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You know you’ve crossed that line into ‘too late’ when ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ re-runs start playing, and a quick glance at the clock reveals that it is 4:56.

At least Scott and Jean have stopped making noise next door, though you’re not sure that’s really a good thing. A knock on your door cuts off your train of thought, and you open the door to Warren, biting his lip nervously, wings fluttering a little.

“Can I help you?”

He grins a little sheepishly.

“Well, you’ve probably heard that they’ve stopped talking in there,” he gestures to Scott’s room, “and while I’d normally be pleased they’ve shut up, my bed is kind of in there, so I was just wondering if I could maybe sleep on your floor?”

You concentrate hard, in an attempt to keep the blush off your face. The boy you like, for fucks sake, just asked if he could sleep in your room. Praise every known deity. Looking at your thoughtful expression, he quickly backtracks.

“I mean, uh, it’s fine if not, I could probably ask Peter, it’s just you’re closer? And-“

“Warren, calm down, its fine, you can sleep here. I’ve got some pillows you can borrow if you want.”

With that, you let him past you, following him back into your room and shutting the door behind you. Throwing him some pillows, you disappear into the bathroom to change into something vaguely sleep wear like, just in case you manage to get any sleep that night. When you come back, rubbing your eyes tiredly, Warren is lying on the floor, staring up at your ceiling.

“That ceiling’s real interesting, huh?”

Jumping at the sound of your voice, Warren props himself up on one elbow, and a full blush overtakes his face as he takes you in. You wink at him, and his elbow falls out from underneath him. When he looks up at you, his face is a whole new shade of red. Smiling a little to yourself, you make your way over to the bed, patting the space next you.

“C'mon, weirdo, we’re watching the amazing world of Sharknado.”

“There are many ways to describe that film. ‘Amazing’ is not one of them.”


“Hang on, I, I know that word. Wait, did you just call me a dickbag in french?”


“Wow, and here I was thinking we were friends,” he says, sliding onto the bed next to you.

“Can I?” he says nervously, gesturing to the bed, and you assume he means can he get under the covers (though to be honest you want him under you). Needless to say, you’re a little surprised when he loops an arm around your waist, pulling you close, and so you subconsciously place your hand in his hair, carding your fingers through his hair gently.

“I like it when you touch my hair. It’s…nice.”

Warren thinks that he might explode. He had not expected you to let him on the bed, let alone cuddle you, and now you’re stroking his hair. Wow.

“Do you know what my favourite quote is?”

“Tell me.”

“And maybe if I stand in the rain, I’ll get wetter than any boy has ever made me.”

Warren chokes on nothing.

A comfortable silence settles over the two of you, Warren’s head on your shoulder, your hand in his hair. Turning to ask him something, you realise just how close your faces are.

“Oh, jesus christ, burn me alive.”

“Huh, not usually a guy’s reaction in bed with me, but it’s original.”

Warren blushes for the third time that evening and shifts closer. You’re almost cross eyed because of how close you are. Something flashes in his eyes, and he cups your face with rough palms, and he kisses you softly, pulling you as close as possible.

His body against yours ignites something inside of you, a hunger, and you wrap your leg around his waist, pulling him closer still. When you finally break apart, your chest is heaving and Warren looks awestruck.

“I’m pretty glad Scott and Jean hijacked my room,” he says, and leans forward to kiss you once more.

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thought i'd jump in and describe myself!! i'm an incarnate archangel. i used to be in charge of a massive library when i was still in heaven, but it was the akashic records. i was very silent and definitely the "scholarly" type i guess aha, and i believe i wasn't very human looking + rather featureless. other angelkin remember me only really venturing outside in the winter and the snow. also heavily associated with silver jewelry and white robes

you sound like a beautiful being!! it’s so interesting that you were in charge of the records.


The concern in the archangel’s eyes was overtaken by a flash of righteous anger at the mention of Crowley’s name, but the feeling of Sam’s warm lips against his own, cool flesh was enough to rein his concentration back to where it belonged. The demon was always Lucifer’s first concern, and, at this moment, he did not need justice so much as he needed comfort. Retribution could wait.
“Well - Hell just may need a taste of Divine Intervention, if Crowley thinks his tyranny can continue to go unchecked.” The archangel pulled his hand gently from Sam’s grip, running the backs of his fingers tenderly down his jawline with a hushed sigh.
“But that will have to wait. For now, you are far more important.” He stepped back to quickly slip free of his pants, before moving back to the tub, placing a hand on Sam’s back and prompting him to lean slightly forward, giving the archangel room to carefully slide in behind him.
It was a position that had quickly grown familiar to them, Sam nestled safely into Lucifer’s chest, the archangel encompassing the demon as best he could without the blessed shelter of his massive wings. It was a comfort to them both - Lucifer, so near his other half, allowing Sam to feel vulnerable and fragile, but protected and loved in the Morning Star’s strong embrace.


“Here I thought you didn’t care about hell anymore, well as far as you have shown you don’t…” Sam stated, giving the other a questioning look. He wasn’t going to complain if Lucifer felt the need to take care of that sooth talking bastard. He thought.. perhaps if it wasn’t for Lucifer, Crowley might have been the one he had turned to, he demon couldn’t offer him comfort and security as Lucifer had, but he was someone that understood, someone that didn’t want to see him locked up or dead, no he just wanted him To be his guard dog. The thought made Sam’s stomach churn in discomfort. “I dont care to think about it right now.. if it’s all the same to you, I’d just like to relax and enjoy a bath with you.” He hummed, leaning forward to press into the crook of the Angels neck, placing soft kisses to his cold flesh. Heaven and hell didn’t matter in this moment, all that mattered was the safe feeling Lucifer so easily emitted.

Sam hummed in agreement, leaning into the others comforting touch to let it linger before the other was pulling away to get undressed. Feeling the light push on his back the demon moved forward, giving Lucifer what room he could for the moment. The water rose above the edge of the bath, spilling over with every shift of their bodies, it wasn’t their mess to worry about, it was the hotel room staffs problem after tonight. Sam sink forward so that his head was resting against the others shoulder, his legs shifting to spread on either side of the tub, propping them up on the ledge. “I’m starting to feel as though this is the new normal for us, no point in bathing alone anymore.”


Holy Family! Ch. 3: Lucifer

A/N: Actually a short chapter, I’ve been busy with the final exams and stuff… So stressing!

Supernatural and its characters don’t belong to me! 

Warnings: death?

 Chap. 1; Chap 2.



After the gate was opened and many demons escaped from hell, my life was more dangerous than it was before. My grandfather blamed the Winchesters, I didn’t, I couldn’t. They’re family, I could understand that. I’ll do everything for my family, except for eating a burrito again. I mean, Gabriel, the Prank Lord, the greatest trickster in the world, the awesome archangel, my funny big bro. What was I thinking when I let him “cook”? How didn’t I realize that something was wrong after the first bite I took from that burrito?! It tasted funny…

I ALMOST DIED INTOXICATED! AND HE JUST LAUGHED AND SAID SOMETHING LIKE “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t stand spicy food”


Back to what we concerned… Demons started chasing me; they believed I could be the one who could stop the apocalypse or something. And after a long and wild road trip, I found myself trapped in a corner watching as my grandfather tried to keep the demons away. My grandfather was old… he was old and weak…

The attack suddenly stopped, and I didn’t know why until I saw him emerging from those black eyed creatures. He walked to us with a pleased smirk all over his face. He was happy, as if he found the toy he’d lost a long time ago.

“So you’re the girl daddy is proud of?”


“That’s me!”

“Get back!” my grandfather shouted furiously. “Get back or I kill you!”

“Is that a threat?” Lucifer faked being hurt by those words. He walked to my grandfather and looked at him. “You just threated me!” He hissed. “You love so much this little punk you’ll give your life for her.”

“Stop!” I shouted.

I was scared; I knew what was coming next, and I wasn’t able to stop him…

“I wonder if she loves you that much” Lucifer stabbed my grandfather right in his heart. I screamed desperately feeling my soul broken in pieces.

My grandfather, my hero, the man who raised me and protected me since I was a child. I couldn’t move an inch; I was petrified watching as Lucifer took away his hand from my grandfather chest. Lucifer’s hand was covered in blood… my grandfather’s blood. How could he…

“Do it?” he completed my thoughts. “What? Do you feel pain? Sadness? Do you want revenge? Do you want to kill me?” He got closer and closer, and finally he faced me. Lucifer grabbed my neck tightly and squeezed it a bit. I whined in pain. “What kind of stupid human emotion are you feeling? What do you want to do Y/N?”

He liked to play… to have the control of everything. He wanted me to try something so his hunt would be a little bit funnier.

“Answer me!!”

“I…” I tried to catch some air. “I want to… forgive you…” I grabbed his arm to find something to hold on and with my free hand I caressed his cheek. “I forgive you, Lucifer.”

“I killed your grandfather!”

“You did… Because you felt these stupid human emotions called envy… loneliness… I can see them through your eyes… I can feel your pain… Lucifer. And I’m sorry you feel that way… Because I know how it feels, every emotion… every fucking emotion that sometimes I don’t want to feel.”

“Shut up…”

“I forgive you.”

“SHUT UP!” Lucifer squeezed my neck, but I didn’t care. “I killed your family.”

“You’re my family, too.”

“I hate you” he remarked every single word.

“I don't…” I started to feel dizzy. “In fact… I like you…” I narrowed my eyes and distinguished something behind him. “I like… your wings…”

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was alone - and alive. I got up of the ground and looked for my grandfather’s corpse. However, I couldn’t find any single soul around. Bobby called me minutes later and told me that my grandfather’s dead body appeared in his yard. He asked me what happened, and I told him I would explain him when I got there…

I didn’t know why Lucifer didn’t kill me, but I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time I would see him…

Thanks for reading! Um… I’ve two ideas… First, the girl meeting the Winchester and working with them. Second, the girl hunting on her own and being annoyed by his new brother who hasn’t kill her…yet. Guess he wants more fun…

What do you think? Should I write the first? the second? both?

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

My lack of color is thanks to the fact I’m terrible with shading so I’m trying to make that my primary focus. I took this pose from an older piece of art I did last year so I can see the improvement.

Plus it’s been awhile so I wanted to give you all yet another naked Turian *more confetti *