Demons VS Devils - A Victor Rises...

By vampirestookourscience:

I’ve done some reading and realized something…

The Demons of the Abyss could very easily take over the Nine Hells.

Think about it:

There are only nine hells, compared to the seemingly infinite Abyss.

And if this war was to happen, it would be very one-sided.

The demons could simply drive the weaker devils mad. While other demons would just kill without remorse or guilt (because they’re chaotic evil, duh!).

And remember the Demon Lords, like Orcus and Demogorgon, there are countless demon lords, ladies and princes just like them…

…that verses a few kinda Archdevils and maybe Tiamat if they are up for it.

But 1000’s of Demon Lords VS 1 Tiamat

It seems like there would be a clear victor…

And if or when they kill Tiamat, Orcus, the Demon Lord of Undeath, could just resurrect Tiamat.

And now the Demon Lords have a undead Tiamat on their side, fighting with them, or for them.

So I’d like to see how someone would interpret this…

It could make for a very interesting campaign:

The party could be approached by devils, who need the party’s help in saving the Nine Hells from the invading Demons of the Abyss.

And, as it’s been pointed out, not all devils or demons have to keep to their alignments.

This means somewhere out there could be a lawful good pit fiend and a chaotic good balor who have allied together, in hopes of creating peace in two planes of death and war…

Pretty cool, Right?

Session 3 - The Cult of Undeath

The 15th of Tarsahk

A hidden temple below a goblin-infested cave, and a group of necromancers preying on the nearby settlements. Our four adventurers have made their way into the mysterious temple, slaying the massive carrion crawler set to guard the entrance and finding a key to continue on through the locked door.

Before doing so, however, they explore another passage which leads them into a chapel with various books, trophies and paintings aligning the walls. Studying the paintings told them a story, a prophecy that the cult of undeath seemingly aimed to bring about. The story was of a prince who became king by making a deal with an archdevil; the king attempted to spread his rule over the world, but was killed by an arrow through his eye. Yet death was not the end for the king, only the beginning: he was raised as a powerful lich by the archdevil and fused the realms of the Shadowfell and the Feywild into a distorted plane he called Myrkrheim. Here he is said to be amassing an army of the dead, which he will use to conquer the material realm of Midgard, take a seat on one of the mythical Godthrones that are said to hold up reality, and from there he will take over the rest of the planes of existence.

As the adventurers were studying the prophecy, a figure emerged from the darkness: a man that Davith recognized as his former master, now an undead servant. In the battle that ensued, a stray firebolt lit the paintings on fire, and the room quickly burst into flames. Escaping back into the main room, the adventurers left the fire to burn as they went through the locked door.

Oti scouted up ahead and found what appeared to be a meeting place. A large table stood in the center of the room, on it lay notes and maps of the surrounding areas. Along the walls were full suits of armor, and towering over the room was a large statue of an undead king with one flaming eye. Seeing nothing dangerous, Oti motioned for the rest of the group to enter.

The adventurers began searching the room. Oti attempted to pluck one of the eyes from the statue with a dagger as Brunar tried to push the statue in an attempt at finding a secret door. Forza played some inspiring tunes while Lia and Davith inspected the suits of armor. As Lia reached out to touch one, it came to life and attacked. One other suit of armor sprung to life and they marched in unison towards the group. Lia struck the armor with her blade before jumping to a safe distance as Forza and Oti struck them with ice and fire. Oti’s successive firebolts caused one of the suits of animated armor to explode outwards, while the the second one was struck down by the others.

Brunar continued to push the statue, successfully revealing a hidden door. Oti and Lia scouted inside where they found a circular room with a balcony overlooking a stone altar with the corpse of ogre overtop. Above the altar was a chandelier made from massive bones of an unknown beast. Brunar and Forza stepped into the room– Forza by swinging off the chandelier into the center of the room– as several figures wearing black robes emerged on the balcony. The strange woman in richer robes stood at the forefront.

The woman began to reveal the purpose of the cult, but as she was in the middle of her prepared speech, she was struck with a firebolt cast by Oti. Several of the cultists pulled out blades and charged into battle. None were a match for Brunar as he knocked them aside with ease. The cult leader, however, leapt down from the balcony and struck out at Forza. She lifted the Dragonborn by the throat and burned a scar into Forza’s neck with necrotic energy.

Brunar took down a few more cultists before coming face to face with a skilled swordsman, they entered a deadly dance and landed several blows against each other before Brunar eventually overpowered the enemy. Forza, Oti, and Lia all took turns against the cult leader before she was eventually killed by Oti’s firebolt. Seeing their dead leader being pickpocketed by Oti (who snatched a silver pin in the shape of a bird’s skull with one eye flaming white), the remaining cultists began a ritual to raise the dead ogre as a zombie. Lia shot an arrow at one of the cultists, killing him, but the remaining two managed to raise the ogre nonetheless.

The zombie ogre immediately reached for a crude weapon which it used as a flail to knock Lia unconscious in a single blow. It struck next at Forza, knocking him unconscious as well. Brunar killed the remaining cultists as Oti struck at the ogre again and again.

As Brunar charged towards the ogre, he tripped over a rock, causing his sword to fly up and cut the chandelier. It fell down with a crash, crushing the ogre and nearly crushing Forza and Lia too, but– by a stroke of luck– they became conscious again just in time to roll out of the way. Together, the four adventurers finished off the zombie ogre as the fire that began to rage earlier caught up to them.

Seeing no escape from the way they came, the party had to improvise. The part of the ceiling that the chandelier was attached was now a gaping hole, one that had light far up in the distance. Forza used the rope of climbing and the party was able to get back up into the cave complex. But they weren’t safe yet as explosions from the temple below caused the cave to collapse around them as they ran.

As they came back the gaping crevasse, Lia, Forza and Oti were able to get across, but as Brunar jumped he came just short of the ledge and started to fall. Lia reached over to grab his hand, but was pulled off of the ledge as well. Oti reached out with a levitation spell and was able to pull them to safety and they continued through the collapsing cave.

As they came to the cave entrance, only Forza and Oti managed to get through as Lia and Brunar were caved in. But Forza and Oti weren’t about to abandon their friends and both shot out a thunderwave to move the rocks. Unfortunately, this only made a small enough hole that Lia could squeeze through. Brunar knew he had to find somewhere else to escape and ran back through the cave where he leapt into the crevasse and plunged into an underground river that deposited him out into a small lake.

Not knowing whether Brunar was alive or dead, the others left back to the village of Riverpass to tell them their trouble with the necromancers was over. Davith departed to go warn the queen of Tilinyth about this recent development, telling the adventurers he hoped to see them there. As Davith rode out of town, Brunar found his way back to the village, having followed alongside the river.

Together again, our party of adventurers set out to the south towards the Kingdom of Tilinyth.

And so ends the first adventure and the third session of many.


The Archdevils of the Nine Hells! Most of the D&D background stuff I’ve read I can take or leave, but these guys have really stuck with me.

From the top:

Bel, Archdevil of Avernus. Military man, latest in a long line of Pit Fiends promoted to serve as Hell’s battle commander.  Good with strategy, hopeless at politics. Ambitious, with a bad temper.

Dispater, Archdevil of Dis. Real paranoid, seldom leaves his tower. Obsessively builds Iron golems and spinning blade traps. Never forgets an insult.

Mammon, Archdevil of Minauros. Lives underground on a big pile of wealth. Looks more like a big snake with every passing year. Generally regarded as insane.

Belial and Fierna, Archdevils of Phlegethos. Married couple. Fight all the time and cheat on each other with strings of disposable partners, otherwise oddly devoted to one another. Their lavish parties are worth a visit, as long as you remember the complex etiquette.

Levistus, Archdevil of Stygia. Handsome rogue, always up for a good time. Passes for human, rumoured to have started that way. Currently entombed inside a giant iceberg, but still conscious, and very angry.

Glasya, newly installed Archdevil of Malboge. Rumoured to be Asmodeus’ daughter by an unknown mother. Highly efficient and devoted to her job. Invites gifted, evil people from all planes to serve as her lieutenants. Only behind closed doors does she reveal her true taste for terrible cruelty.

Baalzebuul, Archdevil of Maladomini. Once a great Angel of the High Heavens, his fall from divine grace was followed by an even greater fall after Asmodeus cursed him with the form of a giant, hideous slug. Now he weeps with self-pity in a palace made of his own slime.

Mephistopheles, Archdevil of Cania. Even other Devils start to feel uncomfortable after too long in a room with him. Doesn’t talk much, but everyone thinks of him as a marginal ally. Collects interesting scientists, artists and wizards from all known worlds, and puts them to work on mysterious projects, hidden from view.

Asmodeus, Archdevil of Nessus, and ruler of the Nine Hells. When people talk about ‘The Devil’, they mean this guy. As powerful as a God, with the attitude to match. Though he is still bleeding and bruised after being cast down from Heaven in ages past, his voice is like a thread of warm honey in the ear, filling the listener with assurance- and absolute obedience.