arcane dominion

Except for “sacrapos”, “omnos” and “voveso in mori” all the lyrics on this album are original Gaulish texts, between 1600 – 2100 years old. They were discovered through diverse archaeological excavations during the last two centuries. Such texts were usually inscribed in small zinc plates, pottery (such as plates, disks or bowls) or tiles.

We decided to leave the songs on this album untranslated – for several reasons. On one hand there are parts of its lyrics where no translation is scientifically assured. Science still is in the dark about diverse aspects of the Gaulish language.

On the other hand, the ancient texts set into music on this album, are very intense and profound as they deeply ladle from the rich, figured and mystical Gaulish language. A language full of imagery, vigor and virtue and, not forgetting, a language of another aeon.

These lyrics are texts of magic, of spirituality and of cursing; texts of yearning and passion, of ardent love and fearful sadness, of burning hate and fury, as well as of delight and rapture… in short words: lyrics written by human life. It appears to be nearly impossible to adequately render those text’s substance in today’s English language. We’d fall short of the Gaulish originals.

So, we’d rather leave those words in their arcane beauty – untranslated.

- Chrigel Glanzmann (in the Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion album booklet)