arcadia abroad

Arcadia University Gothic
  • people disappear and reappear without warning. Here one moment, gone the next. Your roommate phases into thin air one night. Sometimes they’re gone for days, sometimes the whole semester. Sometimes they don’t come back. The school calls it “study abroad.”
  • behind you, a faint whirring becomes louder. lights appear, faster and faster they approach. You have no time. DIVE! DIVE FOR YOUR LIFE! the golf cart rushes by, apparently unaware of your existence. You find yourself on the green. You have broken through the solid ice and into the bottomless mud below. people don’t search for you. they assume you’re studying abroad.
  • in the morning, in the evening, they are there. The lounge kids. Do they go to class? Do they sleep? Do they have dorm rooms? Do they even go here?
  • It’s a cold winter’s day. You’ve decided to cut through the Kistler/Thomas/Dilworth complex to get to the dining hall. You no longer know how long you’ve been traveling. You are weak with hunger. You’ve watched the seasons pass through the few and far between windows. You finally find yourself back to where you started. The spring semester is now over. people haven’t searched for you. they assumed you were studying abroad.
  • A mysterious man stalks across the green. Like a time-traveler, his garb suggests that of a by-gone era. Or, perhaps a strict disciple of Henry David Thoreau. You see him, staging battles past. The wild man of Arcadia University. His mane blowing through the breeze. They call him Indiana Jones. 
  • The campus lays barren. Not a human soul to be seen. the pitter patter of small feet. A rustle in the bushes. The scritch scratch of claw on tree. A squirrel gnaws on half a bagel it has pulled from a nearby garbage can. It’s beady eyes stare at you. It reaches down and adjusts the straps on it’s tiny backpack. It’s late for 8:30 Bio in Boyer. No people inhabit arcadia university. 
  • There is a building. Oft mentioned, ner seen. The art students speak of it with a long away stare, pain in their eyes. where is-what is spruance?
  • They cultivate. In numbers ever growing and in boundless ranks. a silent army. the arcadia university frisbee team is vast and mysterious, consisting of what seems to be almost the entire population. yet you can find no-one who claims to be a part of it. who are they? what do they want?
  • It’s almost halloween at arcadia university. the castle tour make sure to mention the undoubtedly haunted status of arcadia’s halls. the tour guide stops and smiles wearily. she opens her mouth, only to be silenced by a loud bang from down the hall. she laughs it off with a tired, resolute giggle.just another victim of indefinite study abroad.

This photo just won Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies photography competition for Best Landscape Photo in the South Island of New Zealand!

Tunnel Beach, New Zealand