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If you post about fighting games..

I know there are more blogs to follow so I’ll post this again, if you post fighting games whether it’s street fighter, tekken, darkstalkers, skullgirls or any game in between, I want to follow you so like this post. Also if you post about the fighting game community or arcade sticks, I want to follow you too. ❤️

My STG setup currently,

HRAP 2 with full Seimitsu (LS-32-01 Stick & PS-14-GN / ps 14 d-n Buttons)

19" HP CRT with Trinitron tube

nike box ;)

Hooked up too to the Xbox 360 via Xtokki for CAVE joints and too a laptop running shmupmame, both through VGA. Looks beautiful on this display, just currently awaiting delivery on a mini SLG to complete the setup. 


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I’m starting to gather some stuff up that I’m planning on selling and I’m gonna spread out to more than just kijiji (think of a local ebay only in Canada for my non-Canadian followers)

Here’s one for starters, I got a used but in EXCELLENT condition of Madcatz Street Fighter IV Arcade stick that I’m strongly considering on selling. Know anyone who might be interested?