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Imagine falling asleep on Harrison Wells.

Harrison wasn’t one for cuddling. He often came across as stiff and awkward in that sort of situation. It had taken you a long time to convince him to relax somewhat. Even so, he had insisted on continuing to work despite your attempts to get him to lay down with you. At last, you reached a compromise. He would work on his reports and calculations in bed. At the very least, it was a step in the right direction.

At first, you had tried to stay awake with him, reading a novel you had been working your way through while curled up against his side. Eventually, your eyelids had begun to droop and you bookmarked your page, setting the volume on your bedside table. Wells arched a brow as you rested your head on his shoulder, watching him work.

“Enjoying the view?” he quipped lightly and you hummed softly, a tired smile tugging at your lips. Fifteen minutes later, you were sound asleep.

Gif Credit: Wells

For You

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Requested by @elenawrit:  A One shot with haldir, when he discovers that his human wife is pregnant ? (like maybe fainting on the floor, something like this) thanks ! :) || Genre: ultra fluff || Setting: Lothlorien, in the home Reader shares with Haldir, long before the Fellowship shows up || More Elf fics here || Masterlist

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Things I love as a ‘Ler

here’s my follow-up to @fluffytickles
this was super fun!

1. Hiding behind doors and jumping out to scare and tickle you.

2. Waking you up to fingernails on your stomach until yawns turn into giggles.

3. Standing behind you in line at the grocery store and whispering in your ear,
“When we get home, I’m going to tickle you until you cry.”

4. Kissing your lips as I tickle your sides so your laughter echoes through both of us.

5. Giving you constant ultimatums - “It’s either dishes or tummy tickles. You choose.”
(Even though it’ll be both…)

6. Eating at a restaurant and waiting for the server to come to the table to tickle your arches under the table.

7. Being silly with you just to hear your beautiful laughter.

8. Four words: Phone Call Feet Tickle.

9. Spending lazy Saturdays in bed, trying to find new spots to exploit.

10. Sending you tickle-filled text messages when you’re at work so you’re blushing around your peers but can’t tell them why.

11. Blurring the line between tickle torture and absolute pleasure.

12. Holding you close and reminding me that you’re my little tickle toy.