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Crazy Taxi, Arcade map, by Churl.

This is how I remember the default (“Arcade”) map from Crazy Taxi. Lots of lost hours (and missed work) from the Dreamcast version of this game. Deliberate quirks of the burst and drift “moves” seeded some surprisingly deep gameplay, once you got really into the nuances of the physics, though real, competitive high-level play didn’t seem to catch on in a big way in the US. 

And, christ, that soundtrack. Scorched into my brain. “Yah yah yah yah yah…”

[Josh says: love your linework here.  So clean!]

I’m sorry but the amount of content blizzard released for Overwatch over the past year is pretty pathetic, somehow over a year they’ve only released 2 (non arcade) maps and 3 characters, for a £40 game with heavy micro transactional events in I expected more

Me and Sarky came up with a pretty cute lil game today while checking out the new arcade maps in a custom game. 

The other went Roadhog and the other Junkrat, and the one going Rat went hiding and lied down on a spot and stayed still the whole game. They were only supposed to use voice lines to give hints for their location, and Hog was also allowed to call out. (also Rat was allowed to get up to release the riptire and run around with it, but was then required to lie down again.)

So basically just hide and seek with “Marco!” “Polo!” tactics. xD But it was hella fun.

spaceowlkitty replied to your post: god if that new map for overwatch is sombra’s room…

it’s probs Hanamura arcade though

but it look more purple-ish and seem like a bit dark, especially these glowing lining on the walls?? And the only people who would use computer is Sombra and DVA 

…beside i thought hanamura arcade is already a thing (like there are arcades in that hanamura map i think) :O


It’s here! New Warrior Cats multi-animator-project. Great job everyone!!

Alright it's 4 AM and I have a theory

Alright so let’s look at all the maps we have for OVW so far. We have Temple of Anubis, Hanamura, Eichenwalde, Volskaya, Route 66, Dorado, Gibraltar, Numbani, King’s Row, Hollywood, Lijiang Tower, Oasis, Ilios, and Nepal. We also have Antarctica but because it is a special arcade-only map I won’t count it.

So for most of these maps we have a character or characters associated with it/from there

Hanamura for the Shimadas
King’s Row for Tracer
Route 66 for McCree
Gibraltar for Winston
So on so forth

In fact the only maps we don’t have someone associated with are Oasis, Ilios, and Hollywood.

Now, because Orisa has been released for Numbani I believe that each map- with the exception of perhaps Hollywood because it is so iconic and we already have a lot of American characters- will eventually have a character connected to it

With Doomfist being teased, I’ve come to the conclusion that they will either add another map or tie his backstory to either Ilios or Oasis. I have a hard time believing that they would add a new map and new character tied together in one go, and I also believe that the OVW team will attempt to fixate the original maps first, so it is my prediction that Doomfist will be from Ilios or Greece in general

This MIght End Up A Story Mixtape No. 6: I Have Loved You Wrong

tracklist (not in order):

xo - john mayer

i have loved you wrong - the swell season

snap out of it - arctic monkeys

learning to breathe - switchfoot

in my veins - andrew belle

photograph - ed sheeran

please speak well of me - the weepies

this is the beginning - boy

i never told you - colbie caillat

brand new day - forty foot echo

lightyears - eraserheads

maps - arcade fire

the great unknown - jukebox the ghost

i’m still here - vertical horizon

you foudn me - the fray

last christmas - jimmy eat world

Lister here >

To download: Just copy paste the link abover here >> ;)


‘Where is My Mind?’

I’ve always been inspired by and love finding new playlists here on Tumblr and I’ve even discovered new bands/artists that are now my top favorites by listening to playlists people make on here. So,I made this playlist with songs that I’ve been listening a lot to lately. Hope y'all like these songs as much as I do. If you want to listen to this mix I put it up on 8tracks. ♥


One map is called Oasis, it was some sort of desert map, didnt get what he was saying

the other one will be a arcade map, exclusive to the Overwatch arcade, with an 1v1 mode and 3v3

Favorite Covers Radio 1 of Live Lounge: A playlist of all of my favorite covers done in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge! :)

01. Hold on We’re Going Home- Arctic Monkeys | 02. Locked Out of Heaven- Bastille | 03. Sweet Disposition- Ellie Goulding | 04. What Makes You Beautiful- The 1975 | 05. Maps- Arcade Fire | 06. Call Me Maybe- Ben Howard | 07. Figure 8- Ben Howard | 08. We Can’t Stop- Bastille | 09. Video Games- Ben Howard | 10. 99 Problems- Aloe Blacc | 11. We Found Love- Coldplay | 12. Get Lucky- Daughter | 13. No Church in the Wild- Devlin ft. Ed Sheeran & Labrinth | 14. Video Games - Bombay Bicycle Club | 15. Waiting All Night- Crystal Fighters | 16. Not Giving In- Imagine Dragons | 17. Mirrors- Ellie Goulding | 18. Halo- Florence + The Machine | 19. Hollaback Girl- Foals | 20. Wrecking Ball- HAIM | 21. Rhythm of the Night- Ellie Goulding | 22. Empire State of Mind- Ed Sheeran | 23. Dancing on My Own- Kings of Leon | 24. Young Blood- Jessie J | 25. Wrecking Ball- London Grammar | 26. Diamonds- Jessie Ware | 27. Take Care- Florence + The Machine | 28. Farewell to the Fairground- La Roux | 29. Electric Feel- Katy Perry | 30. Counting Stars/Holy Grail- Little Mix | 31. Naive- Lily Allen | 32. Every Teardrop is Waterfall- Robyn | 33. Cousins- Mumford & Sons | 34. Do I Wanna Know- MS MR | 35. Love Me Again- OneRepublic | 36. Love’s Not A Competition- Paramore | 37. I Will Wait- Little Mix | 38. In for the Kill- London Grammar | 39. Matilda- Paramore | 40. Use Somebody- Paramore | 41. Love of the Light- Rita Ora | 42. Summertime Sadness- Rizzle Kicks | 43. Monster/Story of My Life- Rudimental | 44. Treasure- Two Door Cinema Club | 45. Violet HIll- The Kooks | 46. I Knew You Were Trouble- Tom Odell | 47. Pumped up Kicks- The Kooks | 48. Best Song Ever- Gabrielle Aplin // LISTEN.