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Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection - Xbox Live Arcade
Thoughts So Far - Mortal Kombat I

This game brings back so many memories. I used to have it on Sega Megadrive at about the age of 8 or so, and my cousins and I used to play it a tonne, we loved it. And now I’ve picked it up for just 400 points($6 or so) on the Cyber Monday sales.

But however I played against the AI back then confuses me, the game is incredibly hard, with ridiculous spikes of difficulty when you hit Goro and Shang Tsung. Of course fighting games are known for this, but Shang Tsung’s ability to instantly transform to Raiden to dodge an attack, and then teleport behind me and attack me seems very unfair. Goro also has a ridiculous range on his punches, his grabs take off a quarter of your health, he has just as powerful of a ranged attack and he is impossible to block most of the time.
But this is just what comes with the game, it’s nothing that can really affect the overall score of the package too much as this is how the game has always been, but newcomer need to be aware that this game is very punishing of simple mistakes. The ability to duck Shang Tsung’s attacks that can do 50+% damage when hit is invaluable if you are to defeat him.
But if you manage to defeat him, then you will feel happy then ever due to the ridiculous challenge it was. It took me at least 3 hours to defeat the tower my first time.

Once I defeated the tower I expected to unlock the achievement for finishing the game, but I didn’t. This frustrated me the most as my hard work was not rewarded, and required a second playthrough. This is apparently a common issue, hopefully others are not so unfortunate to encounter this.

Of course the game features an amazing initial cast of Johnny Cage, Kano, Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Sonja. All of which contain awesome fatalities which were incredibly brutal for their time and are still quite brutal now.

There are some odd bugs and even choices that have been made to the game that I noticed during my play time which affected my experience.
I noticed in Endurance games that went they swap players, you can easily attack first, and they won’t react until after you hit them.
There was also moments when they would be blocking high while I’m attacking low, and somehow it would block it still.
Another odd choice is that Back button is used to pause the game, not Start which is the standard.
And of course the achievement glitch is the worst of all. 

Returning is the classic Test Your Might. Which seems to be quite easy using an Xbox control, but is still fun. It is as simple as button mashing until a meter reaches over a line of power, then pushing a button to smash increasingly stronger blocks. This is done in between matches.

I am yet to play this online or with friends but I can’t wait to, multiplayer is where Mortal Kombat shines. It’s always an unfair and frustrating single player game, and a hilariously fun and competitive multiplayer game. 

So far I am excited to keep playing through the games, but I know I need patience. It seems the difficulty settings from the main screen don’t seem to change the game’s difficulty at all, I still get rolled on easy.

Mortal Kombat I is a very challenging game that won’t take too nicely to newcomers, but it is rewarding and very gruesome for it’s time. It’s very full on, but still enjoyable enough. A challenging game is a nice change in this day and age.
I’ll post further thoughts about the other games as I play them and touch up this as my thoughts change and I play it more.