arcade stick


Take a look at this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired custom Arcade Stick. Designed and handcrafted for our good friend Michael Heald at Fully Illustrated

Quarter sawn Oak: walnut stained, à la Frank Lloyd Wright. 
Seimitsu Buttons: black plungers, clear rings.
Sanwa JLF joystick.
Blue LEDs w/ custom LED controller.


Custom ‘Okami’ Arcade Stick

This pimped-out fightstick by Christopher Jones is freaking gorgeous.

From the artist:

Some simple photo manipulation led to this beauty, bought a pink joystick from a friend, needed some new art. I immediately thought of the cherry blossoms in my favorite game Okami. Put a few pictures together, blended the colors, the spirit of Queen Himiko floating in the background and there you have it.

I want twelve!