Annabeth Chase is totally that overachiever (we all know one of those) like whenever she’s brought up a demigod always has something new to say about her such as,

 “Yea, she came to Camp when she was only seven.” 

“I heard she was part of two major prophecies.”

 “Her cousin is also a demigod, but not a Greek or Roman one.”

“She defeated Archane all by herself.”

“…and she managed to do all that and still graduate high school and college.”

jackie/hyde fics that are no worse than bowling

the amazing, talented @atratum asked me for that 70′s show fic recs, to which i immediately responded like this, because at this point i’m in too deep to feel shame:

the spun series by aceofdiamonds is in second person pov, but hear me out! - it’s sooo good. the voices are pretty spot on, it’s not too sappy like other fics i’ve seen, and it fills in a lot of the gaps from s5 up to s7

Missy’s trifecta of car sex fic because this show was weirdly shy when it came to these two compared to the other couples

you got love, you ain’t lonely by forcynics because we deserved to see more of the summer they got together dammit!

let me count the days by strongplacebo - because this show has practically no internal consistency (hi tina! bye tina!) and this relationship wasn’t planned, you’re left w all these little moments throughout s1-3 that you have to piece together into foundation for the later seasons. thankfully this fic is here to help you along!

that whole sleeping over thing by kendra a because we don’t see enough of these two hanging out just the two of them. also, just the right amount of fluff!

two “outside looking in” fics: jekyll and hyde by mistiec and body language by j alfred prufrock because even though we were privy to him comforting her after kelso’s cheating and their veteran’s day date, the rest of point place wasn’t and, let’s face it, their relationship kiiiiinda came out of nowhere. 

j alfred prufrock’s other fic is good too, esp with the furies breathing down your neck, because the heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes what the heart wants is zombie apocalypse fic

season 8 redo by tanith75 is a, if not the, classic, t7s fic. (seriously, every rec list has this on it). it’s fun and manages to fix season 8 (rightfully by completely ignoring it and going in it’ own direction). it can flatten the characters sometimes, but honestly towards the end the show did too, so why not read a version of s8 that actually likes its characters?

and finally, this is from a series of “diary entries” that fox put out as promo material or something and it’s a great example of hyde’s knack for giving simple, but thoughtful gifts (donna’s picture, jackie’s band tee)