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How would the TFP autobot gang (including cliff) react to reader working so hard that he/she gets sick and hasn't been looking after him/herself?

Transformers Prime Autobots

Optimus and Ultra Magnus are immediately worried, and will order you to take a break to look after yourself.

Ratchet makes sure you get some rest time to take care of yourself. He won’t hear of anything otherwise.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen practically beg you to take it easy, and will shed coolant if you don’t. You can’t resist their adorable faces.

Arcee rolls her optics, and forces you to get some rest. She worries, you know.

Bulkhead tries not to make his worrying seem like a lecture, but he really cares about you and wants you to be safe and healthy.

Cliffjumper and Wheeljack will distract you away from your work, and somehow manage to get you all cleaned up without you realising it. They take you on a drive while you sleep.

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How would autobots in the tfp world react to their s/o breaking a law? Like stealing or something like that - can be a more dramatic crime is you feel like it, thank you if you do :)

I tried finding that gif from Zootopia where Judy says ‘felony tax evasion’ but it didn’t show, so I’ll stick with theft lmao 

Optimus Prime TFP

He would be pretty disappointed when he found out. He would ask for your side of the story first, because maybe you had some sort of reason, but if there was no good reason and you just stole something just because, he’d be pretty disappointed in you (unless it was les miserbales style where ‘hey I’m starving just give me this bread’ or something, then he would completely understand) 

Ratchet TFP

He would be pretty mad when he found out. He would demand that you go and pay for whatever you stole

Bumblebee TFP

-shocked beeping- He’s pretty shocked that you would steel something. He wouldn’t tell anyone else, but he would tell you not to do it again

Bulkhead TFP

He’s disappointed in you, and makes you go return whatever you stole. He’ll keep it a secret just this once, but if he catches you doing it again, he’ll go to Optimus 

Arcee TFP

She would be shocked, and would demand to hear the whole story. She would make you go return whatever you took if you were able, and would make sure you didn’t do it again

Smokescreen TFP

He would be a bit shocked, but wouldn’t freak out too much. He would just tell you not to do it again

Wheeljack TFP

He laughs and tells you not to do it again

Ultra Magnus TFP

Get ready for the lecture of a life time, oh boy 

Attention TF Artists: Stolen Artwork being Printed!

I’m part of a group on FB for Tf collectors, and this lovely man is posting un-sourced, uncreditted art and printing it on Tshirts and selling it. Please check the following link and see if your art is on the group page, if it is, he claims he’s free to print and sell it and nothing is wrong with doing so. I tried confronting him, below is our conversation before he blocked me. He is advertising the group as a gallery to print for profit from.

The group:
PLEASE check for your art, @larrydraws​ and many, many other tf artists have their art posted and unsourced here and he will print any of it.

The initial post:

The conversation [Part1, my gf confronts him]:

He knows he’s doing something wrong because he’s being evasive.

Part 2, I confront him:

And he has this lovely reply before blocking me:

The art on the two pictured tshirts are:

By Mike Chio and a cropped version of this comic cover:

Some of the other art on the fb page he manages [again see top link for the page]:

Now if you’ve read our conversations with him, he believes he has full right to any of the stolen art on this group to print it. PLEASE if you have art on that page make FB take it down.

I know for a fact that the Impactor by Larrydraws, posted here on tumblr, even has a link to where you can buy a tshirt of it and support them! 

International Women’s Day - Transformers style!

March 8 is International Women’s Day, so we’re going to count down our top ten landmark moments in the history of Female Transformers!


There were efforts to include female characters in the Transformers brand from its outset - Ratchet, believe it or not, was originally intended by Bob Budiansky to be a female character, which is why he’s named after Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! Likewise, during the very early development of the Generation 1 cartoon, writer Jeffrey Scott produced a pitch that included newly-invented female characters who weren’t part of the toyline. But Hasbro didn’t go for either writer’s suggestions, and it took until November 12, 1985, and the broadcast of the seminal Generation 1 episode “The Search for Alpha Trion,” before the female Cybertronians would take their first bow. This episode introduces Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar, who have all inspired action figures, and starred in IDW Publishing’s current run of comic books! 


While Elita and her crew were only one-episode guest stars, the August 8, 1986 release of The Transformers: The Movie introduced audiences to Arcee, who would go on to become part of the cartoon’s core cast, and the go-to female Autobot character in future series like Energon, Animated, and Prime. Arcee was created for the movie by writer Ron Friedman, who insisted on her inclusion when others were hesitant, citing his own daughter’s love for the robots as proof that there were a female audience to be tapped. In fact, Friedman’s believes it was this insistence that inspired the production of “The Search for Alpha Trion,” and given that Arcee existed in drafts of the film as early as March 1985, he might just be right! 


Although a prototype design exists that proves Arcee was considered for release as a toy in 1986, this ultimately did not come to pass. It would take until 1988 before a female Transformers toy existed, and it came in the form of Minerva. A redeco of Nightbeat available as part of the Japanese Transformers: Super-God Masterforce toyline, this young medic was one the main characters in the accompanying animated series.


As few female Transformers as there were by this stage, they were still all Autobots! That changed in January 1990, when the final issue of the Transformers: Victory manga introduced Esmeral, wife of Deathsaurus, and Lyzack, sister of Leozack - the first ever female Decepticons! 


While Minerva brought a little diversity to Japanese toy store shelves, in America, there were no ladies to be seen until BotCon 1995, which offered as its exclusive toy the first female Transformer available in North America, a redeco of Generation 2 Autobot High Beam as the Decepticon sharpshooter Nightracer

6) 1997-1998 - BEASTIE GIRLS

Female Transformers finally made it to American shelves in 1997 when the Beast Wars series brought us Airazor and Blackarachnia, the latter of whom was the first evil female Transformer to appear in animation. There was just one trick -  their toys weren’t designed with them being female characters in mind! Like Minerva and Nightracer before her, Blackarachnia was just a redeco of a male ‘bot (Tarantulas, in her case), and Airazor’s pronouns were only changed to female when Beast Wars cartoon writers Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio requested it, so they could have a bigger female presence in the series. But this change paved the way for 1998′s big moment - the release of Transmetal Airazor, the very first Transformers toy that was designed to be a female character from the outset!

7) 2000 - DOUBLING UP

While Airazor was phased out of the Beast Wars cartoon during its second season, Blackarachnia remained a major character throughout the show, and on into its sequel, Beast Machines. It was in the second season of Beast Machines in 2000 that another benchmark was finally reached with embarrassing lateness - with the introduction of “plantformer” Botanica, a Transformers animated series how had two female heroes as part of its regular cast, a feat that would not be repeated until 2016′s Robots in Disguise


Female Transformers were in short supply during the “anime” years of Transformers, and it was Cartoon Network’s demand for some representation that saw “Nitro Convoy,” a male character in the Transformers: Galaxy Force anime, gender-flipped to become the female Override, leader of Velocitron, the Speed Planet, when the series was dubbed into English as Transformers: Cybetron!


April 2013 saw the launch of Hasbro’s first “Fan-Built Bot” poll, in which fans would be able to vote on the attributes of a brand new Transformers character that would be come a new toy. The character’s gender was not one of the original choices on the poll, but the fan’s voices were loud and clear on the matter - when a second set of questions were added in May, a choice of gender was one of them, and the votes started pouring in for the new ‘bot to be female. The end result was the Autobot Windblade, who went on to become a major player in IDW Publishing’s comics, and eventually headlined her own self-titled mini-series, created by the first ever all-female creative team in Transformers comics, Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone! From there, she made the leap to television, and now stars as a regular cast member in the second season of Robots in Disguise


The fans’ desire for more female ‘bots didn’t diminish when it came time for the second Fan-Built Poll poll in 2015, which offered the chance to create not just a single Transformer, but an entire six-strong Combiner team! The winner of this poll was Victorion, the first ever female “Scramble City” combiner, made up of Pyra Magna, Rust Dust, Jumpstream, Dustup, Skyburst, and Stormclash! Like Windblade before them, this new team also appear in IDW’s comic, and the giftset of their toys is set for release soon! 

That’s OUR top ten - what are some of YOUR favourite Female Transformer moments?


On August 8th 1986, The Transformers: The Movie hit theaters in the USA! Our Twitter account celebrated the 29th anniversary of the event by posting a bunch of behind-the-scenes material from the film, and now we’ll post them here as well.

Here are early models for Arcee, Blurr, Cyclonus, Galvatron, Kup, a Sweep, and Wheelie! They come from the Ron Friedman auctions of a few years back.