Jealous (Gabriel x Reader)

word count: 543

Warnings (I guess): Implied doing the do

request by: anon - I know you have a lot of work to do, so no pressure at all, but what about a Gabriel fic where the reader and him watch Avengers and she really fangirls over Loki and Gabe gets very jealous and cute (like in that imagine)?Thanks😘Pls get some rest❤ .

A/N: I’m so happy with how this fic turned out, I’m honestly so comfortable when writing Gabriel fics, it just comes naturally to me aha.

You cuddled deeper into Gabriel’s side as continued to stare at the TV, completely immersed in what was happening. Both you and Gabe had a day off hunting so you decided to just cuddle and watch movies, at the moment you were watching the avengers (and you couldn’t lie, you had the biggest crush on Tom Hiddleston, I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t)?

Gabriel’s arm wrapped its way around your waist as you stared at the screen, trying not to fangirl when Loki appeared, his spear grasped tightly within his hand. You had done so well to not let on how much Loki affects you throughout the entire movie but when his voice spoke ‘kneel before me’ you couldn’t handle it.

Letting out a slight squeal you quickly moved your hands from Gabriel’s to cup your cheeks, grinning like a love-struck idiot as he commanded the civilians.

“Woah, what was that?” Gabe spoke with confusion at your squeal as he watched you fanning your face.

“It’s just Loki, he’s so adorable and hot and misunderstood like of course he’s going to want revenge on everyone, you would too if you were him I mean…” you babbled letting your fangirl nature take over, “I’m rambling.”

Gabriel chuckled and pulled you back into his chest, his arms now wrapped around you slightly tighter in a protective manner as if to claim you as his.

As the scene continued, Gabriel could notably see you get flustered every time Loki appeared and feel your heart rate increase.

“He’s not even real Y/N,” Gabriel spoke out with a hint of jealousy in his voice which he desperately tried to mask.

“I know but Tom Hiddleston plays Loki so well, he’s the hottest villain of them all. Just look at him! Why doesn’t Loki have his own movie yet?!” You swooned.

Gabriel just huffed and you felt as he removed his arms from your waist, sat up slightly, and folded them across his chest.

“What’s wrong Mr. Grumpy?” you asked forcing your eyes away from the screen to look with concern at your boyfriend, not noticing the jealousy forming in his eyes.

“Nothing,” he spoke and you watched as he eyed Loki with envy. Eventually you put two and two together and a large smirk made its way across your face. Oh, this is almost too perfect.

“Okay then,” you spoke trying to hide the teasing tone in your voice, “Man Loki is so hot, gosh, look at him rule and dominate over all those people.”

You began to drastically fangirl over Loki and looked over to Gabe to see him visually become angrier and more jealous by the second.

“Really Y/N, this guy? He’s not even a good Loki. If you want a real dominating Loki you’ve got one right next to you.” Gabriel commanded, his voice deep with lust.

Before you could even say anything, Gabriel had clicked his fingers and the movie had turned off. In an instant Gabe was crawling over your body his face hovering just above yours, your lips almost touching.

“Y/N,” Gabe spoke deeply with an almost animalistic tone.

“Mhm,” you hummed back, your hands snaking their way into his hair as you looked into his dilated whisky eyes.


Dating Gabriel Would Include:

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Author’s Note: Whenever I posted about the next “dating x would include”, everyone seemed to want Gabriel! I hope you all like it. This is so far the four one of these, we have Sam, Dean and Castiel. - Haley xx

  • Him telling you stories of Heaven and what it used to be like
  • Hiding you from his brothers and sisters for as long as he can
  • Gabriel loves his siblings, but human an angel relationships aren’t very welcoming
  • Still calling him Loki from time to time
  • Spontaneous trips around the world in a blink of an eye
  • Being proud of him when he stood up to Lucifer
  • Going along with his plan to remain dead for a while
  • Calling him Gabe to make him mad
  • Meeting because you are a prophet
  • Gabriel letting you see his wings
  • Which are stacked with many layers and bigger than anything you’ve ever seen
  • And golden
  • And that makes him warm because his wings give off a lot of heat
  • Cas becoming friends with you
  • You annoying the Winchesters because you don’t want them to hurt Gabe
  • Tons of food play during sex
  • Being in the Casa Erotica dvd that Dean found
  • Gabriel giving you ridiculous food pun nicknames, like honeybun
  • Cas reminding you all the time that Gabriel isn’t cute and an archangel that could kill you
  • But still being one hundred percent in love with him

I present to you! Archangel Gabriel!

Here is the result, the first picture of the first foto shooting of my Archangel Gabriel V.2 Cosplay inspired by @consulting-cannibal wonderful art. <3 

Yeah, I forgot to wear those things on his hands v.v I noticed that, when I got back home and unpacked my bag and pulled those things out. I think you can all imagine what my reaction was to that realization. XD Oh well, it won’t be the last shooting. I am planning on wearing him at Leipzig Bookfair in a few weeks, again. <3 

Hi, Momma (Part 3)

(Series Masterlist)

Summary: You and Chuck organize a family reunion. You have a talk with Castiel about a certain Winchester.. 
Pairing: Chuck x Reader, Hit of Destiel
Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, Gadreel, Samandriel.
Word counting: 1.7k
Warnings: Personal headcanon that the archangels were kids once and could sleep if they wanted to. I also brought some angels back, ‘cause I can.  Castiel is asexual, but not aromantic. Family fluff.

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“Look.” You leaned down to your three sons, so they could see the small archangel in your arms. “This is your brother.”

Michael and Lucifer tilted their heads and Raphael stood on his toes to look at him properly.

“His wings are yellow.” He pointed, frowning.

“Golden.” You corrected him. “Gabriel has golden wings.”

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  • Castiel: I'm not like a regular angel, I'm like a sexy angel
  • Gabriel: *Coughing loudly*
  • Gadreel: *Clears throat*
  • Michael: *Rolls eyes*
  • Balthazar: You are the worst, Castiel!
  • Hannah: Ignore them, you're amazing Castiel
  • Gabriel: Well, well, I heard. You’ve got a special piece on the side, Cas
  • Michael: Oh?
  • Balthazar: What are you tryin' to hide, Cas?
  • Castiel: Nothing
  • Gadreel: Stop picking on him
  • Hannah: It's alright Cas, I wish you'd brought this angel with you tonight Cas
  • Castiel: Thank you, but I'm afraid it's um..forbidden
  • Hannah: What do you mean?
  • Balthazar: He and Dean are shagging! Jesus Christ, what's the point of even being in the closet if it's made out of bloody glass? We all know. I know, he knows, she knows, my bloody hamster knows
Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean 

Warnings: Injury to reader

A/N: Based off of this imagine  @seenashwrite gave me a nudge to write it, so I did. Beta’d by the super duper amazing @thinkwritexpress-official 

credit goes to nikkispn for gif. :) 


“I am not going to be the one to pray for him.”

The Winchester brothers stared at you in silence. They both knew that if they were the ones to tell Gabriel, he wouldn’t hesitate in smiting the two of them.

Dean was the one to finally break the silence and the stare off, “Y/N you have to be the one to tell him.”

You shook your head profusely at them, “No way,” you looked at the cast that was now on your right leg and then looked at the cast that held your elbow together, “I’m already on a short leash when it comes to hunting. Apparently I’m ‘reckless’ and don’t think of my own safety.” With your unharmed hand you made finger quotes.

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