Found some pretty entelodont pics on this old netbook! Man, they* are my favorite babies. Long face? Check. Thick neck?  Yep. Toofers? Many. Big forelimbs or hump to make the animal even more front heavy, double points for an uphill slope? Aw yeah, look at that spine, sure is great for anchoring muscles. And superior cheekbones, such handsome not!pigs.

*I can’t choose a favorite species, they all have such great features D: . I think I like the skulls of the smaller guys with their longer and more scary/wacky/sharp features a little more compared to Daeodon, though I  love their big ol’ blocky heads, too.


Archaeotherium was a genus of artiodactyls in the family Entelodontidae of the suborder Suina, making them relatives of modern day pigs. Archaeotheres, unlike their better-known cousins, were predators. The bones of other mammals, including the jaws of rhinoceros ancestors, have been found with marks that match the fangs of these giant swines. Evidence also shows that, similar to leopards of today, they kept stashes of food hidden away from potential thieves. A fossil trackway even shows the tracks of a Subhyracodon stopping to see an Archaeothere approach, and then falling into a gallop with Archaeotherium’s tracks in pursuit. They had large neck muscles to support a heavy head, and large olfactory lobes which suggests they had a strong sense of smell. Large predators, they stood at about 1.2 meters at the shoulder and were 2 meters long. Despite being apex predators, it is believed that in times when prey was scarce, Archaeotherium would eat roots and tubers much like modern day pigs.