4,000-Year-old cactus preserved amid ruins in Peru

LIMA –  Peruvian archaeologists have discovered a 4,000-year-old cactus in perfect condition amid the ruins at El Paraiso, the site of the Andean nation’s oldest temples.

The cactus, which is about 30 centimeters (nearly a foot) long, retains some of its needles because it was drained of water in preparation for use as a burial offering in one of the dozen buildings that make up the complex, members of the team told EFE.

Dayanna Carbonel, who discovered the plant, said it is the oldest cactus ever to be found in an archaeological excavation and that its prominent inclusion in a ritual offering reflects the plant’s importance to the culture. Read more.

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!!! 21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” with strangers please @ soymilk

The young man at the bar was crying. Not loudly, he made hardly a peep beyond a few sniffles, but Mikleo could see the glimmer of tears tracks on his cheeks. No one looked at the youth (perhaps twenty at the oldest) besides Mikleo.

But Mikleo saw him, and his heart ached.

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Dun Telve broch (Gaelic:  Dùn Teilbh)
Glen Elg, West Coast of Scotland

Brochs are an iconic feature of the Scottish Iron Age landscape, dating from around 500 BC - AD 100. They’re found mainly in the north of the Scottish mainland (though a few crop up in the south too), and in the Hebridean, Orcadian and Shetland isles.They’re essentially drystone towers, the tallest of which - Shetland’s Mousa broch - is 13m high. As no brochs survive completely, archaeologists are unsure of how they would have been roofed, but speculations range from thatch to timber to no roofing at all. The last theory is probably not true for most brochs, as anyone who’s been to Scotland knows the weather is depressingly wet and windy for 11 months of the year, and if the broch-builders were canny enough to build drainage systems, a roof would have been easy as pie. However, some brochs seem to indicate that rooflessness wouldn’t have been a problem.

The purpose of brochs is still not entirely certain. Whilst often located in defensive strategic positions, and with small entrances that would hinder a quick entry, their effectiveness as strongholds would have been limited by the lack of long-term supplies of food or water. A siege on a broch would probably not last very long. They were probably  symbolic displays of power and perhaps used as housing for families of importance in a community. They’re definitely enigmatic and imposing structures, whatever their purpose.

Dun Telve is situated in Glen Elg, a glen that lies opposite the Isle of Skye. It stands to an impressive 10m high and is remarkably intact - arguably one of the finest preserved brochs on the Scottish mainland. Another broch, Dun Troddan, lies a short distance away in the glen.

General info and sources:
Historic Environment Scotland
Canmore (great illustrations here)

Liara would totally be a really enthusiastic archaeologist. And she would probably be totally star struck when Shepard would show up and rescue her from a bunch of outlaws.

As much as I am all about Shakarian I think Liara and fem!Shep are so damn cute. (It just doesn’t really work with Olivia’s personality so yeah personal headcanons about my Sheparoonie).


In Archaeology: 

Three beautifully preserved mosaics from an Ancient Greek city that is partly submerged in water are uncovered. 

The ancient city of Zeugma was originally founded as a Greek settlement by Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. The population of the city at its peak was approximately 80,000 inhabitants. 

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More art history. 

WHAT TO WEAR WHEN: You Accompany A Rugged, Gorgeous Doofus Archaeologist Into a Possibly Treasure-Hunting/Life-Endangering/Romantic Situation

Great question, friend! Whether you’re a burlesque dancer, a determined journalist, a mild-mannered librarian interested in the paranormal, or a hard-drinking, hard-living expat bartender, you never know when a soldier of academic fortune could swing into your life and whirl you into an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. In this outfit, you could also do the whirling.

  • Layer your top half for a highly adaptable, climate-friendly look that can get sexy at a moment’s notice.
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  • Remember Stacy’s Law: a well-rounded outfit should have color, pattern, texture and shine. This printed Lecco Scarf from AllSaints is a great way to introduce pattern without making yourself too conspicuous to war criminals, religious fanatics, villainous corporate stooges, or anyone else who may be hunting you down– plus, it’ll protect your skin from the powerful jungle/desert/mountain/tundra sun!
  • Leather pants, even if they are Balmain, are of course not exactly the most practical choice for a girl on the go in unknown climes. It might have been safer to suggest something with a little breeze and give, like these tapered trousers by La Garçonne Moderne, but I didn’t, because shut up.
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  • A capacious Givenchy messenger with a sturdy strap keeps you chic even when clinging by your fingernails to the crumbling facade of a cliffside temple.

Seneca Rising shirts blouse / Doublju racerback tank / Balmain leather pants, $4,015 / AllSaints riding boots, $185 / Givenchy bag, $1,140 / Antique French gold locket with turquoise & pearl accents, $3,650  / CO OP Barneys New York hip belt / AllSaints scarf

I foresee my valentine humour getting worse and worse each year…. much love to the archaeology lovers on tumblr from moi :)

African American cowboy George McJunkin –who was also an amateur archaeologist and the discoverer of the Folsom Man site– riding the horse “Headless”, New Mexico

Here is a good summary of McJunkin’s life and discovery 

Date: 1911?
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