arcade crane

10 Song Angelica Schuyler Playlist

1. Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron / 2. Venus Fly - Grimes feat. Janelle Monáe / 3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde / 4. Bad Religion - Frank Ocean / 5. American Boy - Estelle / 6. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) - Arcade Fire / 7. Cranes in the Sky - Solange / 8. Bossy - Kelis / 9. We Run This - Missy Elliott / 10. Dull Life - Yeah Yeah Yeahs


When I went to Japan there was so much haikyuu things I couldn’t handle it lmao so here’s a few stuff I took a photo of:
1) I walked around an arcade and found this crane machine that gave out haikyuu Volleyballs and I wanted one so bad sigh

2) From what I can understand its a popularity pole and it ranks the boys in order of who would receive the most chocolate on Valentine’s and apparently it’s Kageyama lmao (and under it was kuroko no basket and I wasn’t a fan of KNB when I went and now I regret not getting into it before I went to Japan bc I wouldve bought more knb stuff bigger sigh)

3) This was my literal fav bc loOK AT ALL THE SUGA

4) I think these are stickers? And I wish I got them omg

5) I had no idea what these were but I’m pretty sure those are clips or something lol

I didn’t get any photos of this but my Japanese host brought me to an anime store and there was an entire section dedicated to hq I wasn’t even sure if it was real life