Some TFA characters I haven’t drawn yet. I’m shocked Jazz is among them, how have I not made anything with him yet, I love that guy!

Also, it’s such a pity Rodimus only had a cameo, his design is so delicious god I’m shallow but damn boy.

Attention TF Artists: Stolen Artwork being Printed!

I’m part of a group on FB for Tf collectors, and this lovely man is posting un-sourced, uncreditted art and printing it on Tshirts and selling it. Please check the following link and see if your art is on the group page, if it is, he claims he’s free to print and sell it and nothing is wrong with doing so. I tried confronting him, below is our conversation before he blocked me. He is advertising the group as a gallery to print for profit from.

The group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/831509700292908/
PLEASE check for your art, @larrydraws​ and many, many other tf artists have their art posted and unsourced here and he will print any of it.

The initial post:

The conversation [Part1, my gf confronts him]:

He knows he’s doing something wrong because he’s being evasive.

Part 2, I confront him:

And he has this lovely reply before blocking me:

The art on the two pictured tshirts are:

By Mike Chio and a cropped version of this comic cover:

Some of the other art on the fb page he manages [again see top link for the page]:

Now if you’ve read our conversations with him, he believes he has full right to any of the stolen art on this group to print it. PLEASE if you have art on that page make FB take it down.

I know for a fact that the Impactor by Larrydraws, posted here on tumblr, even has a link to where you can buy a tshirt of it and support them! 


I guess it’s about that time again! Anime Expo 2014 is just around the corner and I’m rollin’ out some new laminates! Many of you who visited our booth last year are seeing some familiar faces, but along with the familiar faces, I have an additional seven NEW laminates. These include the following from the top to the bottom: Cyclonus w/ Tailgate, Tailgate, Thundercracker, Starscream with crown, Skywarp, Arcee, and Rung!

The prices are as follows, 1 for $3, 4 for $10, and 10 or more, $2 each! If you have any questions, please sent an ask! Me and Kwestone look forward to seeing you guys. Swing around our table at G25!

All the laminates are up on our website! Same prices apply, $3 for one or $35 for the whole set of 16, which is under two bucks per!


“The Autobots are some of the most sophisticated war machines ever constructed, but they’re hardly sentient.

Still, sometimes Raf wonders if there’s more to the Autobots than mere metal.

Ghosts in the machine.”


Transformers Prime AU in which the kids are Mech pilots (who slowly realize their bots are alive). Painted with Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Tasking” in mind.