Feral druid artifact quest: Go talk to this Archdruid in Val’sharah then kill a boss and then follow another guy down underground and kill another boss and then you get your daggers
Arcane mage artifact quest: Go talk to Kalecgos in Dalaran then go to Azure Dragonshrine in Dragonblight where you have to find and investigate clues while avoiding lvl 100 mobs (you can’t really take on two at once) and then talk to the final boss then go to Coldarra and investigate 4 spots and then charge yourself with magic by killing 10 mobs (you have to restart if you die remember to use interrupt and spellsteal or you’ll probably die) then go destroy three surge needles and kill more mobs then you go inside The Nexus and save a dragon from 3 mobs (remember spellsteal) and then go through nexus while killing multiple mobs (I had to eat after every mob because they hit like trucks) and blink through magic fields (blink has only 1 charge and a 15sec cooldown) then fight a boss then go even further and kill more mobs and then kill the final boss then go inside the nexus vault and place three scrolls on the floor while playing the arcane magic version of dodgeball and then you get your staff





Topi’s Daily Card #692:  Mana Reflection

Most of the ‘mana doublers’ that are around add one additional mana when you tap a land.  Mana Reflection has the wonderful distinction of being the only card to my knowledge that just straight up doubles your mana production of any permanent.  Dreamstone Hedron now taps for six colorless, your Grim and Basalt Monoliths are now infinite mana engines, and your Cabal Coffers is producing more mana than you can shake a stick at.  Mana Reflection begs to be used with anything that produces multiple mana, from the Ravnica Bounce lands to Elvish Archdruid.  Six mana is an easy investment, and it’s a must answer card.  If you’re allowed to untap with this much power in your deck, you should have the game in your favor in no time.

desolationpl  asked:

Dat Wendy as archdruid of moongrove! Nice job! And nice crossover! ^_^ I wonder how she might look, wearing Vauban Prime armor from Warframe?


Welp. That looks detailed. And that’s also a full body armor so hard to tell who is wearing it o_O