20 Tips for Archi Sophies of CSB .

This is it guys! The dreadful days! Congratulations for going this far! Dito na kayo mapapa-isip kung tutuloy niyo pa ba ‘tong kabaliwan nato. Dahil sa napagdaanan na namin 'to. Here are some friendly tips. :-)

Tip #1 - Kung hindi ka pa masyadong marunong gumawa ng models. Wag na wag mong kukunin si Sir Jimmy. Dahil panigurado ng mamamatay ka sa mga ipapagawa niya sayo. Killer din siya ng mga archi students. Dahil MADAMI SIYANG REQUIREMENTS! So, kung di ka pa ready sa models. Wag muna siya, okay? Ok!

Tip #2 - Kung gusto mo ng mga motherly type na prof sa unang hakbang mo ng ARCDEATH. Choose: Miss Mia or Miss Asela(?) Sila yung tipo na i-gguide ka muna nila and wala masyadong hinihingi basta mag-pasa lang kayo every meeting. Pero! Wag aabusuhin ang kindness nila. Nambabagsak din kasi sila. >:) 

Tip #3 - Kelangan ng matibay na laptop. Dahil gagamitin mo ito everyday. Dapat din naka-install na dito ang CAD,SKP,ArchiCad, etc.

Tip #4 - Kung hindi alam ang gagawin. Magpatulong! Hindi nakakabawas ng pagkatao yan. Mag pa-consult sa different profs or sa mga higher batch!

Tip #5 - Plus points pag rendered ang gawa mo. Use V-ray or Twilight. If hindi pa masyadong familiar sa pag-rerender. Use Twilight, kasi madali lang siya gamitin.

Tip #6 - Laging mag s-save kung Sketch-Up ang gagamitin. Dahil mahilig ito mag bugsplat. Sayang ang gawa.Pag di mo na-save ang mga gawa mo. Iiyak ka kasi hindi na siya minsan na-rerecover. 

Tip #7 - Iwasan ang madaming components sa Sketch-Up. Isa yan sa cause ng pag-ccrash ng file mo. Kung kaya naman gumawa ng sariling furnitures gumawa nalang.

Tip #8 - Kung determinado ka talaga mag-archi at kaya mo talaga ang pressure. Choose BFH’s arcdeath. Madami kang matututunan. Pero bawal tamad. Kasi BFH hates mediocre works. Isa siya sa mga kinakatakutan na prof kasi nakakalula ang requirements. Nagpapa scaled models din siya. So ayun, kailangan din marunong ka na talaga gumawa ng models.

Tip #9 - Consult Sir Nick. Because HE IS AWESOME. ;) 

Tip #10 - Pag sinabing A3. A3! Wag ka magpapasa ng A4 or short bond. Bawas points.

Tip #11 - Less is more. Kaya dapat ang ppt presentation ay simple, maayos at malinis. Dapat madaling intindihin. 

Tip #12 - Be confident sa defense. Hindi ka nila aawayin basta maintindihan nila ang concept ng work mo. 

Tip #13 - Maghanda ng maraming pera. Pang print at pang model. 

Tip #14 - Pumila ng maaga sa Dexact. Dahil laging madami ang tao dun lalo na pag midterms at finals. Nag-oopen ang dexact ng 9am. Ang A3 ay 70pesos. A4 is 40 pesos. ;) Pwede ka din sa Pindutan para 65php lang. Pili ka nalang! (Odiba, alam na alam ko na ang price. HAHAHA)

Tip #15 - Matulog. Kahit 30 minutes lang. Mahirap ang walang tulog lalo ng madami tayong majors at may mga pa-importanteng minors pa.

Tip #16 - Hindi enough ang coffee. Kaya bumili ka na din ng RedBull, Sting, Cobra, atbp. Yan ang kelangan natin pag na-ccram na.

Tip #17 - Set your priorities. Tapusin lahat on time. Minsan kasi hindi na natin napapansin ang iba natin subjects which can lead to failures.

Tip #18 - Use your absences wisely. :-) 

Tip #19 - Okay lang bumagsak! Pero, please! Wag na wag kang babagsak sa ArcDes1. Madedelay ka kasi ng 2 terms kung walang mag pe-petition. Kung ArcDes3 ka babagsak. Ayan pwede na. Hahaha! One term delay nalang. =))  

Tip #20 - Wag mag cram. :-) Just do them earlier para hindi ka na-tetense. Mahirap ang walang tulog at sabaw sa defense. 

So, here are my tips. :-) Mahirap ang pinasok natin kasi madalian lahat. Pero worth it naman pag mataas ang makukuha natin. Lahat ng sleepless night ay mapapawi lalo na if nakita mong gusto ng Prof and Jurors ang mga gawa mo. Wag lang maging tamad, minsan kasi yang katamaran natin umiiral kaya nag c-cram tayo minsan. Kaya do it earlier kung gusto mo matulog. Pero kung gusto mo talaga mag cram. Eh di gora lang! Hihi

Just have fun guys! And, if you think hindi mo talaga gusto ang Architecture. Mag-shift ka na hanggat maaga pa. You can’t force yourself into something you don’t like. Hindi ka mag-eenjoy kung hindi mo nakikita ang sarili mong ginagawa to after 5-10 years. :-)

Nur bei Gefahr: Wann Autofahrer hupen dürfen

Häufig kribbelt es in den Fingern, doch benutzen dürfen Autofahrer die Hupe nur in einem Fall: «Wer sich und andere gefährdet sieht, darf die Hupe betätigen», erklärt Josef Harrer vom Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland (ARCD).

Hupen ist erlaubt, wenn ein Autofahrer einen Radfahrer übersieht oder ein Fußgänger unachtsam die Fahrbahn betritt. Wer dagegen einen nicht ganz ausgeschlafenen Pkw-Fahrer an einer grünen Ampel anhupt, muss mit einem Bußgeld von bis zu zehn Euro rechnen.

Außerhalb geschlossener Ortschaften dient die Hupe ebenfalls als Warnsignal. Allerdings dürfen Autofahrer auch per Hupe anzeigen, dass sie überholen wollen. Beim Hupen ist jedenfalls generell Zurückhaltung Pflicht. In Paragraf 16 der Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO) heißt es zum Beispiel: «Schallzeichen dürfen nicht aus einer Folge verschieden hoher Töne bestehen.» Kurzes Hupen ist kein Problem, permanente Dauerbeschallung schon eher.

Häufig haben Huporgien auch einen positiven Anlass: Eine gewonnene Fußballweltmeisterschaft oder eine Hochzeit zum Beispiel, bei denen sich Autofahrer kaum abbringen lassen, ihre überschwängliche Freude am Steuer zu zeigen. Auch hier wird eigentlich ein Bußgeld fällig. «Aber die Polizei drückt in solchen Fällen meist ein Auge zu», sagt Josef Harrer vom ARCD.

Gefährdet ein Autofahrer andere Verkehrsteilnehmer durch rechtswidriges Hupen, kann es teuer werden: Vor dem Amtsgericht Frankfurt wurde ein Fall verhandelt, bei dem ein Autofahrer eine ältere Radfahrerin mit der Hupe erschreckte. Sie stürzte und verletzte sich dabei (Az.: 32 C 3625/06-48). Eine konkrete Gefahrenlage konnte der Autofahrer nicht glaubhaft darlegen. Das Gericht legte ihm eine Geldstrafe in Höhe von 200 Euro zuzüglich Schmerzensgeld auf.

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Ready. Set..... Day (-3)

I take my final exam in just a couple of hours. This means that after today, no more “being tired” or “not having enough time.” I still work the 5am shifts at the pool but will have more than enough time to go to the gym.

I will start Crush60 on Monday 7/13

I just took my before pictures and plan to make my journey public. I think this will totally boost my motivation.  I might even post on Instagram so that my friends/family can track my progress. Knowing that I have all these people counting on me, I know I’ll just try to show them how determined and capable I am. 

But yeah. super fucking excited to start working out and feeling good about my self!!!


***I tried to make them as unflattering as possible. These were taken post delicious pancake breakfast***

Un-flexed Anterior View

Flexed Anterior View 

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Crush Day 1

Chest day.

Yeah. My arms were like jelly this morning. But I finished the workout and felt amazing afterwards. I can’t wait for tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day….lol

*I need improvement on my chest dips tho. Like it was horrible. I had to take so many breaks during that part 😅

Crush HEAT day

So I did heat today…but outside! I changed up the workout a bit so I could do everything on the track. It was so much fun! But holy crap, I’m so not an awesome runner anymore! When I did Track&Field junior year, I ran 100’s in like 13 seconds. Now I’m up to like 17 😂😂 that’s so sad!!! Haha oh well. It was a real work out! I was red in the face when I finished!

Arm Day

My favorite day of the week. I felt and looked like crap today at the gym, so I was really self conscious. But after a few curls, I was like fuck it! Look at my muscles! Hahah I swear, I feel the prettiest after a good gym session. 

I crushed and life is good. My breakfast was amazing! I made scrambled eggs with ham, tomato, onions, kale and some crushed red pepper. Paired it with black beans and some scoops of cottage cheese. I tried my protein shake with soy milk today and it was freaking delicious. 

Leg Day


I love working out my legs. The Crush workout was effective in making me grunt like a man! LOL The only part that sucked was that these two guys decided to sit behind me while I was doing the sumo deadlifts. Like ??? Really ??