arch n point miguel

A Playlist For Negan

🎄Christmas Countdown 🎄

1. Arch & Point - Miguel 

Negan x Reader

Words: 1,034

[A/N: There is no secret that music is a huge influence for me. All the fics/one shots I have written have been titled after songs that have inspired it in some way. So, I thought why not do a countdown for Christmas where I put together  drabbles for all things related to Negan but all of which were created based on songs I was listening to. The songs inspire fluff, smut, angst and everything in between. **Links to the songs are above** Enjoy!

(gif by @londoncapsule

Leather and lace surrounded Negan’s bed confining the two of you in this sacred space. The crisp sheets were tousled and crumpled from the movement of your bodies, and from the way your hands fervently gripped onto them as Negan gradually trailed his fingers along your stomach before smoothing over along your inner thighs and spreading them out. The dinner that two of you were supposed to have was still lying out on the dining table, the chicken was probably cold by now and the polished utensils remained untouched. 

Earlier this morning, you were busy fishing through old boxes of clothes that used to belong to Negan’s harem of wives, remnants of his past that he gladly gave up to be with you. For your date tonight, you chose to wear a perfect black mini skirt paired with a leopard print shirt and heels. You deliberately left the shirt unbuttoned, revealing the top of the lace bustier you were wearing which emphasised the dip of your cleavage. When you walked through his door, you could not help but feel satisfied watching his jaw drop just at the mere sight of you. When he kissed you, you knew then that his need for you was more urgent than anticipated as his hands fought with your carefully picked attire.

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