arch shaped

“Grace and light and energy, a storm – a star! – all folded into this small body with only invisible wings left trailing out.

The air behind Cas shimmered slightly, something that could easily just be the sunlight picking out dust motes. Dean knew it was something more, his eyes tracing eagerly across the arching shapes.”

Art for the @dcfluff made to go with my story Technicolour Beat.

Kidge Week, Days 1 and 3 (Jealousy, Change)

Strolls up with unedited fic for Day 1 of @kidgeweek two days late, desperately clutching an empty can of Red Bull

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender
Paring: Keith x Pidge
Words: 4528
Tags: Jealousy, post-war, swearing, innuendo, translation errors

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“Hangin’ in there, man?”

For someone who out-massed and out-muscled most, Hunk could move with surprising delicacy when he set his mind to it. Keith had been in the line of fire - figuratively and literally - enough by now not to startle when Hunk’s voice piped up right at his side, but the serene smile on Hunk’s face told Keith that he’d been caught. His fixation on the beings clustered throughout the ballroom had left him blind to Hunk’s approach.

“I’m fine,” was Keith’s curt reply.

Six years was a long enough time for both to know that Keith meant no offense and Hunk took none; Hunk laughed and pointed to the small plate in Keith’s left hand.

“You may be fine, but what about that poor napkin?”

Keith’s right hand stilled. The napkin on his plate had been torn into a fine crumble, the victim of a racing mind and a need to fidget.

“I guess I’m a bit bored,” he conceded.

That wasn’t quite it though, and Keith’s words must have been even less convincing than his voice, given the way Hunk shook his head and let out a short hum. Keith sent up a prayer that Hunk would question no further, and for once the universe seemed to answer: Hunk opened his mouth, and at that exact moment, a familiar voice rose up from the other side of the room.

“Hunk! This one requests your presence for the purposes of an introduction!”

Even in a room crowded with aliens of all types, Shay stood out from the rest. Like Hunk, she towered over the more diminutive species present, and it was as impossible to miss her waving hand as it was to miss the way Hunk’s smile softened as he waved back.

“Well, I guess I gotta go over there for a bit, but try not to be a wallflower all night. Go ask Pidge to dance or something.”

Keith blinked, then whipped around to face Hunk, scowl fixed to deliver, but Hunk had already begun to leave as stealthily as he’d arrived.

“But no one is dancing!” Keith called after him.

“I know!”

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Donald Pierce Imagine

Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: Bondage, alotalota smut, Donald Pierce saying ‘baby’


It was only the beginning. I knew they were coming after us. I just didn’t know when they’d show up again. So, it was just another day. Make sure everyone is up, fed, brushed teeth, and change into the same pair of clothes I’ve had over the past 2 years, which included the following items of black jeans, alongside a loose-fitted t-shirt. After I’d get up, I would then do the chores. Just another day.

When they first tried to capture us, we were living just outside of the city in an abandoned apartment building. They shot at us, chased us, and burnt the building down.

This time would be different.

Coming from the back, I held a pale full of water in my hand and opened the door. A rumble shook the ground, causing me to whip my head around. Racing to the gate, I saw about 10 large trucks or so rushing into perspective. All heading towards our hideout.

They found us.

I raced into the building, gathering all of our stuff-yelling at all of the children to get in the car. But going back outside, with 15 children huddled around my feet, the cars crashed through the gate and skidded to a stop around us.

“Go back inside,” I muttered, and then repeating my words, I raised my voice. “Go!” The children, who I had taken from Transigen, raced back inside and shut the doors. I heard the lock click from their side, and I felt a small part of myself relax.

Soldiers, jumping from the cars, cocked their guns and pointed them at me. I held up my arms and looked through them cautiously. Surveying the scene as it was. All of the sudden, a single black truck trailed behind the others, kicking dirt up from its path.

I saw his machine hand grip the steering wheel, his yellow glasses pressing into the bridge of his nose. The engine of the car died, and he stepped out. His combat boots thudding against the dirt ground. He walked slowly at first, but then saw me, and surged forward.

With his heavy shoulders pressed back, he neared me and I lowered my hands to my side. My muscles tensed under the heat of the sun, and I stared at Pierce. He lowered his glasses, looking me over-I noticed his eyes hesitate over my hips, trailing over my arms and breasts. Swallowing, my throat became dry with nerves. He smirked, letting his lips part to reveal a single gold tooth, his machine hand twitched at his hip. Donald Pierce was the chief of security. Famous for his design of the weapon x-23 after that of the Wolverine, he held a high reputation on his shoulders.  

Pierce cleared his throat, and took a step closer to me, pushing his glasses back up, and slightly tipping his head to the side. “Now… All I’m lookin’ for is a little cooperation, Y/N.”

“You’ve always been the clown of the group, Donnie, but really, what makes you think I’d do anything for you?

He sucked in a small breath, leaning back and furrowing his eyebrows with an exaggerated notion. “Ouch… Now, I thought ’s you was a friend.”  He slow southern accent rolled off his tongue. “I don’t wish to hurt you, y/n.”

“Oh, save me.” I scoffed, frustrated at his games.

He then shot forward. “I need you to hand over them kids now.”

With a deep breath, I pressed my lips together, and growled, “you’re never going to get them.”

“Well… We’ll see ‘bout that.” Nodding to his men, I sucked in a heavy breath, my chest tight from nearly forgetting to breathe. He inched closer to me now, furrowing his eyebrows in thought. His blonde hair blew slightly in the wind, falling over his forehead. He swept a few strands out of his eyes with his machine hand, the slow sound of clicking metal echoing through the air between us. Soldiers stormed into the building behind me, as Pierce inspected my movements.

Realization then filled his eyes, and he shot his eyes behind me. Surging a step forward with such power I flinched, he looked into my face.

Hissing, his words hit my face, and I tried to step away, but he had already wrapped his hand around my chin. “Where. Are. They.”

I glanced back at him, and let a thin smile pull at the edges of my lips. “As I said, you’ll never get them.”

Letting me go, he cursed under his breath and walked away. His strides heavier than before. Soldiers then surrounded me, forcefully clasping my arms behind my back with heavy metal cuffs before they pulled me behind them towards one of the trucks. I saw Pierce watching me from the driver’s seat, his lips pressed to a solid line. Expecting me to fight against their efforts, but I didn’t have the energy to, and something glinted in his eyes.

The children had escaped into the tunnel that lead to the road one mile away, hidden. They had gotten away. That’s what mattered.


Transigen had taken the cover of a Pediatric Cancer Study research facility when it was built, and from the time before I escaped with the children, I had been able to uncover secrets hidden from the naked eye. This had been with the help of Gabriela Lopez-a nurse who had been working there for 6 years before I had been captured. I found out that she was planning on breaking the children out. She asked me for my help, and I agreed with the promise that I would get out.

She was then shot and killed. That was 3 years ago. Only 2 weeks after she broke us out. After I took the kids and lead them to the abandoned apartment building. Thinking it would be safe for the mean time. But it wasn’t even close to 10 months before they found us again.


The steel walls surrounding me were brightly lit-squinting my eyes, I tried to move. But the metal cuffs around my wrists and ankles dug into my skin. Sighing, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Waiting for something other than the ticking of the clock to startle me out of my trance.

Countless hours went by… All in which about 3 different doctors came in. Hooking me up to machines, taking blood, pricking me with needles, exedra. This was before the door unlocked, and slid open with a large figure standing in the way. Adjusting my position, I leaned forward, pushing against my restraints.

Pierce locked the door behind him. Letting the door bolt shut with a heavy thud before he walked over to me. Fiddling with the machines, he pulled a seat over by the table I was laying on; reaching his hands over me, he pulled the IVs from my arms and the metal stickers from my chest. Leaning his elbows against his knees, he then looked at me. His piercing blue eyes shining in the light. I looked away. Afraid that I would stare.

“For a pretty girl like you… You sure put up a hell of a fight.”

“For an asshole like you, you’re paying an awful lot of attention to these kids.”

“I’m liable, now, y/n. You know that. ” His voice was tired, heavy. But amusement still tickled at its edges. He pressed his lips together, mulling over his thoughts. Repeating his words in my head, his thick southern accent lingered in the air, and I found myself breathing heavier. Itching to get out of the metal cuffs.

Pierce then raised his eyes to mine and took a key out of his pocket. Unlocking the cuffs as if he could read my mind. Leaning over me, he looked down, and even with the restraints falling away from my wrists, I stayed as still as a rock.

Pierce suddenly slid his hand under my neck, and I felt my eyes drift closed as he brought my lips to his. I then sat up, and he pulled his arms around my waist. Cinching my back into an arched shape against him. Pushing my fingers through his disheveled hair, I guided them down his face-cupping my palms over his cheekbones and grazing my thumb over his bottom lip as I sucked in a breath.

With a forceful push, I climbed on top of him. Wrapping my legs around his waist. He turned over, leaning against the table. Sliding my feet to the floor, I shoved him back. His arms hung in the air as I moved above him. Grabbing his hands, I pushed them to my hips, allowing his fingers to knot in the belt of my jeans, kissing him deeply for a few seconds. Allowing him to melt under me before parting them, and shoving them to the bedside. He looked up at me with stern eyes, watching my every move. But to block his view, I pressed my lips to his, his tongue moving across my gums and his strong arms pushing against mine. Before he broke my strength, I wrapped the cuffs around his wrists and clicked them shut. Puffing up his chest, his breathing became erratic as he struggled against them. His machine hand contracting into a fist and releasing again, turning and scratching against its counterpart. While he brought his knees up, I pushed my hands down on his chest. I couldn’t help but feel a swell of flustered emotions building up in my chest, anticipation buzzing through my veins. Looking down at him, I let my eyes wonder from his slightly parted lips to the skeleton tattoo on his neck, of which was half hidden underneath his golden chain.

Grazing my fingers along his jaw line, I traced the light brown scruff around his mouth and sat on his lap with my knees pressing into his sides. Leaning down, I kissed the side of his mouth and then bit his bottom lip. I felt him raise his head, his chest rising and falling in large breaths. Trying to push himself against me, a low growl formed in his throat, and I sat up. Keeping my hands on his chest to keep him down for a minute, before moving them to the black buttons of his shirt. Leaning his head back, he raised his chin and sighed heavily through his teeth.


“Shut up,” I said in a quiet voice. He stared up at me with confusion, and then anger flushed through his cheeks. But in my concentration, I unbuttoned his shirt. Not paying attention to his sharp gaze, I pushed his shirt away from his shoulders, its short sleeves stretched over his biceps.

Kissing him, I moved my hips over his lap in circular motions, running my fingers down his chest and abdomen. Lacing my hands in his jeans, I felt him squirm under my touch, and I undid his belt. Moving my body down his legs, I tugged at his cargo pants. Pulling them down to his ankles.

I began to kiss the inside of his thighs while palming his member through the fabric of his underwear. Watching him as he strained against his moans, I saw him bite his lip and shut his eyes. A small smile then plastered on my lips. Moving my hand over his member, the fabric of his underwear created friction between us. I looked at him with thirst. While he, with fixed eyes, was full of hunger.

Out of patience, I nearly ripped off his underwear. Teasing him with my hot lips. Kissing down his hip, he gasped for air and moved against me. I set my hands against him, holding him down. Grunting as I kissed his tip, curse words flowed off his tongue, and I slithered mine down his shaft. Trailing with my hand, I guided his member to the back of my mouth. Pushing deeper, the insides of my cheeks hummed against his shaft.

I felt his muscles tense under my hand that rested on his stomach. He struggled to gain grounding-yet so close to releasing, he groaned and fell back. I moved my mouth away from him, and sweat slid from his brow.

Throbbing against my panties, I became wet with anticipation. Watching him, I felt my chest tighten. I almost left him there… I could have just left. I was thinking about how they would find him. Laying on the table, cuffed down. Naked with his shirt unbuttoned at his sides and his pants at his ankles. Tracing his jawline, his scruff scratched at my skin, and I cleared my throat. With desire filling my stomach, I moved my fingers down his arm. He strained against my touch. His skin sensitive. Grazing his forearm, I looked at the cuff with curiosity as to what would happen if I unlocked him from its clutches. He must have been thinking the same thing, or what he would do. He had lost patience. His breath erratic and quick, his eyes watching me like a hawk.

Sighing, I reached for the key that was now cold from sitting on the tray beside the table. I picked it up, palming it for a second before putting it in between my teeth. Slowly sliding my pants to the floor, I kicked my underwear aside. Letting a shiver travel up my back and goose bumps rise on my legs before climbing onto Pierce’s lap.

Moving over him, I aligned him to my entrance before sitting down. He groaned, hissing through his teeth.

“Fuck.” He called out, as my throbbing walls pressed tightly around him. “Fucking let. Me. Go.” His voice became hard, forceful, and I slid the key into the lock of the cuff that held his human hand.

His arm shot up, wrapping itself around my neck, and I opened my lips. Choking against his touch. He sat up, smashing his mouth on mine, and I began thrusting my hips slowly. Forgetting of his machine hand that still lay in the cuff.

Taking the key from my hand, he let himself go. Throwing the key onto the floor before moving his machine hand onto my breast. The cold metal pressed into my soft flesh, the pads on the bottom of his fingers grazing over my nipples. Pierce closed his eyes. Kissing the corner of my mouth, he grabbed my hips, leaning me back as he moved his mouth down to my collar bones. His knees were arched up now, his hips angled into mine.

Scratching my nails down his back, I leaned my head back and arched my back, letting his teeth graze against my chest, as he moved his machine hand down my stomach. Stopping at my clit, I gasped as he scraped over it, sending shockwaves through my body. Massaging my lips with his machine hand, I made circular motions over his member. Gently thrusting as I leaned into him. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I shook under his touch. His lips numb and damp against mine as we kissed each other eagerly. I bit down on his bottom lip as I orgasmed, knotting my fingers through his hair.

His thick southern accent filled my mouth as he kissed me. “You feel so good, baby.” A soft growl then vibrated in his throat and he arched himself up, pressing his human hand around the back of my neck. The muscles in his arm flexed as he held my head up. Pressing our bodies closer together-I moved against him in more desperate motions and he chuckled under his breath. “Cum for me baby.” Bucking my hips slightly, I pressed my face into his shoulder. My clit throbbed as he pulled his metal fingers away. Throwing me over his side, my back landed against the table, and he pulled my legs to the edge. Holding them over his shoulders, I lowered my head and felt him push inside of me. Slamming against me, his nails dug into my thighs as he held me close. His breath gruff as he thrust his hips in a rhythm until he felt pleasure moving through his body in waves.

Letting my legs go, they fell to his side, and his hands fell to the side of my hips. With a few hard thrusts, his whole body shook. Pulling out, he let himself ejaculate onto my stomach. I felt his warm cum drip onto the side of the table.

Lowering himself down, I sat up, attempting to see what he was doing before his pushed my legs open and began kissing and the inside of my thighs. With a small whimper, I dug my fingers into his hair, holding on with tight knots as he moved his tongue over my clit. Pushing his machine fingers into me, he grabbed onto my hip with his human hand and began to suck at the sensitive skin around my clit. Nipping at my lips between my legs.

He then muttered against the inside of my leg, “I’m not done with you yet, Darlin.”

He pushed his fingers deeper into me. With my clit already over-sensitive from earlier, electricity ran through my veins and I groaned. I gasped for air as another orgasm rippled through me, and I pulled at his hair. He kissed me gently. Massaging my entrance-his machine fingers now slippery with cum as it dripped from his fingertips. Pulling his hand out, he sighed. Sucking the metal free of my juice. Closing his eyes, he sat me up with his other hand, standing in between my legs.

Letting his machine hand fall from his lips, I watched him as a small smirk parted his lips. “You taste so good, sweetheart.”


Soldiers suddenly began storming through the halls of the facility, as Donnie picked up the key from the ground. His pants hanging tightly around his hips, and his shirt tucked into them. I pulled my shirt over my head from the ground. Buttoning my jeans, and brushing my hand through my messy hair.

“Your plan worked, I see.” He looked out the window. Scrunching his eyebrows, and I walked up to him. Taking his machine hand, and rubbing his fingers with a clean cloth. He looked down and then shook his head. I wiped my cum from his palm, and he smirked at me. Pulling my face to his for a kiss, before smacking my butt as I walked away.

“I told you, if they trusted me, they’d believe me.”

“I just don’ get how you could be so damn heartless baby.”

“You tell me, Donnie.” Raising my eyebrow, I threw the cloth in the trash. Rubbing my shoulder, I sat up on the table. Sighing. “I don’t know.”

“You alrigh’?” Donnie walked to me, holding my face gently in the palm of his human hand.

“They had no idea.” I looked up at him. “No idea it was an ambush. No idea, that the whole time I was with you.” I paused. “No idea that the tunnel wouldn’t end up on the road. But instead here…”

“Baby, they ain’t gonna matter. We have to get em off the map.”

“I know. I know.” He kissed my forehead and then smirked.

“That was s’ some pretty good actin” Pressing his hand on my thigh, he leaned forward. “We should do it more often…”

“Shut up, Pierce.” Sliding from underneath him, I walked toward the door. Looking through the window, and slowly unlocking the door as soon as the hall was cleared of the mutant children being brought in.

Donald watched me leave. The door shut behind me, and he cocked his head to the side. Biting the inside of his cheek, he suddenly cleared his throat and followed my trail.

Ignorance | 10k x Reader

Fandom: Z Nation

Characters: 10k, Reader, Addy, Doc

Warnings: Fluff Stuff

Word Count: 693

Summary: The group starts to take notice of how 10k acts around you, all the while you remain ignorant

A/N: Just a short little one-shot that I hope you guys like :)

At first, the group never took notice of how 10k would act shy around you, cheeks lightly coloring a rose pink while his eyes never strayed from your form. How if he decided to say something, his words would slightly stutter before he completely shut up and let you talk. How when you rested your head on his shoulder, he would freeze up, glancing at you from the corner of his eye before relaxing his body, carefully patting your arm before giving it a small squeeze.

The first to take notice of 10k’s infatuation was Addy, who, upon spotting the pink tint on his cheeks after you brushed your hand against his, took him to the side and tried to get him to talk.

“I think someone has a little crush on our dear old (Y/N),” Addy pestered, backing the young man into a corner of the house they were staying in for the night. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 10k tried ducking under her arms that were caging him in, but Addy managed to keep him in place.

“C’mon Ten, you can’t fool me! The glances, the light touches. I mean, you’re blushing,” Addy emphasized, arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow while poking him in the chest. He chose not to say anything, eyes looking anywhere except for the redhead before him. She sighed, giving in to his wishes and moving away, but not before saying, “This is far from over, lover boy.”

The next to notice was Doc after he spotted you walking away from 10k, the undeniable blush in full bloom as he skimmed his fingers over his cheek. The older man walked over to him, standing in front of the dazed young man who was staring at your retreating form. Doc focused on where exactly 10k’s eyes were set on, only to discover that he was staring at the curve of your hips. Doc laughed, breaking the boy’s attention before blushing an even darker shade of pink, moving to turn around and flee.

“Now, hold on there kid. Were you checkin’ her out?” Another loud laugh escaped Docs lips, slapping a hand against 10k’s shoulder while trying to lower his voice. “Never thought I’d see the day. Good for you kid.” And with that, Doc walked away, leaving a baffled and embarrassed 10k to stare at nothing in particular. 

After that, Addy and Doc were always trying to find ways to get the two together. When the group would sit around the makeshift fire on cold night’s, they always made sure the two were sitting next to each other with Doc on 10k’s other available side and Addy on yours. If Warren made everyone split up for supply runs or to scope out an area, they would always switch partners at the last moment to make sure you were both going together. And when everyone was piling into the truck or whatever vehicle they were using that day, they would always make sure to shove everyone else into the cab while you two were left to sit next to each other. 

Soon enough, the others came to the realization that 10k was harboring a large crush, if not a real feeling of love for you. It would have been less obvious if Addy and Doc weren’t trying to pair the two of you up every second of the day. Except, the only one who didn’t notice anything going on with 10k was the person who he was crushing on: you. At every glance, every lingering touch, every small smile and quick cheek peck, you had never seen a reaction from the boy. And it broke his heart because he wanted you to see his reactions. 

It was the only way he could really show how he was feeling without opening his mouth and making a fool out of himself. So almost a month later, when you innocently gave him a hug of gratitude for saving you from becoming Z chow and pulled back just enough, you noticed that he was looking at you with a flushed face and an awkward smile.

And you were no longer ignorant.

too cute [t’challa]

the dora milaje find you crying in our room for reasons they did not expect. (ft. black female reader)

tagging: @redgillan, @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup

warnings: FLUFF, crying

additional notes: finally wrote something for the king! i used some names of legitimate members of the dora milaje (ayo, aneka, okoye, and nakia) but i also created two more using xhosa names: kuhle and nceba. fun fact: in the comics, ayo and aneka are girlfriends :) the reader in this fic is a black woman engaged to t’challa.

Originally posted by pandasubaru

You sniffled and used the sleeve of your sweatshirt to wipe away yet another tear. You didn’t mind crying in private, but when the tears interfered with your vision, you had to at least acknowledge their existence, even if it meant smudging your eyeliner.

“My lady, are you alright?”

You spun around in your seat to see Ayo poking her head through the half-open door, her dark eyes filled with concern. Beyond her you saw the rest of the Dora Milaje peering into the room over her shoulder. You swore inwardly; while the Dora Milaje had watched over you for years, you hated letting them see you cry. “I’m fine, Ayo, thank you,” you said, struggling to keep the sob out of your voice.

“My queen, what troubles you?” Ayo opened the door fully, and she and the other women filed into the room, each settling in the lounge in the divans and armchairs around you. Ayo and Aneka settled on the sofa on either side of you. You didn’t miss the worried glance they exchange over your head.

You squirmed in your seat, and Ayo’s gaze fell to your lap, to the phone in your hands. “It’s nothing, I promise,” you mumbled, leaning back against the couch cushion and holding the phone to your chest.

Aneka arched one perfectly shaped brow and held her hand out. Guiltily, you handed her the phone, and she turned it over to study the screen. Her mouth fell open, and after a few seconds of tense silence, you could see her eyes becoming glassy. “Your majesty—”

“Aneka, what is it?” Ayo demanded. “Let me see.” Aneka held the phone out to her, and you mentally face-palmed while Ayo watched your screen with wide eyes. “This is—”

“Ayo, please, it’s just—” you protested, but the rest of the girls interrupted you.

“Let us see, too!”

“What is it, Ayo?”

“Is it inappropriate?”

One by one, the other bodyguards rose from their seats and moved to stand behind the couch, eager to get a look at your phone, which Ayo gingerly returned to you. You held it out at arm’s length for everyone to see, and you could feel the tears return to your eyes. Nakia handed you a handkerchief—black cotton with a beautiful gold print; you expected nothing less from such a well-dressed woman—and Okoye patted your shoulder comfortingly, even as she fought back her own tears.

At least now you weren’t the only one crying.

T’Challa returned from his duties eager for a warm meal and cuddling session with his queen-to-be. He opened the door to your shared quarters to see more women than he had expected. Most of the Dora Milaje were doubled over the back of the couch. He opened his mouth to speak and was interrupted by a resounding “aww” of adoration. He searched the room and found your shock of dark curls among the others. “My love? What is going on here?” he called out.

You sniffled. T’Challa rushed to you immediately, kneeling before you on the floor and checking your face for distress, for injury. There were tears in your eyes, as he’d expected, and your cell phone was in your hands. All the Dora Milaje were focused on the screen, watching with glistening eyes and opened mouths. Kuhle was covering her mouth with one hand, while Nceba had a look of pure delight. “What is it, my love?” he asked you tenderly. “Who has hurt you?”

You shook your head and turned the phone toward him.

T’Challa blinked. On your screen was a video of puppies—pugs, he realized upon further inspection. They couldn’t be more than couple weeks old, their eyes still shut as they crawled weakly across a downy dog bed in search of their mother. They were so small, so soft-looking, with their round dark faces and feeble little paws. T’Challa could see why they would affect you so intensely. He knew you had a soft spot for animals. Last week, for your birthday, he had arranged for the two of you to visit a Wakandan family who bred Rottweilers. You had turned to mush, simply lying down on the floor and allowing the puppies to smother you with cuteness and lick away your tears of joy. He chuckled at the memory, and at the pugs still wriggling across your screen. One let out a tiny, high-pitched chirrup, and the entire Dora Milaje squealed with delight—even Ayo, who cleared her throat and played it off cool afterward. Aneka smirked at her knowingly.

“You have been crying… because of these videos?” T’Challa asked, smiling at you.

You pouted and slouched further into the couch cushion, hiding your teary eyes behind your curls. The collar of your sweatshirt—his sweatshirt, he realized—muffled your voice as you replied sheepishly, “You know how I am with dogs, T’Challa.”

T’Challa laughed and leaned forward to kiss your pouty lips. He rose from the floor and sat down on the couch beside you, or rather under you, since you immediately nuzzled close to him. He draped an arm around your shoulders, holding you against him, and watched the video with you. One puppy paused, his pink mouth agape in a yawn. You gasped audibly.

“They are quite adorable,” T’Challa remarked. “Not as cute as you, but adequate.”

“They’re cuter than me and you know it,” you grumbled into his sleeve. T’Challa chuckled.

The video ended, and T’Challa sighed with relief. Perhaps now his bodyguards would disperse and he could finally enjoy some alone time with you. He turned to politely dismiss everyone and—

“Oh, my lady, what about that one!” exclaimed Nceba. “‘A Basket Full of Kittens’!”

You glanced up at T’Challa. He sighed in resignation and nodded; he supposed alone time with you could wait. You clicked the screen and the video began with several fluffy kittens milling about. One flopped onto its side, exhausted, revealing it’s round belly, and this time, it was T’Challa who gasped. If you turned to mush when it came to puppies, he was absolute putty when it came to kittens.

He would have to ask you about this YouTube channel later.

Technicolour Beat

A Dean/Cas Fluff-fest fic by @cenedrariva  ao3

It was early enough that the sun wasn’t quite risen yet. Dean blinked up at the ceiling, stretching and only half-awake. Beside him, a lingering warmth still clung to the sheets. Soft footfalls padded away from the room towards the other side of the house.

Dean didn’t move to get up, preferring to lounge lazily across the bed. His absent companion’s scent still clung to the pillows, and though Dean would never in a million years admit it to Sam or anyone else, he was absolutely the type to go a little sappy and bury his face in his lover’s pillow.

It was the quiet sounds of the kitchen radio that finally roused him enough to get up. Pulling on a shirt against the morning chill, Dean made a quick stop at the bathroom before wandered into the kitchen to find Cas, drowsily making coffee. He walked over, wrapping Cas in an embrace, tucking his face into Cas’s shoulder. Cas hummed in appreciation, pressing back into Dean.

Dean could practically hear Cas’s smile as he spoke.

“Hello, Dean.”



“Sometimes you’re a real angel.”

Cas snorted, passing over a mug. Dean, still wrapped around him, freed one hand to take it. No way was he letting go of Cas this early, even for coffee.

“The amazing part is how you still think that’s funny.”

“Hey, I’m hilarious.”

“I’d use the word deluded, but alright.”

“Fuck off,” Dean laughed out.

“Fuckin’ rude. And after I made you coffee.”

Dean only wiggled his eyebrows, taking a long drink. Cas rolled his eyes, hiding a smile behind his own mug as he turned to face Dean.

The early dawn light lit up the room with a pinkish glow, making everything look soft and unreal. Dean leaned back, eyes tracing over Cas all sleep-rumpled. He was human looking, hair a mess and slouching back against the counter and dressed in no more than an old shirt of Dean’s and a pair of boxers, but he so much more than that too. Grace and light and energy, a storm – a star! – all folded into this small body with only invisible wings left trailing out, and he still drank coffee every morning like an addict. He slept in Dean’s bed every night like it was a luxury, stealing the duvet every time and hell it was so perfect Dean didn’t even care. 

God, Dean loved him so much.

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James McAvoy points to his left eyebrow. A subtle gesture to draw the eye to the one truly running the show. His expression shows that while he may not be a mutant, the power flowing through the shaped arch will grant him access to your mind.

  • Jacob: He has medium skin tone but he became more pale because he rarely went outside after Abe died; he tans easily though. His skin is oily also and he is prone to minor breakouts on his face. Has an oval shaped face with a average sized greek nose. He has almond shaped blue eyes also. His top lip his smaller than his bottom lip. His hair is dark and it covers half of his ears and covers his forehead. He is average height for his age and he has a lean build to him.
  • Emma: Emma has a fair skin with warm undertones. She has a heart shaped face with a small button nose. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair color and are arched. She has almond shaped chocolate brown eyes with light eyelashes. Her lips are full and the corners of her mouth naturally turn down when relaxed. She is isn't short but she she isn't tall either for a girl and has more development on her upper body than lower body- so inverted triangle shaped body. She has sandy blonde hair that is parted in the middle, it reaches right above her shoulders and curls a little bit outwards.
  • Bronwyn: She has tan skin with a square shaped face. Has nice high cheek bones and a jawline that could cut you. Her elbows and knees are scarred up from rough housing. She is from a Filipino descent also. Medium size flatter looking nose that is naturally highlighted a little bit at the tip. Her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip and she has a prominent Cupid's bow. Has broader shoulders and has a muscular build to her. On the taller side for a girl too. She has dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut that nicely frames her face and is parted in the middle.
  • Millard: He has fair skin covered in freckles from head to toe. Has a diamond shaped face with a medium sided button nose. Has straight thin lips. Is on the tall side, and he has a little bit of pudge on him. He has round eyes with beautiful lashes and has heterochromia (one green eye and one brown eye). He also has wavy mousy brown hair with a widows peak. Wears glasses when he reads.
  • Horace: His skin is practically porcelain-uses the best products for himself. Triangle shaped face with an aquiline nose. Has the brightest, whitest teeth. Thinner lips but his bottom lip is just a little bit bigger than his top. Has bigger ears which he covers by his top hat. Has grayish blue deep set eyes. He is short but with long legs. His hair is platinum blonde and is nicely slicked back.
  • Enoch: Very very pale because he rarely goes outside. Rounded face with a nose that turns a little bit upwards. Has sharp lips and when he smiles on that very rare occasion you can see his dimples. Is pudgy and does not care. Has a short and stocky build to him. His eyes are droopy and are a hazel green color and he has prominent eye bags. He has dirty blonde hair that is two inches longer on top and is always a mess.
  • Fiona: Has dark brown skin with a few moles and freckles here and there. She has an oval shaped face with a funnel nose. Her lips are full and plump. She is at average height and carries most of her weight at her bottom half. She has almond shaped brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She has very thick curly hair that is brown but when the sunlight hit it you can make out red and she often has flowers, leaves, etc scattered throughout her hair.
  • Hugh: Hugh has such a tan line, his covered skin is ivory. Has a rectangular shaped face with a greek nose. His lips aren't full but aren't thin either. When he opens his mouth you can make out prominent canines. He is very tall and he has a lanky build to him but his arms are a little muscular. He has almond shaped brown eyes that he hides under his goggles because his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. His hair is dark brown with cool tones that he brushes back but doesn't add any product to it.
  • Olive: She has cool toned medium colored skin. Her face is round and she has a roman shaped nose that is a little crooked. She has small full lips and is almost always smiling. Her eyes are hooded and are hazel. She is of average height for her age and she has nicely toned legs because of her shoes. She has wavy brown hair with bangs that reach just above her eyes.
  • Claire: She has fair skin with a pink undertone. Her face is heart shaped and she a small button nose. Her lips naturally pout a little. She has very cute dimples too. Very small when it comes to height and still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her eyes are big and round and are light blue. She has curly platinum blonde hair which she loves having accessorized.
How To Shape, Arch, and Fill In Your Own Brows
Hey Everyone, So I had a bunch of requests to do an overall eyebrow video.. and here it is. I covered everything that I could possibly think of, however, if ...

Please watch my next video :) I tried to cover as much as possible to help everyone out. However, If you find that you have questions that were unanswered, please ask me. I love being helpful <3


Greek Bronze Helmet of Apulo-Corinthian Type, Southern Italy, 4th Century BC

Representing the later style of the characteristic Corinthian form, this is an example of personal armor worn by the Italic Greeks around the 4th century BC.  It is skillfully constructed from hammered sheet bronze, the domed form features a broad top flange, with high-arching, M-shaped eyebrows in raised relief.  To the back of the helmet, the nape is flared both to allow the soldier to move freely and to protect him from the blows of the enemy but this helmet features a piercing at each end the of neck-guard to secure it by means of a chinstrap.  Across the crown are rivets and plates for the attachment of either a horsehair crest, or menacing metal animal horns. It is abundantly decorated with incised chevrons around the eyes and nose-guard, there is a border of zigzags to the rim and two large, confronting boars decorate the joined cheek pieces.

However, unlike its Corinthian cousin, the small eye holes and nose-guard are purely decorative, for this helmet was designed to be worn, cap-like, on top of the head rather than covering the face.  Greek art has many depictions of Gods and Heroes wearing their Corinthian tilted up even when battle began, and this practice gave rise to the Apulo helmets.  Innovation and comfort aside, this transformed style further allowed the warriors of the Italic Peninsula to still liken themselves to the warriors and Gods depicted in art; celebrating their favored stories that even today, holds strong appeal to our modern taste in sculpture.

Snap Out Of It

Snap Out Of It - Part 1

Word Count: 870

Warnings: Negan’s usual bad language, other than that, everything is fine…so far.

Note: This is my first series! I hope you enjoy it and there will be more to come! If you have any imagine or x reader requests feel free to ask me by messaging me or sending me a message in my ask a question.

Anyway Enjoy!

There was no running away from this. You knelt on the cold hard floor, getting slight chills from the cold air nipping at your skin. You were only wearing a tank top, skinny jeans and boots. You hadn’t had time to get your jacket as this so-called “Negan” made his men capture you and your friends.

You held Ricks hand tightly. He assured you everything was going to be okay, but you had this gut feeling of sickness and you felt as if something bad was coming. Nobody knew who Negan was. At least, you and your friends didn’t. That’s what made it all the more terrifying. You didn’t know who was going to turn up claiming to be Negan. From what you heard, he was not someone to mess with.

You knelt there, waiting in anticipation as a big, grey RV pulled up. Your heartbeat began to speed up, as you watched the RV come to a halt. Rick seemed to notice this as a shaken breath left your mouth, so he gripped your hand tighter for reassurance and you gripped his equally.

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The Signs Physical Appearances Based on my Personal Friends

Aries: He has red tinted skin. A high forehead and high cheekbones that make his cheeks look hollow. His body is wiry and muscular. His eyes stare into yours, as if he’s challenging you silently. His eyebrows are arched and his features are sharp. In the sun, his hair glimmers red. His lips are tiny but chiseled with a dark pink. His voice cracks like fire. He has multiple scars and beauty marks on his face. His freckles bloom through the summer.

Taurus: Her hair is dark, thick, wavy, her skin is rough. Her bone structure is squarish and harsh while her nose flairs femininely. Her eyelids are heavy, her lips are thick, full and wide. Her eyebrows are nicely shaped as her eyes shine with a domesticated hue. The neck is thick and matches her narrow thick shoulders. She’s fashioned in earthy colors, and has a feminine approach. Her feet are thick, wide, and even when she gains or loses weight, her body shows strength.

Gemini: Her nose is narrow between her eyes and prominent cheekbones. Her hair is big, wild, shagged, showing that she’s active and has no care for appearances. Her eyes are young and intense. Her lips are full and her collarbones stick out with prominence. Her nose is long, big, and her bony shoulders stick out as if her wings are ready to break through her skin. Her posture is birdlike, in poise for flight as her upper body sticks out and her long legs curve back. Her arms hang awkwardly and her hands dangle loosely. Her eyes stick out and her body is modelesque.

Cancer: His body is strong and sturdy, like a tree trunk. He is muscular, thin, but his body is also rounded. His legs are strong, the butt is round and large, and his pecs are prominent. His neck is long, thin, and his lips slightly curve up at the corners. His eyes are beautiful, watery, as if hes about to shed a tear at any moment. He has a melancholic look, like Kurt Cobain. The hair is long, silky, manageable. The nose is attractive and pointed.

Leo: Her hair is thick, light. The chest is big and wide. Her eyes are shaped like a cat’s but are dark in color. Her bust is big. Her cheekbones are high, near her eyes, her spine is prominent and sensitive. Her back is soft, attractive, and arches nicely. Her forehead is high, her eyes are far apart. Her eyebrows are thin but dark. The lips are plump. Her face is round.

Virgo: Her skin is clear. Her forehead is rounded and prominent. Her lips are perfectly shaped, but her mouth is too small for her smile to fully ‘erupt’. The eyebrows are thick and round, slightly curved. The nose is not too small or too big, but full at the tip. Her head is round. The face shows innocence, mainly the eyes. Independence shows in her stance. Her cheekbones are globular, has a fashion-model-seriousness to her look, but the smile is more than friendly. Her teeth are slightly crooked but strong with the top ones being more prominent than the others, so her mouth regular stays open a little bit showing her front teeth through her cupid lips.

Libra: Her face is symmetrical. Her teeth are immensely white and straight. Her lips are prominent and something about them “pops”. She has clear skin, her eyes are a bit far apart and big. The ends of her eyes are wide and slant down a little bit. Her hair is silky, straight, smooth. Her nose is shaped like a ski slope with the end pointed up and her nostrils flared (especially when mad). Her eyebrows are nicely shaped and arched, but have a thick (or dark) aspect about them. She has a dimpled chin and dimpled cheeks, her body is curvy and feminine. She has a happy, innocent look to her.

Scorpio: His eyes change color depending on what he wears, or how he feels. His stare is intense, but quickly turns innocent once his smile blossoms. His eyebrows are rounded, thick, dark, and arched, and are a bit far apart from each other. His torso is lengthy, the legs a short and the arms are long. His neck is thick and sensuous. His hair is dark in color and thick, and he has an abundance of it throughout his body. His chest is flat, along with his stomach. His nose can look either aquiline and concave depending on the angle, but is full at the tip. His lips are full and his skin is pale and full of scars or cuts since he is always risky and athletic. His body is toned, but still a bit lanky.

Sagittarius: One of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life. Her skin is tawny, her hair is dark. The face is “long” with attractive cheekbones and attractive light colored eyes. Her eyebrows are slightly curved, thin, and the eyelashes are long. She is athletic but puts on weight easily. Her hair has a “cowlick” and light, natural highlights. Her teeth and gums are big, but attractive. Her look is jovial and her smile cheers everyone up.

Capricorn: “If looks could kill”. Her eyes are sensuous, serious, nicely shaped. Staring AT you, not into you. Her nose is noticeable. Her bone structure is outstanding, perfect. Her eyebrows are just naturally beautifully shaped, and arch over her long, slightly hooked nose. Her eyebrows and nose make a “T” shape on her face. Her cheekbones are prominent. She always flashes everyone her attractive teeth. Her lips are thin but the shape is feminine and sensual. Her hair is dark, curly or at least wavy at times. Her looks are intimidating. Her legs are thicker than her upper body, and the hips are wide. Modelesque figure. Her neck is long and her eyes show attitude.

Aquarius: Her hair is long, wavy, dark, healthy and frames her face nicely. It often shifts to the side. She is tall in height, her body is flexible, her limbs, hands, and feet are narrow. The torso is long. Her eyes are young, the head shape is elongated with her mouth pronounced from her jaw. Her smile is friendly. The bone structure is thick but statuesque. She possesses the form of a dancer. Her posture is flawed, but her shoulders stand back as her back slouches and her legs are straight. Her eyes gleam with maturity.

Pisces: Her eyes are heavy-lidded and protrude. Her smile is perfect, with her plump lips. Her eyes are beautiful, not intense as a Scorpio’s, but dreamy. She often seems to be staring into the nothingness. Daydreaming look. Her shoulders slope down and her posture is flawed. Her hips are large, and her skin is clear, although she has a few acne scars. Her hair and eyebrows are light in color. Her eyebrows blend in with her skin. Her torso is pear shaped with long lanky limbs. Her hair is thick, “big”, curly, and waves like the ocean.  

Fake AH Head Cannon

So I have noticed this thing we tend to do, collectively as fans…

The Fakes overall never really get caught in our works, not really. If they do it’s usually for a heist or like drunk driving or like because they were bored or whatever. And it’s always temporary.

A means to an end style plot device but what if someone say Geoff got caught for real? Sure the evidence is a little shaky but the LSPD’s own Detective Demaris FINALLY catches the Kingpin of crime Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey.

The judge denies bail and he’s hurled into a max security prison to await trial. The law enforcement of Los Santos celebrates the downfall of the Fakes and Ramsey’s empire because surely it cannot hold without it’s King.

But one week goes by.

Then another.

Disturbingly nothing has changed. There’s no eruption of violence as rivals try to divvy up territory. There’s no structural collapse of the integrated crime network within the city. Gun violence doesn’t decline. Drug deals don’t taper off.

Nothing changes.

Under cover officers report business as usual and they’re forced to consider that all this time the “King” of the criminal underground in Los Santos has been a front man. It’s either that or the loyalty of his people is insane.

Ramsey’s known associates and employee’s of Ramsey Enterprises are brought in for questioning. The Fakes wear masks during heists after all - they have no confirmed identities in record. Suspicions but nothing solid.

Over the course of this questioning Gavin, Michael, Jack and Jeremy are all brought in as are those of the B-Team.

It get’s the police nowhere. Each of his employee’s more slippery than the last, none of them can be tricked into confessing to anything.

Geoff’s arrest has had no impact on the state of the city, The Fakes rob a bank to prove it a week later. Escaping seamlessly. Ramsey Enterprises doesn’t even shudder because while Geoff is the public face of the company they learn not a single damn thing is in his name. No accounts to be frozen or stock to plummet. Griffon Ramsey owns everything and everyone knows they’ve been separated for years now. 

The cops are infuriated.

So they confront Ramsey, try to offer him a deal. Give up the names of his subordinates for a shorter more comfortable time in prison. He laughs straight in their faces and he sits back and he waits. 

A year passes with hardly any visitors to his jail cell and the cops are watching him so closely. He has to be getting instructions to his crew somehow, they’re sure of it because there is no way Geoff Ramsey is just a front man. 


But it’s been a year and nothing has changed. Not a damn thing. 

The Fakes still go to meets, a finger in every criminal enterprise in the city, and they pull off some of their more spectacularly successful heists in years without Ramsey there. Ramsey Enterprises is booming, the cops can’t prove it’s a front for anything illegal. People begin to talk. 

The Feds step in almost a year to the day Geoff is arrested. 

When they go to offer him a deal he talks and instead of criminals names the name of every crooked cop falls off his lips. Every corrupt politician, every dirty FBI agent, every judge and prosecutor who’s taken a bribe. Locations of bodies of witnesses silenced by dirty cops, all the evidence they need laid bare. 

Chaos ensues.

The resulting mayhem see’s Geoff’s release as well as more than half of the inmates of the prison he’s been stashed away in. Years of investigations called into question through doctored or falsified evidence. Most of what got Ramsey incarcerated is revealed to be falsified.

The woman that picks him up from the prison claims to be his secretary, dressed in a crisp suit, tailor made to fit her curves and expensive high heels that clack along the tiled prison floors. She doesn’t even bat an eye lash at the cat calling of the prisoners, chin raised, eyes focused straight ahead, make up flawless and not a single strand of deep red hair out of place. 

Ramsey is lounging casually when they arrive and he beams at the woman when she holds out a bag of dry cleaning. “Ah excellent, what ever did I do without you Mrs. Jones?” 

She arches a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him and seems inexplicably amused, “I for one expected you to fall straight to pieces.” They walk out of the prison side by side, step for step, matching crisp black suits hugging their every curve, shoes shining. She wait’s until their driving to speak, “Did you get what I needed?”

Geoff laughs riding the high of his freedom and holds up a card with a single name printed neatly upon it, “Course Boss, all it took was a little misdirection.” 

Lindsey Jones gave a delighted little hum tucking the card away against her chest and says, “and you are so very good at that.” His arrest had been legit up to a point, but then she had always made her plans more malleable than anyone figured. It had been easy to turn his capture to their advantage. 

The Feds never give up the chase on Ramsey, they don’t understand it but they assume maybe his people are that loyal and while they spin themselves in circles after him the true composer of chaos in Los Santos sits back watching her Kingdom and smiles. 


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CHEEKS: hollow, giving the impression her face isn’t as round as the bone structure suggests
LIPS: shaped almost like a circle, not wide (small) but not thin (upper lip is thinner than lower)
SKIN COLOR: pale, bloodless, sometimes appearing sickly, no pink hue
SKIN TYPE: dry, without sun spots, rarely with scars as she heals quickly, thin (shows veins in a lot of areas)
EYE SHAPE: shaped as half a circle, small crease
EYE COLOR: dark brown, very subtle red hue 
EYEBROW SHAPE: no arch (instead a soft curve), doesn’t extend a lot past eye width
EYEBROW COLOR: black, but the lack of hair concentration makes it look gray
EYELASHES: straight, downwards (no curve), moderate length
NOSE SHAPE: round in tip, fleshy, slight down inclination, bridge starts below the eyes
HAIR TEXTURE: light, straight, often tangled
HAIR COLOR: dark brown / black, often died to have a purple/wine tint (never bleached)
HAIR LENGTH: varied, has been completely bald as shortest but usually a little below the collar bone
EARS: attached, normal size, often hid with hair 


SHOULDERS: average width, bony edges
ARMS: not muscular, only developed in triceps
STOMACH AREA: soft no visible musculature
WAIST: averagely thinner than hips, not pronounced difference
CHEST / BREASTS: , small breasts that are generally round but the shape isn’t very noticeable
NIPPLES: light brown, slightly large
BACK: only visible bone protuberance where the neck meets the back
HAND SIZE: longer fingers, average hand size for height


HIPS: only slightly bigger than waist
BOTTOM: soft ( in other words, not tight ), plump, size harmonious to thighs 
THIGHS: slightly wider than waist ratio
CALVES: in match with thighs 


BODY HAIR: very little, short and thin, does not shave
SCENT: incense, flower oil 
HAND NAILS: medium length, round cut, sometimes painted in purple hues
TOENAILS: never painted, trimmed occasionally
VOICE: very calm, sometimes monotone, soft and articulate, only uses some contractions to speak quicker
HEIGHT: 5′4″ | 1.64 m
PIERCINGS: pierced both lobes, the left ear has two more piercings 
TATTOOS: none ( look i’m not into the “tramp stamp” bird tattoo they gave her that ONE time ), would get one
WEIGHT: 120 lbs | 54 kg
PREFERRED CHOICE OF SHOES: wedged boots, ballerinas that are soft on the foot, does not have shoes that aren’t black or blue
CLOTHING STYLE: wears a lot of hoods, blue (from sky to navy, never leaning towards green) and black are prominent colors (sometimes purple too), either azarathian traditional robes, modified azarathian hood with spandex bodysuit (usually legless), and casually goth inspired “average” clothing, turtlenecks, goth chokers, never wears jeans as she finds them uncomfortable
GENERAL BODY SHAPE: soft curves, slightly more bottom heavy, not muscular but slightly above average



(Requested by Anon)

You felt like you had done a good job of keeping your secret. You weren’t ready to tell your parents that you were different. That you had sleepovers with girls because there was no chance of anything sexual happening. That you wouldn’t ‘find a nice sweet girl and get married.’ Why couldn’t you do those things?

Because you were as straight as a goddamn circle. 

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