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Morphology by flight (I know, it’s been done):

Earth: Earth dragons are generally the largest, with rough hides and strong stocky bodies. They often have oversized front limbs and claws to allow them to dig and build more easily, and may have smaller wings in order to squeeze into their tunnels. Getting into a fight with an Earth dragon is not a good idea: they’re physically very powerful and have incredible stamina.  In some parts of Earth’s territory there are dragons who have spent so many generations underground that they’ve lost much of their vision and skin pigment, rendering them nearly albino. These dragons navigate by touch or by sensing vibrations.

Nature: Nature dragons rarely grow to any great size, as being too large in the jungle makes it difficult to hunt or flee. Despite their smaller stature Nature dragons are plenty dangerous, as many have developed poison glands and some even exude toxins directly from their skin. It’s very common to see Nature dragons born in camouflaged patterns and colors that allow them to blend into the forest, though many are born in bright warning colors. Most Nature dragons have well-developed claws suited for arboreal life as well as large eyes that function equally well at night. Very magically attuned dragons will sometimes grow plants directly from their mossy hides.

Ice: Ice dragons can be a little startling to those who have never seen them before. Their bodies are compact and bulky in order to conserve heat, and even non-tundras have been known to develop full or partial coats of fur. Like Nature dragons they have large talons to grip the ice and some have specialized horns on their heads designed to break through thin ice to reach air or water. Some are capable of developing thick layers of blubber underneath their scales, giving them a roly-poly appearance.

Light: Light dragons don’t have very many distinguishing features due to their rather undemanding environment, but they are known to have a more elegant appearance than other flights. Light dragons tend to have slightly longer necks and limbs and walk with a smoother gait, but have comparatively little stamina and don’t last very long in fights. Their wings and tendrils, if they have any, are very long and sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. It’s rare to see dark-colored Light dragons in any significant numbers. They tend to be slightly more intelligent than other flights, in a “book smart” sort of way.

Arcane: Arcane dragons are smallish in size and often spindly in appearance, mimicking their deity. They are not known for physically being very strong but compensate with deeper and more powerful magic reserves. Like Shadow dragons, they are frequently bioluminescent but have less control over it, and some Arcane dragons are downright glittery. Arcane dragons are by far the most likely to experience mutations and it’s very common to see dragons of this flight with extra limbs, wings, tails, and even heads. More monstrous mutations are present in clans located deeper in Arcane territory. Some barely look like dragons at all. All Arcane dragons have large, sharp-sighted eyes suitable for stargazing.

Wind: Wind dragons are known for being the best fliers and have smooth, streamlined bodies as well as powerful wings. Many have developed sails and fins to help them better navigate treacherous air currents, and their lungs are able to function at much higher altitudes than other flights. Some Wind dragons can fly for days or even weeks without landing, eating and sleeping on the wing and gathering moisture from clouds. Their wings display a much greater variety in shape than those of other dragons: broad wings for soaring, short wings for rapid takeoffs, curved wings for tight maneuvering. To assist with flying Wind dragons have large airsacs that make them lightweight, and coincidentally very buoyant. Most are sadly unable to dive without great effort.

Shadow: Long, low bodies are characteristic of Shadow dragons, giving some of them a weasel-like appearance. Shadow dragons are the most acrobatic and flexible of the flights to better survive in the brambles of their home and have tough, almost rubbery skin. They are very frequently bioluminescent and can even control the patterns they display, flashing glowing eyespots to frighten enemies or going completely dark in order to sneak up on prey. Some Shadow dragons possess chromatophores that allow them to change color completely, which they often use for pranks. Even the largest of Shadow dragons are able to move in near silence, and breeds with feathers have structures similar to owls that allow them to fly extremely quietly.

Water: Unsurprisingly, Water dragons are suited for aquatic life and many come ashore only rarely, if at all. Fins and flippers have replaced limbs in many Water dragon clans and wings have adapted to be more useful for swimming, sometimes taking on a manta ray-like appearance. Every Water dragon is born with gills as well as lungs, though some lose the ability to breathe air after several generations and require spells to survive on land. It’s quite common to see dragons with large fins on their tails, with some even losing their hind limbs entirely in a mermaid-like fashion. In the deepest trenches of the Sea of a Thousand Currents dragons have begun to resemble deep-sea fishes, complete with glowing lures and mouthfuls of jagged teeth.

Plague: Plague dragons are built for wasteland living and are very thin, sometimes appearing to be starving to outsiders. They have long limbs and broad vulture-like wings suited for soaring on the desert currents and have powerful jaws designed to crush bones. Despite their emaciated appearance Plague dragons are quite strong, and their bites deliver fatal amounts of bacteria to their unlucky prey. Some have even developed the ability to spray acid from glands in their mouths and throats. They are generally dull-colored to blend in with their environment but can boast streaks of bright colors. Plague dragons have a more feral and animalistic appearance than other flights and often have extra horns, spines, and rougher scales as well as exposed teeth.

Lightning: Lightning dragons are capable of storing electricity in their bodies and releasing it on command through a series of specialized muscles similar to those of electric eels. Their bodies are long and sleek with coats of jutting spines that allow them to gauge air pressure and nearby currents. Like Plague dragons they are adapted to a desert environment and can survive on little water and food for long periods of time. Curiously, they are much better able than other flights to handle prosthetic limbs and artificial implants and experiment freely with these sorts of additions.

Fire: Capable of withstanding far higher temperatures than other flights, some Fire dragons are even able to bathe in lava with no ill effects.  Their skin is very thick and rough and impervious to most damage. Fire dragons are very brightly colored despite their sooty environment and tend to have compact, armored bodies.

Take a good look guys because this is the most pink you’ll ever see me put in anything that I’m not being paid to make.

I’m not going to apologize for my bishonen dragon.


Flight Backgrounds: 400px album | 800px album

So I made some little sidebar images from the background sidebar art for each Flight! These are just a few examples, I have every single flight done over on imgur, both in 400px height and in its original much larger height. (Tumblr does some weird stretching and resizing sometimes, so I didn’t want to upload all 88 images here lol).

There’s two versions of each sidebar, one with the original black edges and one without the black.

Use them however you like! If you need a particular size, I’m happy to resize it for you, if you don’t have an image editing program or can’t do it yourself.

None of the art belongs to me, it’s all © Stormlight Workshop and Flight Rising!

SamSun Tablets Exploding at High Altitudes

Mass paranoia hit Sornieth late Wednesday night when an Immaculate Tablet 7 reportedly exploded midair. This being the third instance of detonating tablets, dragons from every region have begun leaving their devices at home, and as far away from them as possible.

SamSun, a tech giant located in the Sunbeam Ruins, initially declined to comment on the matter, stating only that “one defective spell is no cause for alarm. Our tablets are perfectly safe.” Two ‘defective spells’ later, it seems CEO Steve Daubs has had a change of heart.

“We here at SamSun understand that this is a serious issue. We’ve pinpointed the flaw to a faulty spell malfunctioning at high altitudes, and are working to fix the problem.”

Social media was not impressed with the explanation. Popular bloggers coined the term #sunburst to describe the incident, and the tag is now trending all over social media. An additional flame was lit beneath the popular tech industry as Arcane dragons - known to live and work in high places - were particularly vocal, taking to their social platform, Spacebook, to complain.

Tech engineers at SamSun have promised that they are working to fix the issue, but in the meantime advise dragons to stay safe, and away from their Immaculate Tablet 7s.

“I cannot apologize enough,” says Steve Daubs. “and in the meantime, we advise users switch to the much safer Blackberry. Thank you for your patience.”

Updates on the issue of exploding Immaculate Tablets will follow as news breaks. Until then, this is The Sornieth TImes.


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Draconic Language

Yeah, this has probably been done before, but the idea happened and I had to share it.

I made a post about possible Beastclan languages a while back, and in thinking about it today I realized that there is absolutely no way that every dragon in every part of Sornieth speaks Draconic the same way. There must be dialects or at least minor differences. Again, I am no master linguist, and I’ve made little effort with pronunciation, but I’ve done what I can with what might be possible regional quirks, divided by flight.

Light is easiest. They’re concerned with truth and knowledge, so their variation of Draconic would probably be closest to the worldwide standard. Most books are probably published in Light dialect. Older Light clans may come across as pretentious, as they often insist on “correct grammar” from others they encounter. Language snobbery isn’t exactly uncommon, especially if they don’t like you.

Shadow is almost identical to Light, owing to the physical nearness, except that Shadow slang contains a whole ton of double-meanings to really common words and phrases that means they can make truly fantastic (and awful) puns or speak in code and only another Shadow dragon will really know the difference. Bonus points if slang varies by region and a Forum dragon can say a joke that becomes an entirely different joke to a Brambles dragon. Do not let a Shadow dragon talk unsupervised to an old-school Light dweller. Just. Don’t.

Water dragons probably speak in metaphor a lot (typical oracle trait). They probably never give a straight answer if they can help it, because nothing you say can change destiny… Unless destiny changes itself. Also maybe pirate slang? Why not? They’re fond of nicknaming different currents, too (because oracles and kennings), so a novice navigator in the Sea of a Thousand Currents has a lot to learn. Many clans that are either entirely or mostly underwater would also probably adopt Maren as a second language, so phrases and pronunciations might creep in from time to time.

Earth has barely changed in millennia. It’s really hard for modern dragons to understand some of the more isolated Earth clans, actually, which makes it less a dialect and more a separate language. Earth Draconic is almost dragon-Latin or the equivalent of Anglo-Saxon English; very rarely do new phrases get added. Kin-terminology is super complicated. They don’t have the phrase “great-great-uncle,” they have a distinct word for that. Yes, I know it’s a stereotype, but Earth dragons also probably speak very slowly, and rarely. It’s like Entish. It takes a very long time to say anything in the Earth dialect, so they never say anything unless it’s worth taking a very long time to say. Kennings might also be common here.

Ice dialect is formal, logical, and clear-spoken. No room for linguistic frippery here; this is a realm of archivists and jailors, sometimes with very little distinction between the two. They also are fond of jargon, but rarely explain it if asked. Like Earth, they don’t speak often, unless it’s something worth saying.

Wind is a flight of travelers who ride the gales around the world, so Wind dialect is probably more like a pidgin composed of words, phrases, and pronunciations from all parts of Sornieth, from Draconic to Coatl to even a variety of Beastclan (especially Harpy/Talonok). New concepts are added pretty much daily by excited explorers. Among older clans, especially ones with familiar migration patterns, this might even grow into a proper creole as hatchlings naturally incorporate what their parents learned.

Fire is weird. On one hand, Draconic is generally accepted everywhere and so they have to know Draconic to get any trade done. On the other, coatls are native to Fire and have their own language. Either a Fire-raised dragon is likely to be bilingual, or the two languages have formed a creole. There are probably some concepts that Draconic cannot express well, and same for coatl; a Fire dragon might switch freely between the two to get an idea across without realizing it. Vocabulary is often full of forge jargon and metalworking terms, sometimes applied to non-forging activities or creatures in their slang.

Lightning is usually shouted. Have any of you seen Stormcatcher’s twitter? No inside voice. It’s short and to the point; a busy workshop leaves no room for metaphor, and analogy is only useful when explaining an idea that a diagram can’t convey. Absolutely loaded with jargon, too, though a Lightning dragon might be more willing to explain than an Ice dragon.

Nature is the Lorax and it speaks for the trees. No, really… there are probably dozens of words for each and every variety of tree, shrub, and grass that are found nowhere else in Sornieth because those plants are found nowhere else. Also full of plant-based metaphor and nicknames/slang, though it’s not often they indulge in more poetic discussion. Survival of the fittest does not mean the best speaker most of the time.

Plague strikes me as the sort to adopt anything that can improve their survival, so a Plague dragon’s vocabulary is probably a hodgepodge of other languages and dialects, especially from bordering areas. If a word for something is shorter and more efficient than its Draconic counterpart, it usually replaces the Draconic. They’re also prone to laughing at strange moments.

Arcane is the hardest to categorize, primarily because of the nature of Arcane dragons as curious and ever-exploring, but they usually fit into two main types. The first is the jargon-nut, who uses very complex terms for almost anything. You know the sort: the absentminded professor who always uses scientific names. The other sort speaks perfectly normal, plain Draconic, until that moment when they use a turn of phrase that’s so totally bizarre that it takes a while to realize what’s wrong and then kills all conversation as their partner just kind of stares at them.

Dragon months.

I propose to you:
 months. For measurement or journals or whatever. The months are calculated by full moons. 

 So -
 January - Month of the Gala / Month of Frost
February - Month of Trickmurk / Month of Long Shadows
 March - Month of Mistral / Month of Zephyr
 April - Month of Wavecrest / Month of Rain
 May - Month of Greenskeeper / Month of Foliage
June - Month of Brightshine / Month of Sun
July - Month of Thundercrack / Month of Storm
August - Month of Flameforger’s / Month of Heat
September - Month of Starfall / Month of Stars
October - Month of Riot /  
November - Month of Rockbreaker’s / Month of Ancients
December - Month of Silence / Month of Moons

Flight Rising Themed Titles & Jobs

I will edit this list as I go along ~

Head of the Clan
Deity Preacher
Nesting grounds master
Gathering team
Grand Hoard master
Grand Vault master

Grand Food/provision Master
Grand Material Master
Grand Apparel / Clothing Master
Bestiary / Familiar Keeper (familiar trainer)
Head of Battle / Grand Battle Master
Skin & Accent Master

Grand Alchemy Master
Grand “Element (Arcane/Shade)” Mage Master

Grand Gem & Treasure Master / Treasurer
Auction House / Marketplace Master
Trading Responsible
Festive Master

Coliseum Master
Dominance Responsible

Apprentices of these Masters
Outsiders / Foreigners
Shade Infected
Assassins / Dark Masters / Evil Mages etc.
Seer / Shaman / Fortune teller
Doctor / Healer
Artists /Dancer / Singer / Entertainers / Courtesan

Butler / Servant
Handmaiden / Maid

Traveler / Wanderer
Musician / Bard
Poet / Writer
Artist / Painter


“Me and middoe had a conversation a few nights ago about our FR dwaggins, and basically she brought up how her Oriana, who’s usually a total bitch, would be absolutely doting and overprotective of my Aurelius, who’s her son. She talked about how her mate Toren would come home one evening after gathering and bartering and Oriana would run up to him in a panic, saying that she couldn’t find Aurelius, so they’d start looking and then they’d just find him with his fat little butt in a jar, and Oriana would just cry for like half the night while cradling him. So naturally, I had to draw this. It turned out adorabru.

Yeah, look at us making up stories about dragons. How dare we be imaginative.“