy]

The marble glistened in the light that fell upon it like ripples dancing across water, sparkling and hypnotizing.

3. Wildwood [Nalu / Completed / Fantasy]

Darkness was lurking in the forest.

4. The Devil’s Advocate [Nalu / Semi-Hiatus / Modern Fantasy]

Smoke welled out beneath her neighbour’s door.

5. Love Thy Neighbour [Nalu / Complete / Next Door Neighbours]

“Locked out again?”

6. Tails & Talons [Nalu / Complete / Tattoo Artist + Flower Shop]

“Thank you so much. Have a nice day!”

7. On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams [Nalu / Hiatus / Fantasy]

The shrill sound of an alarm clock ripped through the silence, and soon a tentative arm emerged from a mountain of blankets to blindly swat at it.

8. Hit And Run [InuKag / Ongoing / Modern Delinquent Inuyasha]

It wasn’t every day you found yourself staring down the barrel of a gun.


9. You Seem Familiar [Nalu / Witch’s Familiar]

First there was a sound, like a rip and a sloosh, and then the smell of burning and a small, tiny flame that danced insecurely along the little match it fed on.

10. A Great Fear Of Shallow Living [Nalu / Pirate & Mermaid]

There had been a time when her mother had spilled a cup of marbles onto her desk, laughing at her own misfortune.

11. Piroschka (Nalu / Little Red Riding Hood]

A young woman, the hems of her many skirts dragging along the wet ground, made her way through the arched doorway of the tavern she called her workplace, and along the road leading to the little marketplace of Magnolia town.

12. Saints And Sinners [Nalu / Princess and Dragon]

The ropes cut tightly into her wrists. Lucy Heartfilia wiggled against the rough pole she was tied to, trying to momentarily ease the pain.

13. Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours [Nalu / Band]

Being back at The Fairy’s Tail felt nostalgic.

14. Hidden In Plain Sight [Nalu / Magic Apprentice]

“Hey Natsu,” Lucy said, staring at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, “Did you know I’m something like a witch now?”

15. Divine Panishment [Nalu / God of Slightly Burned Things & Chef]

“How could this happen?!” Lucy wailed quietly to herself, the busy hustle and bustle of the large kitchen around her all but forgotten as she stared at the slightly burned sausage in front of her.


16. Those Who Play [Nalu / Roleplay NSFW]

This was an idea that could only go exactly two ways: wonderfully right or terribly wrong.

17. A Dragon Well Trained [Nalu / Training NSFW]

Sweat dripped down Natsu’s chin, landing softly on the earth below.

18. The Splitting Bamboo [Nalu / Kamasutra NSFW]


19. Shower Me In Love [Nalu / Shower NSFW]

The water dripped hot onto his skin, but not hot enough to not fall victim to his body heat.

20. Truth Be Told (& part 2) [Nalu / Adult Game NSFW]

“Why did you buy that game again?“

Credence Barebone x Reader - Saviour (Part 1)

Prompt - Credence (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them) x Reader where the reader is confident but Credence is less so.

Credence finds you needing his aid, so after helping you, you return the favour.

Warning - Sad Credence, hurt from punishment, no smut.

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Egyptian Book of Coming into the Light-Full Text Hymn to Asar/Osiris

I think i am doing a disservice by not including the entire hymn. Yes, it’s that deep. So here it is. 

The doors of perception open; what was hidden has been revealed. It is myself I see and a thousand colors swirling in liquid light. I am where the sun sets below the mountains. I am in this body. I am that star rising above the clouds hung by a thread from its ocean moon. Hail myself traversing eternity walking among gods, a shuttle flying across the loom through the threads of time. This is all one place, one cloth: a man’s life endures. On earth flowers grow, snakes crawl and wisdom lies in the palm of a hand. All that is will be - hawks and sparrows, the thousand lives within.

I have come home. I have entered humanhood, bound to rocks and plants, men and woman, rivers and sky. I shall be with you in this and other worlds. When the cat arches in the doorway, think of me. I have sometimes been like that. When two men greet each other in the street, I am there speaking to you. When you look up, know that I am there - sun and moon pouring my love around you. All these things am I, portents, images, signs. Though apart, I am a part of you. One of the million things in the universe, I am the universe, too. You think I disguise myself as rivers and trees simply to confuse you? Whatever I am, woman, cat or lotus, the same god breathes in every body. You and I together are a single creation. Neither death nor spite nor fear nor ignorance stops my love for you.

May we come and go in and out of heaven through the gates of starlight. As the houses of earth fill with dancing and song, so filled are the houses of heaven. I am come, in truth. I sail a long river and row back again. It is joy to breathe under the stars. I am the sojourner destined to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself.

-The Egyptian Book of the Dead. More correctly translated as the Book of Coming into the Light. Translated by Normandi Ellis in her book Awakening Osiris.

when you read this, please remember that you are the person speaking. Do not think that it is someone or something outside of yourself…it is you speaking. Your spirit communicating absolutely timeless truths unfettered by any weights of the illusion that surrounds you now. That is the power of the pyramid texts and the Egyptian Book of the Dead/Coming forth into the Light.

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I just came across this blog, and what is it exactly?? I'm otayuri trash and I'm way into the bdsm lifestyle. But what tf is this?? I don't get it? Help me understand please?.!

what is this blog??? how do i even begin to explain

picture this

You’re standing in the large entrance hall of a beautiful architectural masterpiece of a castle. The walls are champagne coloured, the doorways are arched and the ceilings are high. There’s large windows everywhere you turn, most of them open and bathing each room in soft sunlight. The ivory chiffon curtains dance gently as a cool summer breeze flows into the room.

It’s a pleasantly warm sunny day. It’s peacefully quiet, but you hear the faint chatter and laughter of others and occasionally the sound of waves and splashing water. Is it the ocean or is the large pool? Maybe both. You hope there’s a hot tub. (there is.)

There’s beautiful spiral staircases leading up to the many suites and rooms in the castle. Why are there so many rooms? You peek inside one to find a few lovely people lounging about in loveseats and lazing on the soft faux white fur rug. There’s a platter of chocolate covered strawberries on a golden dish on the table, and a harpist in the corner of the room. The people look up to greet you, smiling and waving. They’re friendly. Some of them are draped in luxurious ivory silks, others in black skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts, whatever makes them comfortable. They look beautiful, inviting you over to discuss headcanons with them. You politely decline, wanting to explore the place a bit more. 

You continue walking around, the marble floors shiny. You wonder who the hell funded this place.

Instead of walking the hundreds of stairs, you find the golden-plated elevator and look at the different numbers. Floor number 7 is called the ‘Daddybek Suite.’ You press the button and the doors close gently. A strings version of ‘History Maker’ plays as you ascend.

The doors open with a ping and you find yourself in another large room. It is darker than the rest of the rooms in the palatial venue, but there’s still a warmth about it. There’s a sitting area with plush couches and cushions, and tall bookshelves of printed out Otayuri fanfics lining the walls. You see two large glass doors leading out onto the balcony and approach cautiously, hearing the laughter and the chatter.

You open the doors and step out onto the large balcony to find a group of people seated there, enjoying the warmth of the day and discussing various headcanons and kinks. Same as inside, some of them are draped in lovely silk robes, others are in more casual but equally as lovely clothing. You see a person in sunglasses with a tie around their head, drinking a cherry coke through a pink bendy straw. Someone has also given them a little orange umbrella, but they’ve tucked it behind their ear. You know instantly who it is.


I stand, spreading my arms wide and beckoning you forward to join us. A handsome young man comes from the conveniently placed bar and brings you a drink, and I offer you my seat. You’re pretty confused and not entirely sure if this is a heaven or a hell yet. 

I remove my sunglasses and give you a warm smile.

“Welcome to Paradiso Daddybek.”