arcade fire 2


So, here it is! Volume 2 of the Dark Things Implied OST, lovingly and painstakingly compiled and arranged by the invaluable @sleeptight-grimrite.  It kicks my ass, and I hope it kicks your asses, too.

  1. The Children - Yeasayer
  2. In Limbo - Radiohead
  3. Down Boy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Everything You Do (You Do For You) - The Arcs
  5. Cato As a Pun - of Montreal
  6. Memory Serves - Interpol
  7. We Suck Young Blood (Your Time is Up) - Radiohead
  8. My Body Is a Cage - Arcade Fire
  9. Siberian Breaks - MGMT
  10. The New - Interpol
  11. Yet Again - Grizzly Bear
  12. You and Whose Army? - Radiohead
  13. The Scale - Interpol
  14. You Go to My Head - Billie Holiday
  15. I Know Places - Lykke Li
  16. Soaked - Pinback
  17. Dead for Love - The Libertines

thank u @milkysleeps for tagging me!!♡
rules : shuffle your music and write down the first 10 songs! and then tag 10 others :)

1. rebellion (lies) - arcade fire

2. love don’t die - the fray

3. brooklyn baby - lana del rey

4. dkla (feat. tkay maidza) - troye sivan

5. can’t pretend - tom odell

6. miss jackson (feat. lolo) - panic! at the disco

7. lean - the national

8. chocolate - the 1975

9. high speed - coldplay
10. save yourself - birdy

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HAZY DREAM PT. 2  ~~ Hazy songs for sleepy days pt. 2 (i recommend you turn down the volume) 

     1.  milk & honey ~ arcade fire
     2.  daydream ~ smashing pumpkins  
     3.  into dust ~ mazzy star
     4.  play the part ~ little joy
     5.  basement scene ~ deerhunter
     6.  so good at being in trouble ~ unknown mortal orch.  
     7.  arrival in nara ~ alt-j
     8.  wave ~ beck
     9.  sing ~ slowdive
   10.  still together ~ mac demarco 
   11.  these days ~ the jesus and mary chain
   12.  too uptight ~ graham coxon
   13.  the best person i know ~ cat’s eyes
   14.  bullet proof… i wish i was ~ radiohead
   15.  go in ~ warpaint
   16.  who sees you ~ my bloody valentine
   17.  i’ll try anything once ~ the strokes
   18.  the ballad of keenan milton ~ devendra banhart

8tracks | spotify | listen to part 1


11 tracks/ 41 minutes

the youth are starting to change–are you starting to change? are you together, together, together, together, together, together, together? the youth are starting to change.


1. Neon Bible (arcade fire) 2. The Youth (mgmt) 3. Run (daughter) 4. Chasing it Down (mother mother) 5. Lex (ratatat) 6. Houdini (foster the people) 7. Ghost (mystery skulls) 8. Thistle & Weeds (mumford & sons) 9. Kids (of monsters and men) 10. We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try) (rilo kiley) 11. The Kids Aren’t Alright (fall out boy)


here’s a playlist of some music i’ve been listening to lately !!

1. my body is a cage - arcade fire
2. honeybee - seahaven
3. moaning lisa smile - wolf alice
4. heart in a cage - the strokes
5. beach baby - bon iver
6. werewolf - fiona apple
7. T.M. - jack kilmer (palo alto soundtrack)
8. two headed boy, pt. 2 - neutral milk hotel
9. head on - the jesus and mary chain
10. you’re not good enough - blood orange

i hope this makes your day better !!


10 tracks, 38 minutes

i love guts so much & i love berserk so much. this playlist is really heavy on aesthetic!! and i love it!!! I HOPE U LOVE GUTS AND HTIS PLAYLIST TOO.

“i’m going to get myself in fighting trim, scope out every angle of unfair advantage. i’m gonna bribe the officials, i’m gonna kill all the judges, it’s gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage. “

1. Black Mirror (arcade fire) 2. Dear Fellow Traveler (sea wolf) 3. Seven Nation Army (the white stripes) 4. The Sticks (mother mother) 5. Sleepwalker (cloud cult) 6. Sail (awolnation) 7. Hurt (johnny cash) 8. Boy With A Coin (iron & wine) 9. Follow My Feet (the unlikely candidates) 10. Up The Wolves (the mountain goats)

(my farnese + serpico playlist is here also)

i keep having text posts that get notes i need to go back to talking about things no one cares about to stay in my comfortable ~30 notes a post zone, so:

favorite chris ott-isms:
1. “i would stand tall in a coliseum battling lions if it meant i could erase the arcade fire”
2. “tons of people watched those towers burn, dude. some of them were listening to wham!”
3. his entire shit with sam ray which ended in him buying sam twitter followers and being accused of being a bad dad for spending money on fake followers instead of investing in his child’s future
4. “xiu xiu is gg allin for ceramics majors”
5. in general him stanning for the 1975 and despising anco/ dan deacon/ black dice/ anyone he deems “spazz music” is pretty funny

fav pitch era ott reviews:
1. the pavement reissue review
2. the vines - winning days (no one needs the vines. no one cries over vines songs.)
3. the best of mission of burma
4. young marble giants - colossal youth
5. the black tambourine one

fav of his shallow rewards videos: 
1. william basinski’s disintegration loops
2. from yonkers to highlife
3. the seminal shoegaze one
4. genrewave
5. this is boston not BK / things your mother should know