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so we met this pretty awesome dude today at Ottawa ComicCon! bob was so amazing to meet, truly. he was so approachable, so kind and so funny! whereas all the other celebrity guests where seated behind their table or booth, bob was literally the only one who was standing in front of the booth so he could give everyone hugs, take photos and actually engage in conversation.

my friend jess and i saw him near the end of the day, but regardless, he was still smiling and cheery. we had the photo op first, where just before us, the girl had asked him to pick her up for their photo. so we had jokingly asked if he would pick both of us up, he laughs and says yeah sure (obviously we were all kidding)!!

we then went to get an autograph and selfie afterwards. he was awesome in the sense that he really tried to spend as much time as he could with each person that came to see him. we intoduced ourselves and as he signed our photos he asked about our experience at comiccon, and i mentioned my grandma who loved the show but couldn’t make it to see him. i was also able to ask about what types of music he listens to as inspiration for bellamy. bob replied with some heavy rock bands, lots of arcade fire and stuff of the like, anything with that moody vibe for bellamy! we chatted about his panel the night before a bit, and jess and i also asked what he thought of Canada’s capital (we also subtly mentioned he should try a beavertail!)

i then asked if we could grab a photo together, to which of course he said yeah. i had said a hug or whatever he wanted in the photo, so bob then proceed to lean/fall into me laughing and saying “shannon, i’m getting so tired..and hungry” all dramatically…it was hilarious! we got a couple of really good photos after and he was so nice about all of it! before we left i complimented his hair because i do absolutely love it, said it was better than mine looked, bob laughs and strikes a pose, saying aw thank you! jess and i each asked for a hug before we left, saying it was wonderful to meet you (and ps he gives the BEST hugs!!)

The summer of 2008 Kent stayed with the Zimmermanns in Montreal for all but a week, and he and Jack went to every indie concert they could get into, and once Kent got up the courage to hold Jack’s hand in public as if they were just another pair of gay teens standing at the back, and long story short it was a long time before he could listen to Arcade Fire anymore without crying.


Arcade Fire new music video “We Exist”

“Our film follows the story of a young person’s struggle with gender identity.”

someone on facebook posted this and I am floored. It is beautiful. Also, is that the spiderman guy?