So the episode “ Dark Room “ of the now most popular video game story line: Life Is Strange “ SUPPOSE “ to be out this month on 14, and Gamers are trying to come up theories for this episode. Personal I think this most happen

- Of course Max Caulfield mess up the present by saving Chloe dad, but what if this most be an good thing? Rachel Amber most be alive in this present time, plus if you notice if you haven’t you should watch the video of an peek of the next episode of the “ Dark Room “ which is Max at an party probably votiex maybe or some type of party which can be good for these two reasons

*Kate Marsh Evidence that she was drug

*Founding out what happen to Rachel Amber missing person report

*Natan Prescott is Selling Drugs

Now the trouble is that your in an newer time with Chloe dad alive, but Chloe is mess up in wheel chair probably has to do with timing with her dad suppose to die from an car but instead you change it and now chloe probably got in an car accident somehow due to your fuck up.

Now of course it must….I really don’t know I hope so that you can change everything back the way it was to the old bad ass chloe but somehow using your time rewind skills to save Chloe dad with you and Chloe together figuring out this shit. 

-Another thing: It must have some yuri {Lesbian Relationship} IDK Chloe and Max will end up together through all this shit? I mean when you think about it, it does seem like Chloe into Max so that must happen and since Chloe never dated Rachel Amber but you never know that she really did have romance feelings for her through. Also if things turn out like this the shipping pair must end up like this

* Chloe Prince X Max Caulfield

* Brooks X Warren

* Victorie X Kate { If you save her however }

Aristaeus, bronze plate, circa 1890. Photograph by Chris Flees.

Aristaeus is the son of Apollo and the huntress Cyrene. He was raised by nymphs, who taught him the rustic arts of cheese-making, olive cultivation, bee-keeping and mead-making. He also studied with Chiron, from whom he learned the selection and uses of medicinal herbs. Aristaeus taught these arts to humans, and gained great renown as a benevolent deity.

He married Autonoë , the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, and became the father of the ill-fortuned hunter Actaeon. 

At one point, Aristaeus’ bees mysteriously died. His mother advised him to journey to the fountain of the nymph Arethusa in Syracuse, where he was instructed in the ritual of bugonia. He duly built altars, at which he sacrificed cattle and left their carcasses. New swarms of bees arose from the carcasses, and his colonies of bees were restored.  

Aristaeus was worshipped in  Boeotia, Arcadia, Ceos, Sicily, Sardinia, Thessaly, and Macedonia.

Life is Strange Headcanon #22

When the girls watch scary movies together;

Everyone is holding Kate but she is the only one who isn’t freaking out entirely

Chloe is swearing constantly, even when nothing is happening

Victoria is the “DON’T GO DOWN THERE ASSHOLE” asshole

Max is the complete baby, screaming at the top of her lungs and locking up like a deer in headlights