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I always look at my SD’s professional pics and I think about what I’ll wear for my first company pic haha I’m going to be that bitch wearing pearl earrings, red lipstick, arched eyebrows, and killer hair.  Like the woman in Jack Vettriano’s painting, “Night Geometry.”  This girl has been instilled in my mind since I saw the painting.  All the black, the pearls, the lingerie, the class, that’s me…… can’t wait.

Abel’s best friend

Imagine you’re Abel’s babysitter and you catch Happy’s eye. 

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After Abel’s bath you left him alone with Tara for a moment, you took enjoyed watching them for a few minutes, sharing their quiet mother and son times. You smiled and walked out of the clubhouse, waiting for the little family time to end to go back and put Abel to sleep; to officially call it a day. 

You pulled out your cigarette and your lighter, leaning against the wall of the side of TM. You sucked in some smoke and smile as you blew it off, looking at the sky. It was lilac now; the sun slowly dying letting the stars come out to play; The moon shinning on top of  the clubhouse and on top of the garage; shinning on the many bikes parked outside, calling your attention. You stepped on the cigarette and walked closer to one bike in particular.

You slid your hand on top of it, smiling. It’s not like you wanted to become a bike expert but being close to SAMCRO it was almost inevitable. You were too mesmerized that you didn’t noticed Happy sneaking up behind you.

“ 2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob…” You murmured to yourself, earning a grunt from behind you as you gasped and turned around, falling to the seat of the bike without wanting to; as you saw Happy smirk. 

“It is a  2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob.” Agreed Happy. You gulped and nodded, getting up from the bike. “You know about bikes?”

“Uhm…Sort of.” You motioned around you. “I live here, remember?” You licked your lips and kept appreciating the motorbike as Happy pulled out a cigarette and started smoking it. “It has some nice graphics on the tank.”

“No Arlen Ness fairing here.” Happy said. You smiled back at him and nodded. “How come you ended up here? You don’t seem about that life…” 

“You mean i don’t look like a crow eater? or a sweet butt?” He barked out a laugh, leaning against his bike, cigarette between his middle and point finger. You smiled back at him. “That’s right; I’m not. The rest of my family? They are, the LA Sons.” 

“No shit. Psycho and the others?” You nodded at the mention of your brother’s name. “You’re Psycho’s sister?” You nodded once again. “Yeah, i know you. You were flying around the clubhouse over there, your mom was running behind you; You didn’t wanted to go home.”

You frowned. “What?”

“You were about 12, when i visited the LA Sons…” He took a long drag. “You seemed familiar…” 

You blushed slightly. You had a faint memory of the whole scene Happy described but that was so long ago; How come he remembered? “So you wanted to come to Charming?”

“Gemma and my mom are good friends. I wanted to work straight, so…” Happy nodded; and you could only then take notice of his all body language, leaned against the bike, relaxed, smoking, keeping his hands busy. 

“Abel’s babysitter.” 

“Best friend.” You corrected. He nodded, remembering your encounter. “And prospecting to be yours, i guess…”

The killer arched an eyebrow as he took notice of what you said, as you blushed but smirked back at him. “Take it one day at the time…”

“Always.” He walked towards you and held your hand.

“I can take care of you; I just need a green light…” He said, holding your hand in level to his mouth. You smiled down and blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, and were about to answer when you heard both Tara and Abel yelling for you. You turned around and looked at the clubhouse.

“I need to go…” You said backing away from Happy.

“I’ll see you around; I’m not one to beg.” He warmed you. Your smile fell a little as you nodded, and walked inside. 


30 Days of Ultraman - Day 15: Best Power-Up Form
I’m going to agree with mekagojira3k again here ans say Arch Belial! As well as probably being the franchise’s best new monster since Ultraman Mebius, Arch Belial packs a killer design, a superbly crafted and executed suit, and more than a passing homage or two to the King of the Monsters, Godzilla himself. The spines glowing before a breath weapon firing is a lovely touch, and a nice little tip of the hat to the character the entire tokusatsu genre owes everything to. Sure, Arch Belial essentially fills the exact same role as a lot of other “ultimate” monster in recent Ultraman films (a massive monster appears and Ultra/heroes have to team up to bring it down), but it does so in a more memorable and genre-honouring way than other productions.

It’s pretty rare to see new, original monsters in Ultraman productions these days, and Arch Belial is a real treat.

cbs's criminal minds, where the ladies die, leave and mostly just further male character development, welcome to the fandom

a list of females written out or killed off of criminal minds:

  • elle greenaway (main): written out at the request of the actress but resigns from the fbi after becoming mentally unstable in the aftermath of being shot
  • haley hotchner (reoccurring): ex-wife of lead male character, killed off by a serial killer (his arch nemesis) it may be important to note that after divorcing him against his wishes, she had primary custody of their son
  • jordan todd (reoccurring): brought in as a replacement when a.j. cook was in maternity leave and was never to be heard from again upon her return but pretty sure something happened with her not being able to cope with the job
  • jennifer jareau (main): fired abruptly due to budget cuts but at least she given a promotion to explain her exit oh, wait no, it got revealed 2 seasons later that she actually went to the middle east to help out, was involved in a bombing and miss carried (re-hired due to fan outrage at her dismissal but was happy to return - 2 seasons later she took a stand against the network, not renewing her contract until she and fellow female castmate kirsten vangness, were given equal pay to their male cast members, they got a pay rise but not equal pay) 
  • emily prentiss (main): fired less abruptly due to the same budget cuts, her death is faked (she too is re-hired but did not want to return, she was forced back too finish her contract AFTER THEY FIERD HER and was then written out upon her request)
  • ashley seaver (main): brought in as a cheaper replacement for the 2 female leads cut due to budgeting, she transfers within the fbi and is never to be heard from again
  • carolyn rossi (guest): 1st ex wife of main male character, introduced to tell him she has cancer or something and dies in him arms
  • mauve (donovan?) (reoccurring): girlfriend of main male character, under threat for her entire arc and ultimately killed
  • erin strauss (reoccurring): the most impediment superior of the main characters also in a relationship with one of the main male characters, killed off by a serial killer with a vendetta against her and another lead female, also note, her position in the fbi was filled by a man 
  • alex blake (main): written out at the conclusion of her 2 yr contract, resigns from the fbi

a list of male characters written out or killed off on criminal minds:

  • jason gideon (main): written out upon the actors request, character resigns from the fbi

things that happen to male characters on criminal minds that remarkably didn’t result in their death:

  • aaron hotchner (main): is stabbed numerous times and left to bleed out, is in close proximity to an exploding car (note: that the blast killed the female he was walking to the car with) and hospitalised due to internal damage sustained in the aforementioned stabbing
  • david rossi (main): shit happens I’m sure, he gets drugged at one point anyway surprise! he’s completely fine 
  • derek morgan (main): one time he even has a bomb in an ambulance he’s driving but he gets it to a remote location and avoids being in proximity to the blast in a miraculous amount of time and then he was temporarily held captive by a serial killer 
  • spencer reid (main): is kidnapped and tortured by an unsub, develops a drug addiction, held hostage in a weird culty place but his female partner takes a beating instead of him, puts himself in a high risk situation which could result in the death of his girlfriend or himself guess who dies haha, is shot in the neck but it misses the carotid artery by 2mm ~lucky
  • william lamontange jr. (reoccurring): husband of lead female character, is shot, in a bombing, then kidnapped and has a bomb strapped on him but lives with mere seconds before the detonation (take what you will form the fact that after this, his long time girlfriend who had on numerous occasions refused to get married, agrees to marry him) 
  • matt cruz (reoccurring): kidnapped and tortured and then stabbed in a presumably fatal way but it’s all good

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steve/bucky, tattoos, bc i’m on a roll w/ it. :)

“Think I could get a tattoo?” Bucky asks, one day as he and Steve are walking past a colorful shop called Ink Illustrations.

Steve bumps Bucky with his elbow and winces; sometimes he forgets about the metal arm. “Sure, you could,” Steve says, rubbing subtly at the dull ache. “But what would you get?”

Bucky huffs a breath, reaches out and circles Steve’s elbow with a warm hand, thumb soothing away the echo of a bruise.

“I dunno,” he says, looking at the window thoughtfully, thumb still resting on Steve’s skin. A shiver runs down Steve’s spine, a delicious trickle of heat at the closeness and ease of Bucky’s touch.

“We can go look,” Steve suggests, and it takes all he has not to take Bucky’s hand in his own, tug him into the shop. “Something right across your chest, maybe—Bucky Barnes, lady killer.”

Bucky arches an eyebrow at Steve, and releases Steve’s elbow. Steve doesn’t chase after the lost warmth, doesn’t give a breath that’s skirting the knife’s edge of needy. He doesn’t.

“Think you got me confused with you, Steve,” Bucky says dryly, folding his arm. “Pretty sure you had little girls walking into walls at that charity thing last week.” He grins, suddenly, bright and sly. “And a few little boys, too.”

Steve pushes at Bucky’s shoulder. “What can I say,” he says, swallowing around the sudden bravado in his throat. “I’m generally appealing.”

Bucky cocks his head, looks surprised. Then, his expression turns speculative; he traces his gaze from Steve’s head to his toes, slow and appraising. Another trickle of heat dances down Steve’s spine, floods his belly and cheeks. 

“You are that,” Bucky says, grin more lazy now, eyes dark.

Steve shoves his hands into his pocket to keep from swaying closer.

A bell jingles as the door to the store slams open and a gaggle of laughing teens tumble out. Bucky steps away from Steve to make room for the group, and the moment dissipates.

“Anyway,” Bucky says, after the teens have passed. “Just a thought. Don’t think my skin’ll take needle and ink.’s why I don’t have any scars.” His hand ghosts up his metal bicep. “On the outside.”

He looks at the sign in front of the store, face cast in shadow and the wavering grey morning light. For an instant, he looks deeply wistful, Then, with a barely leashed sigh and a shake of his head, Bucky knocks his shoulder against Steve’s.

“Com'n,” he says. “There’s a joint up the street that does passable bagels. The kind you’d get at home.”

Just for that, for the mention of home, for memories of warm dough and a pile of coins on their shabby kitchen table, Steve lets himself follow Bucky along, instead of pushing the issue. But he stores away the look on Bucky’s face, tucks the yearning away in his heart, to reflect upon later.


“Look, it’s not a needle, and I’m no great artist, but." 

Steve squares his shoulders, pushes into Bucky’s bedroom, where he’s currently lounging on his bed, reading the newspaper.

It’s his nightly ritual, and it always makes something pump fiercely in Steve’s blood, body warmed by the sight of the waning light across Bucky’s face, the intense concentration of Bucky’s gaze. He remembers the keen intelligence, the quick wit of the boy he used to know. He remembers the tactical reasoning, the pragmatic and unrivaled common sense of the sergeant. It makes him happy to see Bucky emerge from the hole where he was buried so deep. It makes him happy to see Bucky pick the pieces of himself out again from the smoldering ruins, rebuilding himself into a statue of tempered glass and steel.


Steve jolts, ripping his eyes away from the amused line between Bucky’s brows. Instead, he focuses on the lush curve of Bucky’s mouth, the strong slash of his jaw, the throat working—


Right. Steve coughs, and looks at a point just to the right of Bucky’s ear. 

“I come bearing gifts,” Steve says. “Mainly this.”

He holds up the foil cone, watches as Bucky’s expression turns confused.

“What is that?” Bucky asks, and folds his newspaper aside, puts it on the bedside table. There’s something achingly domestic about the space left empty to the right of him, and Steve ignores the thump in his chest, as if in response to that emptiness.

“It’s henna,” Steve says. “I…did some research. About tattoos.” He waves the cone around, feeling a little foolish. “Thought, you know, if you can’t get something permanent, maybe you can at least get something that isn’t so transient.” He gives a toothy grin. “This stuff, it’s paste. You draw on someone with it, and it lasts about two to three weeks.”

Bucky looks stunned for a minute, glancing from Steve’s smile to the cone then back to Steve’s smile again.

“You…” he trails off, touches his chest. “Why?” he asks, and the fact that he looks so bewildered, that he looks touched and humbled but above all, incredulous, it kills Steve. How can Bucky not know?

(Well. Steve’s never been good with words, even before…everything. The serum, the war. Even back then, he and Bucky had a knack for avoiding the most important stuff.)

“Because this mattered to you,” Steve says, as clearly and simply as he can manage. “And you matter to me.” He shifts from foot to foot. “Dummy,” he adds.

Bucky snorts a quiet laugh, still looking disbelieving. “Aw, jeez,” he says. “Steve.” His gaze hits Steve straight in the gut, knocks the breath from him. “Thank you.”

“Welcome.” A beat, and Steve says, “So. Want to?” He holds up the cone, and Bucky’s eyes once again fall on the foil, this time less confused. More aware, and…hungry.

“Yeah,” he answers. “Sure. Will you?”

And there, though they never were good at communicating what mattered, they did have a shorthand, the two of them. Like falling into the ocean, sinking into the waves, they lapse back into short phrases, arched eyebrows, nods and noises of assent. Soon, Bucky is sprawled on the bed, chest bared, stomach rising and falling with each breath.

“What do you want?” Steve asks. Every sense is awake, it seems, the smell of Bucky’s cologne and shampoo, the feel of his skin, the sight of his stubble and the tight expanse of his muscles, the taste of heat and heady anticipation in the air.

Bucky looks up from under his lashes. “Whatever you want to give me,” he says, tongue flicking out to wet his lower lip.

Steve touches the line that bisects Bucky’s chest, the flat of his sternum. “Don’t know how to draw ‘everything,’” he says, and it should be cheesy, it is cheesy, but Christ. Bucky’s eyes flare and go electric blue at that, at the bare admission that circles in the air like a vulture, dark and honest and undeniable.

He grabs Steve’s arm, finger running down the blue tracery of the veins just under his skin. A brush of his thumb across Steve’s galloping pulse. The loose grasp around his wrist, possessive in such a casual, matter-of-fact way.

“Try,” Bucky suggests.

And with his hand braced over Bucky’s heart, his eyes never leaving Bucky’s face, the tip of the henna cone dotting its first green, swirling line…

Steve does.

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 2

Part 1

Summary: You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count: 2.7K

I went back to my apartment and closed the door behind me. What am I doing? Oh right! just making myself look like an utter lunatic in front of my neighbour. Fantastic. I felt my shoulders slump as I made my way back over to the daybed by the full glass windows. These apartments really were lovely, one of the main reasons I picked it was because of these windows. At night time sometimes I’ll turn the lights off and stare out at the world, it’s almost hypnotic. I settled down to watch the TV again, switching on Netflix and scrolling through to find a movie. Thank god they keep a large library because I’m really starting to make a dent in it. I flicked some random film on and went over to the kitchen and started making myself some popcorn, I sure am good to myself on a Friday night. I hadn’t even noticed that Ashton had turned the music down until I heard a knock on my door. Maybe Mrs Cusack’s cat got out again, it’s always wandering up and down the stairs. Sometimes I leave the door open if he’s in the hall and he’ll wander in for a treat, I like stealing a cuddle from him.

I opened the door to find Ashton, this time with a top on. Good, I don’t want to be caught gawking at his stupid chiselled body again.

“Hey, I thought I’d swing by and hang with you for a bit.” He smiled brightly rubbing his surprisingly large hands together. His fingers were so long but somehow looked poised too. They were artistic hands, I know a pair when I see them.

“Uhh … I thought you had company?” I pointed to his apartment. What’s he talking about, we’ve never hung out before, not unless our awkward conversations whilst we climb the stairs count and I prefer not to think about how much of a babbling mess I’ve been during those.

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150418 Fanacc of Wu Yi Fan & Liu Yi Fei during the filming of So You’re Still Here

Translation : fierydragonbreath | Source

A cute little scenario at the filming site! There’s no spoiler in here! There’s only interaction between the actors! Liu Yifei is really very beautiful in real person and all the male part-time actors are staring at her all the time. She’s a quiet person who doesn’t like talking to others and even if people were to talk to her, she would reply very gently. She would read during her break time, as in really reading book! Black cover… I couldn’t see very clearly. Fanfan’s personality is very lovable! In private, he isn’t cold at all. He’s very approachable and he loves laughing out loud. He can talk to anybody. He’s afraid that Baozi would feel awkward sitting alone so he walk over, take the steamed bun in front of Baozi and start talking to her. He even used his arching eyebrow killer move to make Baozi laugh.

*Baozi is Liu Yifei’s nickname.