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At long last, here’s my newest urban legend/conspiracy theory zine, Polybius!  The Polybius cabinet is a (supposedly) real arcade game/theorized mind control device that appeared briefly in 1981, wreaked havoc and then quickly disappeared.  

I am planning on keeping these conspiracy zines going, so if you guys have a subject you’d like to see discussed in one of these little books in the future feel free to leave me a suggestion!

Did you miss the first zine in the series?  Click here to read all about the Dyatlov Pass Incident!

is this real? // a david haller fanmix [listen]

01. my body is a cage - arcade fire 02. ultraviolence control (mashup) - halsey/lana del rey 03. bad dream hotline - foe 04. whispering - alex clare 05. lucid dreams - tribe society 06. heavy dirty soul - twenty one pilots 07. run - awolnation .08. afraid - the neighbourhood 09. gasoline - halsey 10.  glittering cloud - imogen heap 11. tessellate - alt-j 12. somewhere a clock is ticking - snow patrol 13. breaking down - florence + the machine 14. touched - vast 15. discipline - nine inch nails 16. pure morning - placebo 17. confession - red 18. every day is exactly the same - nine inch nails 19. glass heart hymn - paper route 20. into the darkness - the phantoms 21. seven nation army (the glitchmob remix) - the white stripes

Gamer Talk: The Bullsh*t we have Today with :  Controllers

You know what’s BullSh*t???


They’re on everything even on some Game Controllers still and it’s a pain in the ass, it’s 2015 and were going on 2016, and we still have too deal with this crap. With stuff like Tv’s, Cable Boxes, HDMI, AC Adapters, USB’s in most places that are required, and other things cords are needed for are completely understandable, but when it comes to Game Controllers it’s a really shitty thing that always get’s in the way.

Especially went comes to… Arcade Fighting Sticks!

Why the hell are these things not Wireless!?! D:

We have wireless Controllers now but we don’t have Wireless Fight Sticks and it’s almost 2016, Seriously WFT?????

The only Arcade Stick that was wireless was the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle Release 7 Years ago, but it hardly counts since it runs on batteries.

Even Nintendo is guilty of the same thing, back when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition was Released Nintendo, Namco & Madcat made a Fight Stick for the Wii U. Cool right? Well i would be if you didn’t need a Wii Remote to use this thing, they had the chance to make it wireless and rechargeable but they blew it, as far as i’m concerned this thing is just another add on to the Wii u remote, it’s sad.

Speaking of Nintendo Why are do we still have wired Gamecube Controllers?
They could have just had these things wireless like the Wii U Pro Crontroller.
I don’t even see why i would want to play smash with GC Controllers anyways, Melee maybe but smash 4 not really, If we get to 2016 and we still have all this crap with wires, they need some pointers of how to get with the times, cuz this is bullshit… -_- 


Outtrigger (w/ Dreamcast Mouse)

(DC/JP/August 2, 2001)

This game is too much fun. And the mouse that came with it is too damn cute/cool. I adore this set. This is one of those games I always wanted to play growing up as it seemed like a 3rd person Quake III or Unreal Tournament to me (as a kid).

This is a game I love so much that I would consider getting the NAOMI board for it if I ever had the money.

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