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Request ⇾ Richie x reader where the reader doesn’t really like Richie while he’s in love with her and he asks his friends for advice and each one gives him an advice and they all fail. And in the end she gives him a chance

Warnings ⇾ swearing, reader being not that nice at the start I guess, yeah I think that’s it?

A/N ⇾ this is long as hell and I’m sorry, hope y'all are having a great day! Keep sending in requests!


“C-c-come on, Richie! W-when has a g-girl ever m-made you sh-shy? Just g-go over there and s-say one of y-your cheesy l-lines!” Bill teased as Richie pushed his glasses back up his face.

“I can’t, Bill! I’ve told you a million times, she doesn’t like me like that!”

“Fine, then why don’t you try writing her a letter? Sign it from ’her secret admirer!’” Stan smirked, knowing that Richie was, indeed, her secret admirer.

“No, no! I’ve got it! Clean her room and her bathroom! Yes! And then you’ll know it’s safe, because do you actually know how many germs fester in those rooms? So many! I mean, it's—”

“Shut up, Eddie!”

“God, don’t listen to those fools. She wants something nice and romantic. Take her for a picnic and tell her your feelings, she’ll love the thought you put into it!” Bev chimed in.

“How about writing her a poem? I can help if you like?” Ben suggested.

“No, no, no! Be a man, just tell her how you feel!” Mike counteracted.

Richie was having a hard time processing what was actually happening over his friends countless suggestions, despite if they were good or not. He ended up shaking his head and standing up from their table at lunch.

“Forget it, I’ll just sort it out myself! Like I always do!”


“Hey, Y/N! Can I ask you something?” Richie said while running to catch up with Y/N as she rushed out of the school gates.

“You just did, Tozier.” She smirked at the flustered expression he currently had painted on his face. “But go on…” Not that she was genuinely interested to hear what he had to say, most of the time it was meaningless or simply derogatory, in her eyes. She definitely did not have feelings for him.

“Uhm, d-do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.” Richie spat the words out as if they were venom on his tongue, so fast that Y/N struggled to comprehend what he had actually said.

Instead of responding, she simply rolled her eyes and proceeded to walk out of the school gates, leaving Richie stumped.


Determined not to give up, Richie ran up to Y/N’s locker and slotted the piece of paper inbetween the gaps. He was giving Stan’s idea a go, since Bill’s had failed him thus far. He had even signed it with ‘your secret admirer’ hoping she would be able to catch on that it was him. Noticing Y/N round the corner, he ran off to his locker. He was going to nonchalantly watch as she, hopefully, read the note.

Y/N walked up to her locker and entered in her combination. She was planning on meeting her friends in the study hall, so was just going to pick up her books. As she opened the stiff metal door, a piece of crumpled up paper fell to her feet. She bent down to pick up the crisp paper and closed her locker. She leaned against the cool metal while unfolding out the paper, it read….








Richie could feel the butterflies deep within bursting as he saw her reading the note, his note! However, those were quickly replaced with disappointment as he saw Y/N turn in the other direction, dumping the note into the bin as she passed.


He wouldn’t give up just yet, he’d try Ben’s idea. So she didn’t like notes, fair enough, but maybe she would appreciate a poem? He wasn’t very good at them but he was sure as hell going to try! And instead of leaving it in her locker, he would slip it into her bag! Yes, that was a good idea! Then she couldn’t put it in the bin straight away, she’d see it when she got home.

It took him around eight attempts to actually write something that sounded, more or less, like a poem. Slightly satisfied and extremely tired, Richie packed it into his rucksack. He would sneak it into Y/N’s while they were all at the quarry tomorrow, then she wouldn’t know it was him if she found it during the day. He applauded himself for being so smart and went, promptly, to bed.

The next day, at the quarry, Richie’s heart was pounding. They had all jumped in, except Ben, who was sitting changing the tapes on his boom box that rested by their bags, by Y/N’s bag. He made some excuse that he was going to put some real music on and turn off Ben’s 'pussy boy’ music. It was not a lie, he probably would also do that while he was up there, but that wasn’t his main mission. His main mission was to put that poem in Y/N’s bag.

“Hey, Richie,” Ben said waving and smiling at his friend.


“What are you doing?”

Richie huffed before deciding to confide into Ben, “Well I took your advice, wrote her a poem and everything. I’m going to slip it into her bag so she can read it later.”

“Oh, can I read it?” Ben asked, trying to snatch it out of Richie’s hand as he quickly whipped it out of his backpack.

“No!” Richie’s hand flew in the other direction and quickly slid it into Y/N’s backpack. “No offence or anything, I just, its private, you know?”

“Yeah, sure.” Ben agreed.

“Now, let’s get this shit off and put some good music on!”


Having failed all of the three previous times, Richie was just going to be upfront, like he should’ve been from the beginning. It turns out, Y/N didn’t like poetry. She found it to be arrogant and narcissistic. How could Richie like the only girl on the earth who didn’t appreciate some half assed poetry? He didn’t know, but he was finally tired and just wanted to tell her how he felt. It was third period and they both had a free, so naturally, gravitated to the library. He could see her reading a book, something about Greek mythology. How could she find poetry arrogant but not the legacy of Greek god’s? He shrugged off his thoughts and strided over to her, confidence brewing inside him like an uncontrollable fire.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, i suppose so.”

“So, I don’t know if you know, but I’ve been sending you notes and poems over the past couple of days? I know they haven’t been working so I just thought I’d be upfront. I like you, I like you a lot. I think it would be really cool if we could go to the arcade sometime? I mean, if you want to, if not that’s also cool too.”

Y/N sighed. Initially, if she had been asked if she liked Richie that way, she would’ve laughed in whoever was foolish enough to question. But now, she wasn’t so sure. She knew it was him leaving the notes. He was a terrible liar and couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended on it, it was amusing actually. So seeing him go to all these lengths just to please her, did make her heart swell a little bit. And really, if she was being completely honest, she’d say she had caught feelings for him, so why deny them?

“Go on then, that sounds fun.”

I decided to make an oc just for your au!

This is Jenny, she was originally blonde but she died her hair.
Her father was a very strict man, he already didn’t like that she died her hair. Then when she got a nose piercing she was kicked out right when she was 18. Her father did not like what she was doing. Then she found a job at the arcade and got on her feet. She got an apartment and lives alone. She usually gives out free coins and tokens, even a pizza and drinks to the cool kids she hangs around and gets to know. Though she gets yelled by her boss alot because of this. She even plays the games when she’s strictly not supposed to.

I hope you can use her! ^^

Response: YES THE ARCADE WORKER WILL BE USED FREQUENTLY! The boys will be spending a lot of time there! I love her!!

Thanks for the submission!

I Hate You (Part 18)

Ryan sitkowski x reader
​Warnings : Language

“I mean, it wasn’t horrible, yknow? It’s actually a lot easier then I thought it would be,” you frown, twirling a piece of hair around your finger. You shuffle the phone against your ear a little, propped up on your bed as you talk to Ashley, waiting for the paint to dry on your toes.

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