About Archaeon:

Who is behind Archaeon? 

We are a group of young Archaeologists who want to change the state of Archaeology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This process is not easy because local Government offers us no financial or any other support and everything we do from now on is at our own initiative. Nevertheless we believe that situation is not hopeless and that we will we will along with you be able to make progress and change something:

Our goals are:

- to educate

- to create a database for future researchers

- to popularize Archaeology and to point out several problems Archaeology is dealing with today

- to develop critical thinking associated with research of the past

- to introduce theoretical archaeology to students and researches of traditional approach

- to create projects which will help us preserve cultural heritage

- to collaborate with colleagues from other countries

- to call upon problems of cultural heritage which are not yet solved by local Government

- to offer free video lectures and lessons by professors who are willing to selflessly share their knowledge

You are all welcome to offer us any comment, advice or approval. Feel free to contact us and together with us be a part of Archaeon, a group whose goal is to restore reputation of Archaeology in Bosnia and Herzegovina.