archangel raphael

Lucifer: I want it!
Michael: I’m the oldest!
Lucifer: So? I saw it first.
Raphael: Michael is the oldest. He should have it.
Lucifer: I’m telling Dad!
Chuck: Stop fighting! Daddy has a city to smite!
Lucifer: But Dad, he-
Michael: Lucifer is so immature!
Gabriel: I want more candy!
Castiel: Father, could I PLEASE rescue that hot human with the emerald eyes?!
Chuck: *throws up hands* I’m going on sabbatical. Chuck is out!


The plant didn’t make it to the list of plants for Earth but Chuck did give it a tribute in a very famous game

*note: the platypus was freed safe and sound*



Hahaha XD so ok i kind of got the idea of those post i dont know if this count as a meme XD 

But i had fun drawing this XD

i loved the last one XD

Im a multishipper but i was, im & i will be Destiel & Sabriel trash XD

(Also did i mentioned that my favorite vessel for Ralph is his female Vessel?? I lover her so much XD)


I’m all for the badass Castiel that called Raphael his little bitch.  Who threw a molotov cocktail at Michael, who told Lucifer he wouldn’t allow him to take Sam.  I’m all for that. 

But can we talk about how he was terrified every single time?  How he was offered forgiveness by the angels on more than one occassion.  Even Lucifer suggested he join with him.  Yet Castiel choose Sam, Dean and free will everytime.  And he was terrified.