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Snappers don’t fly naturally; their wings are vestigial and much too small. That being said, skilled Arcane snappers have been known to levitate themselves when needed - albeit only for a short while and just a few feet off the ground. Lightning snappers scoff at this small magical feat. Lightning Flight has invented snapper-approved JETPACKS, and they go FAST.

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I think something similar was done before, but… culinary headcanons!

-Light Flight food has very clean, bright (no pun intended) flavors. They use native plants and animals in light dishes that tend towards the summery- salads, summer rolls, sorbets, light soups, etc. They are very keen on presentation and a Light feast will feature elaborate displays.  It’s similar to Thai food in some regards, though it’s almost never spicy. Non-carnivorous Light Flight dragons eat very little meat.

-Shadow Flight food features- unsurprisingly- a lot of mushrooms and ground-hugging forage. Dense, mysterious gumbos and stews are the flight’s signature dishes, but Shadow dragons have a notorious sweet tooth as well. Sornieth’s best candies and pastries come from Shadow confectioneries.

-Nature Flight tends to eschew cooking as a whole, preferring to eat their food raw though not without seasoning from the herbs and spices that grow in their lands. A popular hazing ritual for new dragons in a clan is to eat the hottest pepper that can be found- without making a face! Nature dragons delight in fresh fruits and vegetables and in the summer may eat little else.

-Ice Flight dragons prefer food that is easily stored and freezes well, and aren’t picky about what they eat. They tend to prefer fatty foods that will provide essential calories in the cold, and meat-eating dragons will keep a stash of animal blubber for particularly hard freezes. Ice Flight dragons are fond of a dessert similar to akutaq comprised of animal fat and berries..

-Plague dragons are always ALWAYS hungry and will eat damn near anything, rotten or not. A dragon from Plague Flight will think about gorging itself first and flavor second, though when a clan has sufficient stores they greatly enjoy preparing dry, spicy dishes typical of desert-bound beings. Any excess food is dried into jerkies or pastes that can be reconstituted or eaten as-is.

-Lightning Flight adores junk food above all else. Its workers often bring stores of chips and other greasy things to tide them over during long hours in the Boss’ workshops. They will fry ANYTHING given the chance. Some of Lightning’s more ambitious chefs enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be considered food, producing dishes that exist purely as vapor, entire liquid meals, and other feats of culinary engineering.

-Water Flight’s amphibious members don’t do much cooking for obvious reasons and prefer their food to be extremely fresh. A particularly fine catch or harvest might be sliced and presented in a way similar to sashimi, as Water dragons are very conscious of their food’s aesthetics. 

-Earth Flight food is simple, humble, and filling. They very rarely include more than a few ingredients in their dishes, and like Ice favor food that can be stored and preserved easily. Earth feasts are very communal affairs where each participant is expected to contribute with whatever they can offer.

-Arcane cuisine is bizarre. They have a habit of twisting their food into new and unorthodox forms inspired by the alien landscape of their home, such that Arcane dishes sometimes aren’t even recognizable as food. They especially favor crystallized desserts dyed to resemble the Starfall Isles’ peaks.

-Wind food consists of many small, varied dishes served in the manner of tapas. Wind dragons tend to snack all day long and typically don’t have large regular meals at all. They are perhaps the most adventurous when it comes to other Flights’ foods and will gladly try anything once.

-Fire Flight food is spicy, dense, and not for the faint of heart. Roasted chunks of meat impaled on sticks are a signature dish of many clans. Fire dragons excel at baking and produce all manner of breads that pair well with the bold flavors of their cooking.

to many, gembond is either seen as a disease or a blessing or a curse, or just a chemical reaction on molting scales. However, the magically adept of all flights have ways to use this for their advantage. 

earth: Gembond is seen a blessing from the Earthshaker himself, that the dragon has great potential.

water: no opinions of gembond and no real magical davantage, but due to the tides water gems are the smoothest gems of any flight. However, due to the tides, there is so much salt on these gems that dragons have been known to eat them.

fire: gembond is seen as a gift, but not towards the dragon, but rather the clan. it signifies that there is a destiny for prestige in mining, smelting and other crafting. sadly the heat of the region often makes the gem lose shape and have a semi-molten interior, it is very painful for the dragon.

wind: gembond doesn’t affect their magic and they don’t have beliefs about it, but if you pass under wind territory it’s not uncommon to get hit by gems that were loosened and blew off because of the high wind speeds.

lightening: so many have tried to use gembond as a conductor. but hey at least it’s a needed component in some machinery they have so get to scraping them gems off.

shadow:  the more reflective your gems are, the more laughable. the more your gems resemble the glowing mushrooms, the better camoflauge. dragons with dark primary and secondary but cyan gems are often thought to be the land taking on a dragon shape to join in the fun. 

light: light dragons use their gems to create more reflections to intensify the light and channel their magic more properly. the more transparent the gems, the better.

ice: It is hard to tell wether it’s ice or actual gems, but the most magically skilled have turned their gems into unmelting ice. 

plague: gembond isn’t a disease here, but the gems are incredibly flaky and are known to stun, poison, or paralyze dragons who come into contact with the gems. with practice, a plague dragon can contract their wings fast enough to forcibly shed gem flakes on enemies.

nature: no real opinions, but if the dragon looks like a moving land mass with rocks and greens and flora, there’s a good chance they will be regarded as direct descendants of gladekeeper herself.

arcane: did you know arcane gembonds, if thrown hard enough, explode? it’s true! donate your body to Arcane Science today.

tiny flight sigil pixels

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HEY SCHOLARS (and friends!) We are pushing for DOMINANCE this week, March 8 - 14th! We’re up against Shadow AND Ice (and Fire) so it’s going to be a very tough battle but we should do our best!! 

A lot of Arcanites might not have experienced a conquest push like what we’re trying to do. Arcanites, please check out this thread to learn about how you can help! It can be confusing to get started, so you can ask any questions you have on that thread or feel free to send them to me, BatCrooks #11316 and I’ll do my best to help you out or point you to someone who can!

For Arcane allies, the Out of Flight Raffle thread is here!  And the Public Buy Thread is here!