arcade map


One map is called Oasis, it was some sort of desert map, didnt get what he was saying

the other one will be a arcade map, exclusive to the Overwatch arcade, with an 1v1 mode and 3v3

Crazy Taxi, Arcade map, by Churl.

This is how I remember the default (“Arcade”) map from Crazy Taxi. Lots of lost hours (and missed work) from the Dreamcast version of this game. Deliberate quirks of the burst and drift “moves” seeded some surprisingly deep gameplay, once you got really into the nuances of the physics, though real, competitive high-level play didn’t seem to catch on in a big way in the US. 

And, christ, that soundtrack. Scorched into my brain. “Yah yah yah yah yah…”

[Josh says: love your linework here.  So clean!]

itshaejinju  asked:

Hanzo! (The only one I know...)

Overwatch Hero Meme


- how often I play them:

I think he’s the second person or third I play as on console behind Zenyatta and Torbjorn, logging a miraculous… 5 hours in Quickplay. Yeah, not alot, but he has to compete behind Zenyatta’s 20+ hours (trust me, I don’t play Quickplay alot, but when it do, Zenyatta for days). Albeit, I’m not good with Hanzo at all, but I still try (and fail).
I should play Quickplay more too. All of the arcade games…!

- which maps I like to use them on:

Well, considering how bad I am, I get wrecked on almost any map I take him on. But I seem to find the most success with him on King’s Row, Volskya, and Hanamura. I kinda wanna try him on Oasis and fail at that too though. *strokes face*

- which skin I currently have equipped:

I mostly dig Okami the most and ‘forget’ to change it. I just think it’s super neat how his quotes and ult changes based on it. So cool…!

- who I ship them with:

MCCREE. Yeah, I ship him with McCree for sure. McHanzo…! But I also get behind the idea of shipping him with Reaper, Symmetra, and Widowmaker as well. But also, ya know… McDoodles.

Thankies for asking, Jinju~ c: Hanzooooo-my-lordy.