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Archan Nair aka Archann | on Tumblr (b.1982, India)

New Delhi based visual artist, illustrator and Art Director Archan Nair is specializing in mixed media, illustration and digital art. Formerly a fashion major and entrepreneur, Archan started painting in 2006 at the age of 24 and made the shift to independent artist one year after. Inspired by various phases and forms of life, Archan creates spectacular and highly intricate works that connect the various dimensions of our existence. Two year after his fist feature on Artchipel, we catch up with Artist to chat with us about his story, creative process and future projects.

Artchipel: Hi Archan, please tell us about your background, your creative process and how did you come to develop your aesthetic.
Archan Nair: Hello, my name is Archan Nair. I am now a 32 year old Artist and illustrator. I specialise in Digital art and Mixed media, and I love creating! Love love love!!

I guess it was some form of mystical moment which really made me discover this insane realm of creative expression. I never had a formal training, nor was I inclined towards drawing or painting while growing up. In fact, I was an entrepreneur as a part of my family business. I began working in the fashion industry around 2002, and around 2006 I accidentally started experimenting with playing around with visual art. I was in awe of the fact that I could create something out of nothing… I got really addicted and I started having too much fun. This began growing on me everyday as I kept exploring and creating. There was a point of realisation around 2007 when I knew this was it, this is what I wanted to do all the time. So I called it quits for the day-to-day work at my company and started my beautiful journey as an independent artist . It was the most difficult and confusing decision but it was worth it!

A: Using both traditional and digital tools, you create explosive and layered illustrations that are full of details. What are you trying to express?
AN: Art has been a vehicle for me which has taken me into a magical journey, where I have not just rediscovered my true self but the process of understanding what the true nature of reality and our interconnectedness with the patterns which exist all around us – living or non-living, seen or unseen.

I am highly influenced by the unknown and how the fractal nature of everything truly works in such a spectacular intelligent way. Nature, conversations, moods, and moments in life which could seem random from a micro-scale but make so much sense when seen up close - It is mind boggling really! I feel in awe everyday when I have this realization again and again of how incredibly transformative this journey has been. It is truly unexplainable through any language or words, it feels like a sequence of intelligent codes.

A: We noticed your art and had a very brief chat two years ago (ref. previous posts). How do you feel about the way your work has progressed so far?
AN: I feel in the last few years I have gone through an incredible transformation, in various spheres of my journey and that possibly reflects in my recent works too. Not just technically, but the emotions, realisations of our existence, our purpose and trying to find balance in each moment. it is still an ongoing process.. an integral part of the collective evolution we are going through. I am quite content with how my art is progressing… the way i can share a deep vibe with the planet, and will try and continue to go deeper!

A: Despite your young age, you have a pretty cool portfolio with some very impressive projects. How did you come to work with clients like GQ and Vogue?
AN: It has been fantastic collaborating with amazing creative people across the world in various brands! I get to learn a lot which is very exciting. Usually its the brands which discover my art and contact me, which is truly an honour! 

A: You are very active on some major social medias including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. How do you use social medias to invent or reinvent yourself as visual artist?
AN: Yes, I love the fact that we can connect, share and inspire through our expressions, thanks to all the wonderful social media channels. It is a great platform to connect with fans and people who resonate with my art, get to hear how they feel! I like the fact that people are more open online and we get to hear a more pure feeling of their reaction to the art I create.

A: What are some of the most significant trends you can see in digital art?
AN: I think art has exploded and moved into so many new directions, that medium is no more a medium, and similarly digital art has moved into so many different areas, and styles. At the end of the day, Art is emotion and feelings and any trend or style which touches the heart and spirit of life is truly beautiful!

A: Could you name 3 living artists that inspire you the most?
AN: This is such a tough one! I would like to make it diverse: Kris Kuksi (Visual Artist), Owsey (Music Artist) and Lisa Bufano (Performance Artist)

A: What are your future projects?
AN: Right now, I am working on a few interesting commercial projects which should be releasing later this year. and apart from that a lot of Personal Art and exploration, which is so exciting!

Thanks Archan for taking the time to answer the questions. Archan Nair can be found with updated posts on his Website, Facebook, Instagram and on Tumblr. © All images courtesy the artist

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The Stunning Digital Art of Archan Nair

Archan Nair (b.1982, New Delhi) is a self taught and developed visual artist, illustrator , Art Director and sound explorer, specializing in mixed media, illustration, and digital art.  Contact:

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Archan Nair - 
New Illustration titled “ Orca Magic “

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I recently saw an amazing and moving documentary on the captivity of Orca’s / Killer Whale’s called “BlackFish”

The film touched me on so many levels, that I began researching more on these beautiful beings.. and the more I got to know about them, the more my fascination with them grew.. so much so that, I felt inspired to create an artwork showing the bonding with sentient life like the Orca’s, Humans and even every other creature living in our beautiful planet. 
It truly is time we come together to create more sensitivity, awareness and love towards all lifeforms on earth, and make sure that negative entities who have no love and sensitivity towards any form of life learn the importance of breathing, of oneness.. and compassion!

Please do share as much awareness as you can dear friends. I also have prints available for the artwork with free shipping at

You can also go to the websites below to sign petitions to free these beautiful creatures.. the Orca’s

Thank you so much!