Fragment of 13th century mural showing St Peter found at Plovdiv’s Great Basilica site

Archaeologists working at the site of the Great Basilica in Plovdiv, the largest early Christian church found on the Balkans, have uncovered a fragment of a medieval mural believed to depict St Peter.

The fragment is estimated to date to the 13th to 14th centuries.

It was found in the hitherto unexamined northern nave, not far from the city’s Roman Catholic church close to the intersection of Maria Louisa and Tsar Boris III boulevards.

Two pictorial layers were found, each of them thought to be the work of a Constantinople master, featuring very precise and masterly work, Plovdiv Bulgarian-language news website podtepeto said.

This proves that the church was of great importance in antiquity and in the Middle Ages, archaeologists working at the site said. Read more.

The astounding Bronze Age microscopic gold work from around Stonehenge

Archaeologists have revealed the process utilized by highly-skilled craftsmen to create the magnificent gold artifacts that were found around Stonehenge.  According to Discovery News , the gold work involved such tiny components that optical experts believe they could only have been made by children or adults with extreme short-sightedness, and would have caused lasting damage to their eyesight.

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Archaeologists Steal 1,600 Year Old Blackfoot Offering


Graeco-roman mythology Sailor Scouts!

Here are the outer senshi of this group I am drawing! This summer I went to Rome and while I was walking around the museum I saw this statue of Artemis with a crescent moon on her forehead and I was like ‘that’s some sailor moon shit right there’. So like a good classicist I thought- what about outfits for the scouts based on their respective Graeco-roman deity? Of course, like a terrible archaeologist I did not use this oppurtunity to showcase some Graeco-roman jewelry fashion- maybe next time!

All the outfits are based on statues/images of the related gods from Greece or Rome except for Uranus where I had to go to later sources as there are almost no representations. Colour schemes are based on scouts and are not archaeologically accurate- enjoy!


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Villa of one of the last pagan Roman senators found

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a grand Roman villa outside of Florence. The luxury home was unearthed on private property in what is now the village of Capraia by archaeologists and students from the University of Pisa. So far the team has found a hexagonal structure with six rooms which they believe to include a dining room suite with multiple triclinia. It is of monumental scale, 100 feet in diameter with ceilings estimated to be 50 feet high. 

Multiple polychrome mosaic floors survive, including a scene of a wild boar hunt in the main reception area. They have also found the remains of the hypocaust system that heated the villa’s baths, namely the hollow space under the floor with pillars of tile (pilae stacks) that supported the floor of the hot room.

The villa dates to the 4th century A.D. and is an exceptional example of a late antiquity country estate. The size and complexity of the villa is so impressive that dig leader Professor Federico Cantini believes the only comparable aristocratic villas from that period are found in Constantinople, then still just a few decades into its tenure as the new capital of the Roman Empire…

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ahhh Baqir Lavellan is my bby!! he’s an archaeologist and is v passionate about recovering Dalish relics and knowledge!! he spends p much all of his free time in the library documenting & illustrating every finding so he can eventually make a solid book of his findings to be passed from clan to clan!! Dorian likes to study and read next to him, they’re perfect intellectual workaholic boyfriends~ <3

AAAAAH OMG an archaeologist??? ! that’s so cool i love that a lot. he sounds so intelligent and wise, i love that he’s so passionate about recovering what was lost and is (seemingly) unapologetic about it! go baqir :} also pLEAS he sounds like a perfect freakin’ match for dorian. they can be smort boyfriends together…i love them


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Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010


In Archaeology: 

Three beautifully preserved mosaics from an Ancient Greek city that is partly submerged in water are uncovered. 

The ancient city of Zeugma was originally founded as a Greek settlement by Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. The population of the city at its peak was approximately 80,000 inhabitants. 

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