Slow down, Wanda!
WANDA: No, come on! I can hear it!
PIETRO: I don’t want to take the shortcut again!

Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch (2007), written by Jeff Parker, art by Juan Santacruz

It’s a headcanon shared by most comic book and script writers who had the privilege of writing pre-superspeed speedsters that they weren’t good at running before they got their powers. I don’t know if the actors playing The Flash have talked about their exeprience with running, but this just made me think of how Aaron Taylor-Johnson said he hates it.


Legend of Isis Vol 3 - Dogs of War 1st look!!!  Out on Weds!

Writer: Ryan Scott Ottney
Artist: Rove
From Arcana: In print and digital
Isis confronts a new threat, known as The Council, who plan to cleanse the world of all who reject their one true god. When Scott is taken hostage, Isis– now completely powerless– agrees to trade her freedom for his. After the trade is complete, The Council welcomes Isis into their holy sanctuary, where she comes face-to-face with their o'mighty god herself… and Isis quickly realizes the the only person who could stop this maddening cult is the god whose word they follow. This brand new collected edition features never before seen images and bonus material! You can get it in print now!