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My hand slipped, I blacked out and I don’t even know what happened. I woke up and the voices told me to share these with you lovely people. 

Free horizontal bio Banners/Dividers for everyone! (YOU get a banner and YOU get a banner and YOU get a banner…….)

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Free to use flight sprite pixels!



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Flight Backgrounds: 400px album | 800px album

So I made some little sidebar images from the background sidebar art for each Flight! These are just a few examples, I have every single flight done over on imgur, both in 400px height and in its original much larger height. (Tumblr does some weird stretching and resizing sometimes, so I didn’t want to upload all 88 images here lol).

There’s two versions of each sidebar, one with the original black edges and one without the black.

Use them however you like! If you need a particular size, I’m happy to resize it for you, if you don’t have an image editing program or can’t do it yourself.

None of the art belongs to me, it’s all © Stormlight Workshop and Flight Rising!


“Me and middoe had a conversation a few nights ago about our FR dwaggins, and basically she brought up how her Oriana, who’s usually a total bitch, would be absolutely doting and overprotective of my Aurelius, who’s her son. She talked about how her mate Toren would come home one evening after gathering and bartering and Oriana would run up to him in a panic, saying that she couldn’t find Aurelius, so they’d start looking and then they’d just find him with his fat little butt in a jar, and Oriana would just cry for like half the night while cradling him. So naturally, I had to draw this. It turned out adorabru.

Yeah, look at us making up stories about dragons. How dare we be imaginative.“

Snappers don’t fly naturally; their wings are vestigial and much too small. That being said, skilled Arcane snappers have been known to levitate themselves when needed - albeit only for a short while and just a few feet off the ground. Lightning snappers scoff at this small magical feat. Lightning Flight has invented snapper-approved JETPACKS, and they go FAST.

Deep in the Crystalspine Reaches lies the lair of the Aeternum, twisting tunnels carved out of the amethyst rock of Arcane lands. At the heart lies a cavern with a grandiose pool of water, gleaming crystals littering its shore. Among the crystalline waters slumber countless gold coins, gems, and other precious metals the clan has hoarded, a giant crystal embedded in the center of the lakel. And from atop this crystal is where the Lord of the Aeternum rules his clan, his onyx scales starkly contrasting with the dancing colors of his surroundings.

Mulling over lore stuff, wanted to draw where my clan leader spends all of his time. Quick sketch thing.

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to many, gembond is either seen as a disease or a blessing or a curse, or just a chemical reaction on molting scales. However, the magically adept of all flights have ways to use this for their advantage. 

earth: Gembond is seen a blessing from the Earthshaker himself, that the dragon has great potential.

water: no opinions of gembond and no real magical davantage, but due to the tides water gems are the smoothest gems of any flight. However, due to the tides, there is so much salt on these gems that dragons have been known to eat them.

fire: gembond is seen as a gift, but not towards the dragon, but rather the clan. it signifies that there is a destiny for prestige in mining, smelting and other crafting. sadly the heat of the region often makes the gem lose shape and have a semi-molten interior, it is very painful for the dragon.

wind: gembond doesn’t affect their magic and they don’t have beliefs about it, but if you pass under wind territory it’s not uncommon to get hit by gems that were loosened and blew off because of the high wind speeds.

lightening: so many have tried to use gembond as a conductor. but hey at least it’s a needed component in some machinery they have so get to scraping them gems off.

shadow:  the more reflective your gems are, the more laughable. the more your gems resemble the glowing mushrooms, the better camoflauge. dragons with dark primary and secondary but cyan gems are often thought to be the land taking on a dragon shape to join in the fun. 

light: light dragons use their gems to create more reflections to intensify the light and channel their magic more properly. the more transparent the gems, the better.

ice: It is hard to tell wether it’s ice or actual gems, but the most magically skilled have turned their gems into unmelting ice. 

plague: gembond isn’t a disease here, but the gems are incredibly flaky and are known to stun, poison, or paralyze dragons who come into contact with the gems. with practice, a plague dragon can contract their wings fast enough to forcibly shed gem flakes on enemies.

nature: no real opinions, but if the dragon looks like a moving land mass with rocks and greens and flora, there’s a good chance they will be regarded as direct descendants of gladekeeper herself.

arcane: did you know arcane gembonds, if thrown hard enough, explode? it’s true! donate your body to Arcane Science today.

Starfall Celebration 2015

This month, all of dragonkind come together to participate in the Starfall Celebration. This festival celebrates the arcane flight. Our most prized possessions, Magical Shards, can be found by using any gathering profession in the arcane territories this week. Neutral and arcane-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may be crafted at Baldwin’s Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents.

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