arcade fire 2


So, here it is! Volume 2 of the Dark Things Implied OST, lovingly and painstakingly compiled and arranged by the invaluable @sleeptight-grimrite.  It kicks my ass, and I hope it kicks your asses, too.

  1. The Children - Yeasayer
  2. In Limbo - Radiohead
  3. Down Boy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Everything You Do (You Do For You) - The Arcs
  5. Cato As a Pun - of Montreal
  6. Memory Serves - Interpol
  7. We Suck Young Blood (Your Time is Up) - Radiohead
  8. My Body Is a Cage - Arcade Fire
  9. Siberian Breaks - MGMT
  10. The New - Interpol
  11. Yet Again - Grizzly Bear
  12. You and Whose Army? - Radiohead
  13. The Scale - Interpol
  14. You Go to My Head - Billie Holiday
  15. I Know Places - Lykke Li
  16. Soaked - Pinback
  17. Dead for Love - The Libertines
Back 2 school indie playlist ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ“–

Because summer vacations ended we need some motivation and energy to go to school so this playlist can help. Also for mondays 😁😉

Campus- Vampire Weekend
When we were young- The Killers
Weight of living pt. II- Bastille
Last nite- The Strokes
When I’m away- The Colourist
Wake up- Arcade Fire
Tokyo (vampires & wolves)- The Wombats
Are we ready (wreck)- Two Door Cinema Club
Brianstorm- Arctic Monkeys
Wild heart- Bleachers
Heart out- The 1975
Different colors- WALK THE MOON
Ooh la- The Kooks
Villainy- Local Natives
Youth- Glass Animals
Female Robbery- The Neighbourhood
Until we can’t (let’s go)- Passion Pit
Don’t stop (color en the walls)- Foster The People
HandClap- Fitz and the Tantrums
Twice- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Leave a trace- CHVRCHES
Do you want to- Franz Ferdinand
Young chasers- Circa Waves
Olympic airways- Foals
Sunshine- Young Empires
Bad sun- The Bravery
The less i know the better- Tame Impala
Feel- Bombay Bicycle Club
Way too much- Wavves
Skeleton boy- Friendly Fires
Fever- The Black Keys
Silvertongue- Young The Giant
Seeing stars- BØRNS
Welcome to your life- Grouplove

You can listen and follow this playlist here 👇

soft - a (really daggy) collection of my favourite calm, chill and sleepy songs.

(-listen here-) - exhaustive tracklist under the cut, though im constantly adding to it

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“you cut your hair, i never saw you again / now the cities we live in could be distant stars / and i searched for you in every passing car”

1. suburban war (arcade fire) 2. stryofoam plates (death cab for cutie) 3. kept down (mother mother) 4. the mariner’s revenge song (the decemberists) 5. two-headed boy (neutral milk hotel) 6. who are you? (ajj) 7. wisdom (mother mother) 8. youth (glass animals) 9. old friend (sea wolf)

List 10 songs you are currently vibing to:

Tagged by @bladdar.

1. Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort
2. 8 Ball - Waxahatchee
3. Coffee and Cigarettes - Vic Mensa
4. Please - Rhye
5. 3rd Planet -Modest Mouse
6. Stereotypes of a Blue Collar Male - Shaky Graves
7. More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
8. Biking (solo) - Frank Ocean
9. Boredom -Tyler, The Creator
10. The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement - The Mountain Goats

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Melancholy (LISTEN)

Lilting, not quite sad but not quite happy.

1. No Cars Go by Arcade Fire 2. Sam’s Town by The Killers 3. Gotta Get Down by The Orwells 4. The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know by Panic! At The Disco 5. Despair In The Departure Lounge by Arctic Monkeys 6. Sensible Heart by City and Colour 7. Cheerleader by St. Vincent 8. Smile by Portugal. The Man 9. Colors by Portugal. The Man 10. Karma Police by Radiohead 11. Afraid by The Neighbourhood 12. Numb by Marina and The Diamonds

Music Tag!

I usually like mellow songs. Hopefully, when you want to calm down, you can listen to this. I also love these songs bc it boosts my creativity and productivity. Thanks for tagging me @unorthodoxsavvy 💙

1. Cars and Telephones - Arcade Fire

2. Half the World Away - Aurora

3. Ours - Taylor Swift

4. Bright - Echosmith

5. Drive - Halsey

6. Dynamite (Acoustic ver.) - Sigrid

7. Supermarket Flowers - Ed Sheeran

8. for him. - Troye Sivan

9. Truthfully - DNCE

10. Sweet Creature - Harry Styles

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Let’s share our music taste to the world haha

top 10 songs i’m into rn tagged by @sprinkles888 love you gurl

in no order because the order changes by the minute

1. Abraham’s Daughter - Arcade Fire

2. Forever Stuck In Our Youth - Set It Off

3. Tourniquet (Errai) - TesseracT

4. Fake Happy - Paramore

5. Eyelids - PVRIS

6. Skydiving - Lights

7. Ricochet - Starset

8. Go to War - Nothing More

9. Lost In Stereo - All Time Low

10. Iodine - Icon For Hire

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here’s a playlist of some music i’ve been listening to lately !!

1. my body is a cage - arcade fire
2. honeybee - seahaven
3. moaning lisa smile - wolf alice
4. heart in a cage - the strokes
5. beach baby - bon iver
6. werewolf - fiona apple
7. T.M. - jack kilmer (palo alto soundtrack)
8. two headed boy, pt. 2 - neutral milk hotel
9. head on - the jesus and mary chain
10. you’re not good enough - blood orange

i hope this makes your day better !!

9 albums

Got tagged by my pal @zacscottysnl to share 9 albums that I dig so here goes nothing…  

1. Everything Now by Arcade Fire
2. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
3. Funeral by Arcade Fire
4. Reflektor by Arcade Fire
5. Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
6. Masseduction by St Vincent
7. Fun Fear by Father John Misty
8. 22, A Million by Bon Iver
9. Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino

Pffft, what do you mean I cheated by putting every single Arcade Fire album except from their EP? 

I’ll tag - @hartlins @cometothefanny @ruthwilderz 


Arcade Fire Web Gems: Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Live at ACL in ‘07

HAZY DREAM PT. 2  ~~ Hazy songs for sleepy days pt. 2 (i recommend you turn down the volume) 

     1.  milk & honey ~ arcade fire
     2.  daydream ~ smashing pumpkins  
     3.  into dust ~ mazzy star
     4.  play the part ~ little joy
     5.  basement scene ~ deerhunter
     6.  so good at being in trouble ~ unknown mortal orch.  
     7.  arrival in nara ~ alt-j
     8.  wave ~ beck
     9.  sing ~ slowdive
   10.  still together ~ mac demarco 
   11.  these days ~ the jesus and mary chain
   12.  too uptight ~ graham coxon
   13.  the best person i know ~ cat’s eyes
   14.  bullet proof… i wish i was ~ radiohead
   15.  go in ~ warpaint
   16.  who sees you ~ my bloody valentine
   17.  i’ll try anything once ~ the strokes
   18.  the ballad of keenan milton ~ devendra banhart

8tracks | spotify | listen to part 1

Find 12 songs that would describe you in the soundtrack of your life then tag 10 people you want to get to know better who should try this out.

tagged by @archiefuckingandrews  and @beaniecrownjones (Thank you!!!!!)

A song where the lyrics summarize:

1. your childhood: Suburban War by Arcade Fire

2. your love life: Alone Sometimes by The Mowgli’s

3. your high school years: Good Times by All Time Low

4. your sexuality: Your Heart Is An Empty Room by Death Cab For Cutie

5. your personality: Diet Soda Society by The Maine and Best I Can Do by Misterwives

6. your opinion on a hot topic: The Poison by All American Rejects and The Down Fall Of Us All by A Day To Remember

7. your best friend/s: Another Night On Mars by The Maine and Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

8. your thoughts on growing up: Slowtown and Forest by Twenty One Pilots

9. you on a night out: Sex, Drugs, Etc. by Beach Weather

10. your flaws: Rose Colored Boy by Paramore

11. your perfections: Dear Life by William Beckett and Whoever She Is by The Maine

12. your year: Bliss by The Maine

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