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At long last, here’s my newest urban legend/conspiracy theory zine, Polybius!  The Polybius cabinet is a (supposedly) real arcade game/theorized mind control device that appeared briefly in 1981, wreaked havoc and then quickly disappeared.  

I am planning on keeping these conspiracy zines going, so if you guys have a subject you’d like to see discussed in one of these little books in the future feel free to leave me a suggestion!

Did you miss the first zine in the series?  Click here to read all about the Dyatlov Pass Incident!

8BitDo controllers work with Switch now ⊟ 

Get the 4.00 firmware update here, then set the controller to Switch mode (I didn’t know how the different modes worked on these things until just now), and you can be playing Switch games with whatever 8BitDo bluetooth controller you may have lying around! 

My NES30 doesn’t have enough sticks or buttons to play Zelda, but it still let me play! Shovel Knight worked great. Best of all, now I have a third controller!

Is this the first third-party controller, released long before the console itself??? Or, rather, the first huge line of third-party controllers, including arcade sticks? This is very cool.

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Another great example of mocking something nonsensical in the game itself: Why did Monokuma’s “Twilight Syndrome Murder Case” arcade cabinet have a control setup designed for two simultaneous players?

Because it’s secretly a fighting game, of course.

I deeply love the visual of Girl A (Mikan Tsumiki) getting the Ryu ending from SF2. (Somebody make some art of Tsumiki doing a dragon punch to a waterfall, PLEEEAAASE.)

This is also from @shslscans.


Pop'n Controller

(PS1/JP/February 25,1999)

I originally went out to find the Dreamcast version of this controller but found this one instead and couldn’t pass it up in it’s great condition and even better price point.

Also wanted to mention this controller is supposedly PS2 compatible but I cannot confirm that myself.

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Initials (Pavel Chekov x Reader)

Summary: A running family joke leads to some confusion when the reader unexpectedly bumps into their soulmate. 

Soulmate Prompt – Your soulmate’s initials are printed on your wrist and burn more when you get closer to them.

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music for a relaxing summer evening:

Here’s a collection of tracks I’ve put together for a Summer Afternoon/Evening. You can stream it on Spotify here if you’re interested! 

AndrasWhat They Say
Animal CollectiveWinters Love
Beach HouseAstronaut
Bibiolovers’ carvings
Cashmere CatMirror Maru
Cloud ControlGold Canary
Colin StetsonAnd In Truth
Deep Sea ArcadeSeen No Right
The DrumsLet’s Go Surfing
The Flaming LipsThe Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Fleet FoxesMykonos
FlumeTropical Sun
Fox + SuiSummer Storm
Julia BrownLibrary
Karen O And The KidsSailing Home
King KruleEasy Easy
Little JoyThe Next Time Around
MGMTOf Moons, Birds & Monsters
Monster RallySurf Erie
Neon IndianDeadbeat Summer
ParadesLoserspeak in New Tongue
Passion PitSleepyhead
Peter Paul And MaryLemon Tree
The ShinsPort Of Morrow
Sui ZhenLittle Frog
Tame ImpalaSundown Syndrome
Toro Y MoiTalamak
Two Door Cinema ClubWhat You Know
Unknown Mortal OrchestraFfunny Ffrends
The Velvet UndergroundI’m Sticking With You
Washed OutIt All Feels Right
The xxVCR

anonymous asked:

consider: a bmc wreck it ralph au!!

my initial response to this ask: nah it’s not gonna happen

then: wait a sec

AHEM. jeremy is primarily known as ‘player two’ in his little 90s two player arcade game, Survive! (a zombie kill-and-escape game set in a high school), which he inhabits with ‘player one’ michael. they’re best friends and have spent decades running from zombies together. also, jeremy is a tiny bit insanely head-over-heels for his player one, but shhhhh, nobody’s supposed to know!

however, trouble starts up when rich, their game’s primary supporting character, starts getting a little….weird. he gets a red streak in his hair. his lines within-game are delivered with more aggressiveness. after arcade hours, he’s a sudden party animal with rising popularity in the central circuit hub. also, he starts giving jeremy and michael the cold shoulder, despite having been friends with them for years. it’s weird.

it gets weirder, though, because the kids at the arcade start to notice

“hey, isn’t this guy kinda cool?” a boy points at rich on the screen. “how come we can’t play him? we’re just stuck playing the losers.”

jeremy doesn’t take that comment very well. 

“it’s not my fault I was programmed like this,” he wails into his hands. he’d nearly broken character, and then rich had ragged on him for slacking on player-character duties, and somehow it escalated into him arguing with michael as soon as the arcade closed for the day.

brooke, who he maybe-kinda-dated back in the late 90s when her game came in, pets his back and lets him cry some more. she casually deduced his enormous emotional baggage container for michael ages ago, and has since become his confidante. she’s used to jeremy’s breakdowns. 

“well, rich was programmed but he’s different now,” she says. “maybe you can change like him, too.”

jeremy’s still stung by loser, weary from years of pining, and he wants things to change. he wants to change. he wants to become cool, using whatever coding-sorcery that rich used. so he goes and asks.

rich, surprisingly enough, is helpful. he tells jeremy to go to Rehearsal Time, which is basically a ddr arcade machine but lets you choose characters to dance as, and to go ask Director Reyes, the game’s kinda-narrator, for help. say that rich sent him. 

so jeremy treks off to dance game land, and the first person he bumps into is christine. christine is, according to everybody else in the game, a glitch, because she doesn’t belong on the roster, her name’s never included and she’s not allowed to show herself on the screen, but she insists that she was made for the stage and to perform. she can feel it in her code!

mmmm okay and I’m not sure about specifics, but from there it all goes sideways, because associating with christine gets jeremy on reyes’s bad side, and idk somehow jeremy is still stuck there when the arcade opens, and michael wants to know where his player two is. rich has started going oddly glitch-y and incoherent, so michael runs to brooke for answers, and brooke goes with him to Rehearsal Time. 

somehow on the way, they run into chloe, who’s from the new action shooter game, and brooke is immediately smitten. jenna, who’s from chloe’s game, plays communications and data analyst, and she’s noticed something weird about the arcade’s data flow across the games, so she and chloe are investigating. all signs point towards Rehearsal Time, so they join brooke and michael and invade the game. 

aaaaand idek, jake, reyes’s right hand man, has started noticing something fishy going on, so he goes to help out christine and jeremy, and then they all crash into the others, then the big reveal shows that reyes is actually the squip, a villain from an old arcade game who got tired of always being vanquished by the players, and he’s been invading all the games across the arcade via planting code into characters from those games, and he intends to take over the entire arcade. he’s already virus-controlling a large amount of the arcade characters (including rich), and it’s up to jeremy and the others to save the arcade!

(and does he finally kiss michael? who knows? brooke and chloe get married less than two weeks later, though)