arcade miss fortune

Sorry for the long awaited post!! Been really busy busy bee :3 going to start posting a bit more this year regularly! I really love all the arcade skins (own 4/6 LOL) and just wanted to feature my bae, MF, in a 80s retro arcade space. Thanks for the continued support….as I dig myself out of an artblock orz

My best friend has this guy on her LoL friends list who is like her sugar daddy (they don’t know each other IRL). She says she likes whatever skin is up, and the next day he buys it for her without asking anything in return. She got Arcade Ahri, Elementalist Lux, full SG skins, Project Soraka, DJ Sona, all skins for Lulu, Karma and Miss Fortune and now he also bought the Rakan and Xayah skins and champs for her. I’m honestly a bit jealous of her…I wish someone would be that nice to me.

Artwork by Momonekonyan