arche kleine

@garrus requested Arche and Chester!! & Happy Birthday!! XD

both of them just had to take the final blow from poor Cless, already up and running & right in front of the enemy..
the SFC version was my first Tales game and for a long time, the game sprites & cover art were all i had to picture these guys…and then the OP movie for PS was SO GREAT i watched it a million times as i grew up…cress, chester, claus were all my favorite, no i love all the crew<3 oh this can go on and on..
so that’s why i drew them kinda smol/chibi & still can’t get used to all the official illustrations out there haha~

..and extra!

i usually had claus-chester-cress and arche above chester as a team
and when this happens..omg it was the cutest..!


Special Gacha
Duration: 9/15 (Fri) 16:00 ~ 9/30 (Sat) 21:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Ludger, Marta, and Arche from the special gacha, as well as 4☆ Kanonno Grassvalley.

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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Spiky haired characters are just….the best.

Just quietly slip Izuku in and pretend that I didn’t leave him off.

But I ain’t forgetting the beautiful women.

Feel free to add on.


The iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars Special Gacha
Duration:  7/31 (Sun) 22:00 ~ 8/16 (Tue) 15:59

(continuation of the previous post)
Alongside the 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Tear (Idol), Sophie (Idol) and Edna (Idol) from the special gacha, there is also a chance to get 5☆ Arche (Idol), 5☆ Arietta (Idol), 5☆ Norma (Idol), 5☆ Beryl (Idol) and 4☆ Marta (Idol).

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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