arch angeling


I fear the voices of angels.

They all sound delicately different, some with deep, husky baritones, and other mezzo-piano, and soft.

I fear the truth they speak, because an angel does not lie. They only bare the truth, even if it’s sorrowful.

I fear when they sing.

When they sing, the dead rises. When they sing the oceans rage and the skies darken.

I fear when they sing the most.

When an angel sings, drums of war sound behind them, names of long dead gods are whispered.

I fear, that the voices of angels are the most terrifying oddities.

Wings - A Warren Worthington III imagine

@typicalserialkiller requested “Warren Worthington imagine where he’s embarrassed of his wings so until you show up to the school and also have wings and help him with his confidence about them”

Warren can you come downstairs, the voice of Professor X echoed through Warrens mind. He let out a sigh and pulled the headphones off his head getting off his bed and trudging down the stairs.

He saw the professor and professor McCoy standing by the main doors with a girl. Not just any girl though she had small feather wings coming out of her back like his old wings. The breath felt pulled out of his lungs. 

Part of his mind went to anger. Not towards her of course. But the fact that she still had beautiful wings and now he had metal killing wings which made everyone hate him.

Looking past the professors she saw him and he was able to notice the moment her mind took in someone else had wings, it put a large smile on her face.

“Y/N this is Warren he’s a student at the school. I thought he could show you around.” The professor explained looking expectantly at Warren.

“I mean sure whatever.” Warren shrugged off the ask earning a roll of the eyes from both professors. Y/N moved quickly past the two older men and to Warrens side.

“Take the lead then Warren.” 

Warren just began to walk off. He always had to have the bad boy I don’t care exterior so no one saw he was actually emotional. 

Y/N made up for his silence by explaining how she came to the school, that she liked his leather jacket, and that she hopes they could be friends. 


Friends are exactly what they became. Being new at the school was hard. Some lunches Y/N would spend the whole time asking him questions and talking herself. Some lunches they sat in silence. Warren wasn’t sure which he preferred. 

One lunch they were sitting outside on the grass and Y/N had her wings stretched out to full length as keeping them by her side was cramping sometimes. 

“Why don’t you stretch out too Warren? If it hurts me it must hurt you your wings are a lot heavier.” Y/N suggested causing him to look up at her.

With her wings out she did look really heavenly.

“I don’t want to.” Simple answer but it made Y/N frown all the same.

“Why not? You always try to keep in your wings I’m sure they would be pretty impressive out.” She didn’t mean it taunting. She didn’t mean it painful but it still hit a cord in his feelings.

Warren scoffed, standing up. “Y/N we don’t all have nice feather wings damn it! People hate the sight of me because of mine alright? I hate them. I hate to look in the mirror or see people’s expressions trying to get by me in the hall. My wings are hurtful and ugly and nothing but a big scar.” 

His voice seemed strained at the end like he was trying to keep in his emotion. Y/N couldn’t reply she was too shocked looking up at him from her sitting position with an expression of horror. 

Warren just walked back to his room hating himself now for both his wings and for yelling at one of the only people who cared for him. 


Some time passed before there was a knock on Warren’s door.

“Go away.”

“Warren, it’s me can I come in?” Y/N asked from the other side of the door her voice quiet but worry obviously laced in it. 

There was a moment of silence and Warren sighed before opening the door. Y/N was relieved to see him as she had spent the last hour putting together her thoughts. 

Gently with her hand on his chest, she pushed him into the room and shut the door behind them.

“Y/N-” Warren started but she cut him off putting up a hand as if to say stop. “ You had your chance to talk now let me.”

“You don’t like your wings which I don’t understand in the least. They are part of you Warren and yea they are metal but they are still beautiful. If you were proud of them people wouldn’t care so much. And why do you care I’m sure you have no problem telling those people to fuck off. You are beautiful Warren I mean it.” Y/N finished her little speech with a huff of breath.

Warren didn’t have words to reply.

“Be confident in your wings Warren. They may be a quote scar but they are the most badass war wound I have ever seen,” Y/N remarked actually making Warren laugh a little. 

“So show me your wings streched out.” It seemed more a demand then an ask but the smile on her face let him knew it was alright.

Warren showed her his full wingspan and knocked over the radio on his desk in the process. They both paused and looked over.

“…I’ll buy you a new one Warren but nice progress.”


@rax-writes we haven’t talked but I’ve seen from Pasc’s blog you like Warren soo

“Cmon baby, we could be the power couple compared to you and that little twig of a demon! I’d be you big strong hunk of a man, and you’d be my small and delicate wife that would make me sandwiches!”

“Ohhh~ is that so?~ WELL, it’s a good thing I’ve got a brand new recipe! Maybe you’ve heard of it, it’s called a KNUCKLE SANDWICH!“

*then proceeds into whooping his sexist butt into the next century*

Okay so I’ve made a rival for bendy, as well as for Alice cause I just want an excuse for her to start showing moxie.

His name is Emmanuel and he is the stereotypical playboy™ who is a boxer and comes with bonus sexist lingo such as ‘Make me a sandwich’, ‘woman should be in the kitchen’, and my all time favorite 'your acting emotional babe, is it your time of the month.’

(Bendy on his way to beat his ass after Alice is done cause he wants a turn)

Dating Gabriel Would Include

Requested by anon

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

  • Constant flirting, teasing and joking. You give the Winchesters hell with all your jokes and pranks together
  • Almost constant contact. His hand on your lower back, pinkies linked, Gabriel holding your hand, his lips on your neck, anything
  • Waking up and as soon as you do hearing loud music and Gabe pressing his lips to yours and maybe your neck. He’s been waiting pretty impatiently for you to wake up. (This may or may not have involved him pissing off the Winchesters while he waited.)
  • Lots of innuendos but also lots of flowers and chocolate and stuff so the Winchesters think he’s a “good boyfriend” and worthy of you
  • Sam and Dean getting annoyed when Gabriel pops in and takes you half way across the world when you’re in the middle of a hunt
  • Them also complaining that he’s annoying and an asshole to which Gabe pops in and takes you away with a salute at them and starts to plot with you how you can get them back
    -”This isn’t going to stop them thinking you’re an asshole.” 
    “And? It’s fun!”

  • Him finding your smile absolutley gorgeous so him doing anything to see all your little smiles. The shy one, the trying not to laugh one, the sexy one, the smirk one, the flirty one, etc. He names them all and pretends to jot them in a little notebook each time he discovers a new one.
  • Him pouting and whining when you deny him kisses during an arguement:
  • Sam and Dean having to carry you away from the hotel when Lucifer comes. Gabriel kisses you one last time before he presses his fingers to your temples and knocks you into a gentle sleep. Lucifer teases Gabriel a little bit but knows it’s a touchy subject.
  • Waking up in the impala and screaming when you realise he’s gone, screaming so much and banging on the windows that they stop the car and Sam goes to sit in the back with you and you just lie in his arms and cry
  • Thinking you hear shards of his voice on the radio and in your music all the time but telling yourself it’s nothing until one day you hear, “Miss me, sugar lips?” on the radio and Dean gives you a look and you know you weren’t the only one to hear it
Welcome to Purgatory

Written for: Mama’s 100 Quotes of Supernatural Challenge

Prompt:  I lie. I don’t get lied to. (Benny)// Dude, don’t compliment the bad guys. (Dean) 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Benny x Reader(hinted at)

Words: 5932

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Canon Typical Violence, Language, Fluff, TW – Attempted assault

A/N:  This baby got away from me but in the best possible way. I hope you all enjoy! Also as mentioned, I hate titles and summaries. Gifs/images are from google, all errors are my own, and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: An accident causes you to wake up in the land of monsters known as Purgatory and finds you quickly captured by vampires. Luckily your guardian angel is looking after you and you’re saved by two brave men. The only problem one of those men is a fictional character from your favorite show Supernatural.  


   The universe had decided that today was not my day. First, the hairstylist apparently didn’t grab the right dye and now the red hair I was hoping for was now pink. Not even subtle pink it was bright and I’m sure my job would have a field day once I went back to work next week. Following that fiasco, as I was leaving the salon I tripped and broke the frames on my glasses resulting in me scrambling to find a pair of reader glasses close enough to my prescription lenses. Finally, when I get ready on my way to my blind date, which is my first date in ages, the traffic is insane and I’m trapped on the interstate. Like I said the universe is out to get me.

    I text the blind date that I’m literally stuck in stand still traffic including a picture for proof because even I think it’s fishy. He texts back a rather short message saying it’s probably for the best. That’s the message I get without anything further and I toss my phone in the seat completely done with the day. At this point, I just want to go home curl up in bed and binge on Supernatural. I don’t know why but just watching the Winchesters always makes me feel better. The eighth season can’t start soon enough. By the time I reach a ramp where I can get off the interstate it’s almost nine o’clock so I just take the back road I know to get back to my apartment quicker.

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anonymous asked:

13 for Lucifer???.... :3

13: “I’d take a bullet for you.”/“You’re immortal and I will kill you if you say that again.”

Drabbles requests closed for right now. Will have them back up ASAP.

You rolled your eyes at Lucifer’s antics. You were a bit used to it now. Not long after he’d taken over Cas’ body, he’d attached himself to you. Even moreso after he cleared things up with God. You glanced at Chuck, silently begging him for mercy. He just smiled and sipped his coffee as you all waited for Sam and Dean to get back.

“How do you put up with him?” You finally sighed out, leaning into your hand.

“He’s my kid. I just nod and put his drawings on the fridge,” He joked.

Lucifer let out a mock gasp of hurt. “How could you? You said they were beautiful!” He joked. He then walked to you and sat in your lap. You grunted in pain. “I like you.” He said, poking your nose. “Boop.”

“Get off me, Luce. You’re heavy.”

“You’re so cute when you’re upset,” He said, pinching your cheeks. You groaned and tried to shove his hands away. “You know, I’d take a bullet for you.”

“You’re immortal and I will kill you if you say that again.”

“Aw, so pouty! Can I keep her, Dad?” He asked, hugging you and doing puppy eyes. You let out a soft growl of irritation. “So fiesty.”

anonymous asked:

6 for lucifer? I love your writing so much! Thanks!

6. “Oh so you think I’m cute when I’m angry? Well get ready cuz I’m about to be FUCKING GORGEOUS!”

Lucifer grinned when he shuffled your hair. Something about making you feel childish amused him greatly. He always teased you about your height, despite that you were older than Sam, which you’d pointed out on numerous occasions. The way your face scrunched up when you were mad at him or the boys reminded him a lot of a bunny-rabbit.

“Quit it!” You told Lucifer, fixing your hair.

“Not a chance, little one,” He teased before smooshing your face. You groaned and tried to push his hands away. “Aww. My little bunny all flustered?”

“Lucifer, stop calling me that! It’s so cutesy!”

“But it pisses you off and you’re so cute when you’re angry,” He chuckled, kissing your nose.

You growled as the boys snickered. “Oh so you think I’m cute when I’m angry? Well get ready cuz I’m about to be FUCKING GORGEOUS!” You snapped before kicking him away.

“What the–” Lucifer shouted but he was pinned by you. He then noticed the sigils around the bunker. “You warded the bunker so you could overpower me!?”

You blinked, pouting your lips out. “No?” Busted.


R2M @ VanCon 2017 - FULL Panel

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Shadowhunters AU

Where the Lightwoods take note of Alec’s sexuality earlier, after he had his parabatai bond with Jace but still a teenager, and decide to hire a warlock (not Magnus because I’d rather Alec be an actual adult when they meet for shipping purposes) to ~*magic*~ the gay away.

The warlock, not being a complete bastard, talks to Alec in private (because he needs specifics if the spell is to work properly and boys rarely tell the truth if they think their parents can hear, he tells the Lightwoods) and lays it out for him.  There is no spell, he can wave his hands and send pretty lights and sparkles out, and Alec can go back to living in the closet to make his family proud.  Or he can fool his parents for as long as he needs to to get out, and the warlock will find him a safe place to stay where people won’t try to ‘fix’ him.

Alec takes option 2 and slowly makes a name for himself with downworlders as an independent shadowhunter that truly cares (I’m thinking a Batman or Archangel-like figure that the Clave is aware of, but doesn’t really expend resources on unmasking because he helps more that he hurts them).  

By the time season 1 starts he’s been dating Magnus for a year or so, has friends and connection throughout all the downworld, and has been tracking all the Valentine rumors (and relaying them to Jace and Izzy, cause let’s be honest, they would never have taken any side but Alecs).