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what are some coping/trauma related songs you would recommend?

hi friend! I’ve gotten a couple of asks about music, so I’m gonna answer them all here. everyone copes differently and everyone has different tastes, but here’s a few recs I have based on what has helped me. (I’m favoring folk/indie here though my tastes are usually more varied, because these are related to trauma/coping more explicitly)

“download immediately I’m begging you” tier:

  • The Sunset Tree - The Mountain Goats (if you already know this album, then it sounds like a given. it’s a staple for me. in fact I’m linking the single track, This Year, which got me through several years of my life. this album is explicitly about surviving abuse) 
  • linked here is A Better Son/Daughter, of off The Execution of All Things by Rilo Kiley (this one’s so good that i’m actually recommending a single track, which I never do because I prefer always to recommend albums. you might cry like a lot. I definitely did the first dozen times I heard this. also the rest of the album’s great too! more about relationships tho.)

if you only read this far, please listen to those two tracks! ^^^ <3 

“saved my life” tier:

  • Transcendental Youth also by The Mountain Goats, would be my very next rec, if you want to feel like your life and your suffering are real and valid. (give the track Spent Gladiator II a listen!)
  • Lanterns - Son Lux (not about trauma, still helped me hang on by a thread when it was Bad. shameless plug, it’s patently my all-time favorite album)
  • Feel Good Ghosts - Cloud Cult (this is a Happier album that is literally about Surviving when you think you can’t anymore, it’s a little psychedelic and weird tho)
  • look friends, there is nothing wrong with a little Black Parade or Simple Plan for when it Hurts (Gerard Way and that cohort did it right all right?) This was middle school for me but this genre saved my life when I was that age

“gets me through it” tier: 

  • Neon bible - Arcade Fire (track “my body is a cage” is always stuck in my head and encapsulates That feeling perfectly)
  • Good News for People Who Like Bad News - Modest Mouse (feeling bitter? this is for you!)
  • anything by Sufjan Stevens (the album Carrie & Lowell might be the most relatable, but I also love Age of Adz, All Delighted People, and Illinois. this melancholy folk singer-songwriter is my favorite artist ever maybe)

ANYWAY! that’s everything I can think of for now. thanks for reading this far, and if anyone wants like, a playlist instead of albums, let me know! that would be more varied in genre/style. or, send a genre and I can find stuff within that. 

hope you’re having a great day!

songs the signs might like

aries: where did the party go (fall out boy) // a certain romance (arctic monkeys) // seventy times 7 (brand new) // battle cry (imagine dragons) // another brick in the wall, pt 2 (pink floyd)

taurus: underdog (imagine dragons) // this is gospel (panic! at the disco) // nepal (uss) // somebody to love (queen) // comfortably numb (pink floyd) // young folks (peter bjorn and john) // hopeless wanderer (mumford and sons)

gemini: midnight city (m83, saint wknd remix) // west coast (the nbhd) // you (the 1975) // lying is the most fun (panic! at the disco) // 505 (arctic monkeys) // dance dance (fall out boy) // staying up (the nbhd)

cancer: from eden (hozier) // heaven breaks (sleeping at last) // fairytale lullaby (bombay bicycle club) // fog (radiohead) // casimir pulaski day (sufjan stevens) // jesus christ (brand new)

leo: ain’t it fun (paramore) // girls (the 1975) // working man (imagine dragons) // white teeth teens (lorde) // broken arrow (the script) // haven’t had enough (mariana’s trench)

virgo: work song (hozier) // cosmic love (florence and the machine) // from finner (of monsters and men) // marooned (pink floyd) // sleepsong (bastille) // the boy who blocked his own shot (brand new)

libra: human (aquilo, marian hill remix) // robbers (the 1975) // human (the killers) // tennis court (lorde) // new york (milk & bone) // glass to glass (bombay bicycle club) // i found (amber run)

scorpio: lurk (the nbhd) // fire and the thud (arctic monkeys) // street spirit (radiohead) // girls/girls/boys (panic! at the disco) // oblivion (bastille) // fever (the black keys)

sagittarius: jackie and wilson (hozier) // gold on the ceiling (the black keys) // the city (the 1975) // on top of the world (imagine dragons) // millionaires (the script) //

capricorn: my propellor (arctic monkeys) // come as you are (nirvana) // heaven knows (the pretty reckless) // another brick in the wall, pt 3 (pink floyd)

aquarius: jealou$y (the nbhd) // mad as rabbits (panic! at the disco) // why’d you only call me when you’re high? (arctic monkeys) // chocolate (the 1975, acoustic) // buzzcut season (lorde) // heaven (amber run)

pisces: amsterdam (imagine dragons) // (the 1975) // flaws (bastille) // living on my own (freddie mercury) // neon bible (arcade fire) // just my soul responding (amber run)

2007 was a great year for music, many groundbreaking albums dropped that year

In Rainbows by Radiohead

Oracular Spectacular by MGMT

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack by the High School Musical Cast


11 tracks/ 41 minutes

the youth are starting to change–are you starting to change? are you together, together, together, together, together, together, together? the youth are starting to change.


1. Neon Bible (arcade fire) 2. The Youth (mgmt) 3. Run (daughter) 4. Chasing it Down (mother mother) 5. Lex (ratatat) 6. Houdini (foster the people) 7. Ghost (mystery skulls) 8. Thistle & Weeds (mumford & sons) 9. Kids (of monsters and men) 10. We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try) (rilo kiley) 11. The Kids Aren’t Alright (fall out boy)