The works in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art are organized around the idea that masquerade is always an art of becoming.

The archaic features, weathered surface, and evidence of local repairs on this Bobo nyanga mask suggest that it was a work of considerable local importance. It may represent an intellectual and visual predecessor of later Bobo masks, becoming like this one over time.

Posted by Kevin D. Dumouchelle and Meghan Bill
Unidentified Bobo artist. Mask (Nyanga), early 19th century. Brooklyn Museum

So this is a popular topic today so I’m gonna chime in just in case you haven’t seen it on your dash. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON - YOU ARE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP!! IF YOU DO NOT VOTE - YOU ARE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP!! “But, Cole, why? Hillary Clinton is terrible, so is Donald Trump, why can’t I vote for a 3rd candidate?” Because here’s the deal: Independent candidates and Democratic candidates usually wrong along parallel platforms, so one way or another, majority will be ok. Republicans, however, run on a totally different platform that isn’t even on the same grid as the democratic and independent and they WILL vote for the person who is fighting for their exclusive, archaic, negative “traditional” values. So what does that mean? It means that a third candidate DOESN’T SPLIT THE REPUBLICAN VOTE! It splits the democratic and when, in this particular election, if you split the democratic vote into a 3rd party, you’re slashing our numbers, making Republicans the dominant party. ANY OTHER ELECTION, you can vote for a 3rd party! Voting for Tom Hoefling in 2012 would have been alright because Mitt Romney wasn’t absolutely insane. Voting for Ross Perot would have been OKish in 2008 because John McCain wasn’t 100% awful. But voting 3rd party in 2016? You could not make a bigger mistake. Donald Trump is an absolute MONSTER and we, as Americans, can NOT allow that man to become president! He’s been endorsed by white supremacists, his party has purposed the most anti-LGBT+ platform IN HISTORY, and he has not purposed, BUT PROMISED, a ban on immigrants and called for a tagging system to identify Muslims! But you’d rather sit around and talk about some god emails and vote for a 3rd party?? You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton, you don’t. I’m not telling you. I’m telling you that if, right now, you don’t stand with her, this country will fucking DISINTEGRATE before our eyes and we won’t be able to stop it. 

My biggest pet peeve is when someone assumes I’m straight. It’s 2016 and your heteronormative idea that everyone is automatically born straight is archaic and ignorant, please grow up. 

Reading about Yahoo’s acquistion by Verizon, which by extension means Verizon owns Tumblr. Business insiders basically describe Verizon as a company run entirely by middle managers that when they don’t understand something they drag it into their style of business then axe it when it fails to thrive in that format. However, all the articles spend a lot of time talking about Tumblr, in less than stellar terms. 

Most describe the platform as archaic, old fashioned, and not fitting with the general theme of social networks, citing one of the weaknesses being that people use the site differently than Facebook. Remarkably outside analysis of Tumblr never sounds accurate, because it always ended up feeling like Tumblr’s culture is on the front edge of most social movements, so the image of its user base as being fastidious perverts that don’t get how the modern world works seems…incorrect. The really unfortunate thing however is that most people expect tumblr to be shuttered because it simply does not fit with what the internet is supposed to be as a monetary exercise and describe the site as benefiting from from parent companies basically spoiling it…which just sounds gross. Also some of the articles point out that one of the tragic losses of Tumblr is that it represents one of the only safe communities for women in general. 

Oddly this single succinct point comes up after usually a few paragraphs of berating the userbase for being shut ins, not connecting with family and friends from high school and college, not understanding the way things work, and generally being nuisances.

 It’s just sad and gross to read, because it ends up totally failing to describe the site beyond what it doesn’t fit as. Like…I don’t use instagram as a social network…the very idea of it being a social network is totally bonkers to me, because what part of looking at a sandwich someone ate and then posting a photo of the shoreline connects me to that person…I guess I could comment…but the comment itself is shallow because who gives a rats ass about the sandwich after pointing out ‘looks good.’ Instagram gets my photos to here, where I can write about what I’ve seen, or am doing, have people take that, share it, have other people talk about it, observe it, and during this I am also looking at other peoples work, ideas, and discussions, and contributing. My drawings and artistic pursuits only get noticed because of the format Tumblr uses, and I only have picked up new styles and a better understanding of my craft via my dashboard feed. Most blog platforms come across as sterile galleries, they’re curated by a single person, who has to hunt down things for it, which usually ends up being the same resources again and again. There are usually a few walls between the blogger and the public, you can page views, you can sometimes get comments, but you never really see anyone else. 

You see complaints in business about how much of a failure a company can be by trying to ape more successful competitors, and the real secret is to not fit into the mold of what the other businesses are doing. That in effect is tumblr, but it’s unanimously derided as a failure. I just don’t want all the people I follow to get chucked into the void with analysts saying ‘you like your humor and politics, go on Facebook. You like photos, go on instagram. You like writing, go on Reddit. There, three perfectly good separate websites to do what you were using tumblr for.’ Like, I feel bad because what happens to all these nice people, or the ones I’m always reading the struggles of, who seem to only get by because they have friends here who can leap in, without the effort needed to hunt them down and identify what’s up through all the layers of crap you get on other social networks.

It basically makes it sound like ‘we can’t monetize minorities and women, so shut it down.’

tip 2 for writing fantasy dialogue (probably English language-exclusive): there’s not a lot of ways to pull of “oh my gods!” and derivatives in a serious manner. it almost always sounds dorky, cumbersome, and awkward. you can have them invoke the name of a single god without much trouble (the real world “by Jove!” is derived from Roman paganism, though obviously that’s archaic and probably won’t fit a fictional pantheon). “by the Divines” is the only time ive seen “oh my Gods” derivatives pulled off and that’s because they found a less awkward alternative to Gods. use your imagination.

Medical Astrology: An Introduction

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology focused on how astrology can be used to identify physical weaknesses and strengths, bodily deficiencies, and potential illnesses. While it isn’t used to diagnose illnesses or diseases (only medical doctors can do that), medical astrology can give insight into what we may potentially struggle with physically. Medical astrology should NOT be used in place of seeing a doctor or medical professional, and, as with basically everything in astrology, nothing in medical astrology is set in stone. Just because certain physical weaknesses are shown in your chart, it doesn’t mean you will suffer from them.

Many astrologers don’t believe in medical astrology, believing it’s too ancient and archaic in this era of modern medicine. Personally, I’m not completely sure how I feel about it (something about medical astrology makes me feel a little icky), but I’m learning more about it, and I’d like to discuss it a bit since it’s really fascinating!


The Zodiac Signs

Many people know that the zodiac signs are associated with different parts of the body, and these associations are used heavily in medical astrology. For those who don’t know what parts of the body the signs are associated with, here’s a little run through along with other bodily functions and occurrences associated with the signs.

  • ARIES: The head, the brain, the eyes and other parts of the face
  • TAURUS: The throat, the thyroid, the gums, the tonsils, the middle ear, the vocal cords, the esophagus
  • GEMINI: The lungs, the arms and shoulders, the nervous system, bodily processes that involve connectivity
  • CANCER: The breasts, the sinuses, the stomach, the uterus, the chest cavity, other “containers” or cavities of the body
  • LEO: The heart, the back, the spine (not including the spinal cord)
  • VIRGO: The intestines, the processes of the liver, the pancreas, bodily processes that involve discrimination or cleansing
  • LIBRA: The lower back and butt, the kidneys, the vasomotor system, bodily processes that involve balance or equilibrium
  • SCORPIO: The reproductive organs, the colon, the bladder, the rectum, bodily processes that involve elimination
  • SAGITTARIUS: The thighs, the hips, the liver itself
  • CAPRICORN: The bones (including teeth and nails - wait, are nails bones?), the knees, the hair
  • AQUARIUS: Blood circulation, the lower legs and ankles, the valves of the heart, rare diseases
  • PISCES: Feet, toes, lymphatic system, hard to cure diseases

The Planets

Also, the planets are associated with maladies and reactions of the body. In a way, you can compare the zodiac signs to anatomy and compare the planets to physiology. Again, I want to repeat that just because you have a certain planetary dominance, it doesn’t mean you will have the disorders or diseases associated with that planet. So please don’t worry.

  • SUN: Inflammation, fever, heart problems involving the muscles of the heart, energy problems
  • MOON: allergic reactions, female health problems, mucous formation, acute pain or ailment, altered body rhythm
  • MERCURY: speech disorders, memory problems, nervous system disease, hormonal problems
  • VENUS: benign growths, balance problems, blood sugar issues, poor circulation
  • MARS: infections, fever, burns, sudden illness, muscle problems, acidosis, a need for many surgeries
  • JUPITER: poor metabolism, liver problems
  • SATURN: chronic disease, atrophy, under activity, skin diseases, obstruction
  • URANUS: sudden illness, seizures, spasms, lack of coordination, heart palpitations, accidents caused by electricity
  • NEPTUNE: hidden diseases, addiction, misdiagnosis, drug sensitivity, coma, poisoning
  • PLUTO: massive infection, malformation, amputation

Medical astrologers use these associations with the planets and the signs to read into people’s charts (especially a person’s planetary aspects) and see where underdevelopment, weakness, or conflict lies.

The Elements

Medical astrologers also use the elements present in a person’s chart to make predictions or find patterns. A lack or an excess of a certain element can point towards other bodily issues.

Here are what the different elements are associated with.

  • FIRE: Heat and purification. A person with too much fire can get burned out too quickly. A person with too little may have problems fighting infection
  • EARTH: Support and stability. A person with too much earth can become too obsessed with the body or may suffer from a lack of moderation. A person with too little can make a person ignore the body and symptoms.
  • AIR: Oxidation and connectivity. Too much air can lead to being gassy or overly sensitive. A person with too little air can have problems with feeling faint or with a weak nervous system.
  • WATER: Nurturing and protection. Too much water can make make a person overly sensitive as well and can lead to too much fluid in the body. Too little water can make them weaker with toxins or infection.



1. Botany: flower; bloom; blossom; collectively, the reproductive organs and the envelope which surrounds them in angiosperms (also called “flowering plants”).

2. Figurative: a kind favour given by one person to another.

3. Figurative: the best of something.

4. Metaphor: the virginity of a woman.

5. Archaic, Chemistry: substances with a state of purity or extreme separation, produced by sublimation.

Etymology: French, from Latin flōs, flōrem, “flower; the finest part of something”.

[Selene Regener - Sweet Spring Love]

where the fuck you people get off telling everyone how they should and shouldn’t write?

Read a book from 100 years ago: Does it read the same as your writing style? No. 

Read a book from 500 years ago: Does it read the same as your writing style? No. 

Language changes, people. Syntax changes, grammar changes, what are acceptable writing “rules” become archaic and outmoded. 

For those of you writing: Write how you like! I guarantee you, someone is going to like it. Write it for you, write it for them. 

For those of you telling everyone else how they should and shouldn’t write: Ignore what other people are doing. Turn in your Actual Writer Who Writes badge, you’re bringing shame to the force. Stop putting everyone else down to make yourself feel good about being An Actually Good Writer Who Writes. You’re just being mean.

There’s no correct way to write. 

Are you writing? 

You’re a writer. 

The danger with Aquarius is that sometimes they have the urge to rebel, to knock down established systems without ideas of what would come after it. Like their ruling planet Uranus, they flourish in sudden change and spur of the moment impulsivity, yet sometimes, there is not clear, thought out system to follow up their chaos, where chaos for the sake of chaos takes over any moral calling to knock down the archaic. 

Aquarius can be kick starting figures in this world that bring about a revolution. 

Or they can dance a dangerous one where rebellion beats sense. 



1. of or relating to the night (opposed to diurnal). 

2. done, occurring, or coming at night:. 

3. active at night (opposed to diurnal ). 

4. opening by night and closing by day, as certain flowers. 


5. Archaic: an astrolabe for telling time at night or for determining latitude by the position of certain stars in reference to Polaris.

Etymology: from Late Latin nocturnālis, from Latin nox, “night”.

[Nate Frizzell - Dark Was The Night]


Four views of a white-ground lekythos. Attributed to the Sappho Painter. Greek (Attic), Archaic Period, c. 500 B.C. Terracotta. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From the Met:

This vase shows a scene that must be related to Herakles’ journey to the west, outside the ring of ocean that encircled the earth. Traveling in the bowl of the sun, he reached an otherworldly place where he had to kill the monster Geryon, a creature similar to Hades, the god of the underworld. Here Herakles offers a sacrifice to Helios as the sun rises.

kent parson is so Advanced he doesnt care for zodiac or mbti or bloodtype.  nah.  his sole judge of  personality is the medieval system of the 4 humors.  one time he chirps another player by calling him “a phlegmatic bastard” and literally nobody understood.  kent.  kent your chirps dont work if theyre based off of archaic european medical systems kent please kent