Pranks (Part 5)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Words: 2.8K 

Summary: Date night!

Warnings: Swearing, angst (there is lots of fluff though!), being assholes. 


Pranks Masterlist

Part 4 

“Holy shit,” you whispered under your breath. Gabriel snickered as the two of you walked up to the restaurant, “This place is way too nice.”

He held the door open for you, bowing as you went past, “It’s supposed to be that way. First date and all,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

Turning to Gabriel as you waited for the hostess, you looked at him being serious, “Do you think they’ll have chicken strips and French fries?”

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  • Castiel: I'm not like a regular angel, I'm like a sexy angel
  • Gabriel: *Coughing loudly*
  • Gadreel: *Clears throat*
  • Michael: *Rolls eyes*
  • Balthazar: You are the worst, Castiel!
  • Hannah: Ignore them, you're amazing Castiel
  • Gabriel: Well, well, I heard. You’ve got a special piece on the side, Cas
  • Michael: Oh?
  • Balthazar: What are you tryin' to hide, Cas?
  • Castiel: Nothing
  • Gadreel: Stop picking on him
  • Hannah: It's alright Cas, I wish you'd brought this angel with you tonight Cas
  • Castiel: Thank you, but I'm afraid it's um..forbidden
  • Hannah: What do you mean?
  • Balthazar: He and Dean are shagging! Jesus Christ, what's the point of even being in the closet if it's made out of bloody glass? We all know. I know, he knows, she knows, my bloody hamster knows