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Japan is extremely sexist and the idol industry is no exception.

Whenever I see people defending the “no dating rule” with the excuse “it’s a different culture, learn about Japan first and then talk” I want to punch them so hard.

Yes, it’s a different culture. Yes, the whole “idol being the fans’ girlfriends” thing is far more complex and deep than it first seems like.

But there’s a line. They don’t deserve punishment. They don’t deserve shame. They’re human beings, not soulless robots that live for their job. They have lives too, they go to school too, they see other people everyday and they develop different kind of feelings for each of them.

I get it, the no dating rule has its purposes. It’s not there just because, since it’s part of the whole idol experience. But it doesn’t mean it’s ok. It shouldn’t be part of the girls’ contracts, and we shouldn’t be used to this.

There’s a fine amount of people who believe it’s fair to shame them for dating, because “they asked for it”, come on. These girls get extremely sexualized, and it’s ok for everyone to look at them like sex objects, like someone who lives for your masturbation sessions, yet they can’t go and have their own experiences?

It makes me sick.

We still have a long way to go.

dizzydennis replied to your postSo Ace Attorney 5 will have Phoenix as main…

kind of annoyed. I dont trust Capcom anymore with how they handle Mega Man, Miles Edgeworth 2, and their fighting games. Also, although I love Phoenix more than I do Apollo, this is stupid. I want to continue. I don’t want to go back. IDK what to say

I don’t trust Capcom anymore, either. They have been a bunch of asses with their fans. I hope they won’t act as if AJ didn’t happen, because even if seeing Phoenix like that broke my heart, AJ is such a GOOD game and Apollo is great and Trucy is lovely and the whole point of AJ was changing the legal system in the games, just like it changed it Japan

I’m very chill about all this, I prefer not panicking until we get more of the story, there’s no point in raging right now with so little info

that being said, I agree with you, I don’t really want to go back. I want to see what happens to Phoenix in the future. There’s no way they can make new cases between AA3 and AA4 with Phoenix as main, unless it’s a piano rhythm game with depressing plot.

does a 6 years old even have the capacity of doing metaphors like that

I mean I have stuff I wrote when I was 9 and it’s all pretty literal, like “wow we ate hamburgers today!!! yeah and then I watched TV and played with my big bro, I love him even if he’s a meanie ps. I hate veggies!!!!!!!” etcetc


There’s this advertisement campaign for a depilatory cream on Facebook that basically states “don’t let winter be a excuse (for not shaving)!”, while showing situations of embarrassment due to this.

I know advertising in winter is a hard work, but this route of “if you don’t shave, you’ll be socially humiliated” rings the wrong bell to me.

Eh, whatever.

I’ve always found it weird how (extreme, over-obsessed) feminists analyze series/videogames in terms of feminism, most of the time I just cringe

ok I’ll give an example

back when Korra was airing, there was this post that said “wow I love these series!!! The main character is a girl and nobody makes a huge deal about it!!!!” followed by 46435354 comments that said “oh yeah that’s what I love the MOST about this, Korra is a GIRL!!! She kicks ass and NOBODY THINKS THAT’S SPECIAL/WEIRD OR ANYTHING!!!”

and it’s like


you are the ones making a huge deal over the main character being female

what are you even talking about

I don’t get you