Name: Jaune Arc

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Semblance: Shared damage (You hit me and you also feel the hit)

Weapon (include all forms and functions): Sword that turns in to Sword Sword, a sheath that turns into a shield, and an assortment of explosives arms both dust powered and not.

General fighting style: Home-brew (The main usage of my shield to both block and counter attack)

Can you get along with ALL of my current minions: Yes/No (Yes)

Are you afraid of Grimms: Yes/No (No)

Do you like having your hair touched: Yes/No (Yes)

Are alright sharing the bathroom with both humans and Faunus: Yes/No (Yes)

How likely is it that you will switch sides or I will otherwise need to kill you: Minimally/Not Very/Somewhere in the Middle/Very/Extremely (Not Very)

Do you like spicy food: Yes/No (Yes)

Why do you want to be my minion/child: (Yes)

Draw a picture of your favorite Grimm: 

Do you have a mustache: Yes/No (No)

If you answered Yes to having a mustache, how would you rate it: barely there/definitely noticeable/looks good/absolutely glorious

Are you alright with having your body modified with mechanical or Grimm parts: Yes/Mechanical Only/Grimm Only/No (Yes)

Do you wear pants at home: Yes/No (Yes)

Eye Color: Blue

List any allergies or other medical conditions you have: