Thank You, Everyone.

I don’t know the exact date that I started my Tumblr, but I do know that I had it this time a year ago.

I just wanted to thank everyone, specifically Jack, Kyle, and Sean.

My blog has been used as an escape from many things as well as a place to express my happiness, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

I know it’s been said before but I really mean it.

Here’s to another year of SOTD’s, space stuff, magic: the gathering, and goofy shit.

Spiral out, keep going.

Community: Part 1. Thoughts, Feelings and Follow-ups

I started watching Community the other day. I have been meaning to do so for a while (1. For the humour. 2. Alison Brie.) and I’m glad I got around to it., it’s fantastic I have finished the first season and I’m 2 episodes into season 2.

I don’t know what it is but I have these strong connections with the characters on this show more than characters on my favorite shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I actually don’t know how to describe it, it’s just weird really. I find it odd because the level of character development and “fleshing out” is nowhere near those of the AMC shows.

One thing I have to talk about is how at the end of season 1 when Jeff and Annie did there thing it felt right, like it needed to happen, I wanted it to happen. Then the very first episode of season 2 they end it off like it was no big deal, which pissed me off a little. I know I’m only a couple episodes into season 2 but I hope that Jeff+Annie is a thing sooner or later.

I find it weird that I’m even talking about this, I find it kind of degrading or something like that actually. Talking about a show like its real life like a teenage girl watching any other show. Maybe it’s just because it’s a great show.

There you have it. Ill post more soon.

Pushing Through

Not gonna lie. The past few days have been rough. I almost broke down in tears after I wrote that giant post and have thought of almost nothing else since that night.

Sometimes you just have to push through. I will. I always have.

I need a beer.


Random Song of the Day #14, March 11th

“Easy”- Porter Robinson & Mat Zo

This music video is perfect for this song. I love how Porter isn’t afraid of putting his love for Japanese culture in his videos. He isn’t afraid of who he is. He really is an inspiration.