arcade fighter

my plexiglass case and custom Chun Li “Spinning Bird Stick” art has arrived! couldn’t be happier with the quality print of my art.

thanks to Art at Tek Innovations. unfortunatley couldn’t do much since i’m on my lunch break and had to go back to work. gotta go to home depot after and get the right screw drivers to finish the build. can’t wait.

Street Fighters doing Jojo poses, In Sprite Form! Click on it for the real size. At first I only did Ryu, Dan, and Ken, but then I decided Chun Li should be in there…then decided Part 3 and 5 should be represented as well, THEN figured Rose and Guile should be in there because they owe their existence to Jojo. Then finally I decided to add a Dio rep. Since Gill and Urien may or may not have been inspired by the Pillar Men, I chose Gill instead of Bison.

The Background was also inspired by an existing Jojo Wallpaper I saw once. Even though I was working with existing assets, this still took awhile to do. Still had to customize ALOT of stuff. Also I found out that Alex is 195cm, just like the Joestar Men! Dang

Follow me for more sprites and make a request if you want!