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(I’m not crying you’re crying. I miss you, David Bowie.)

David Bowie & Arcade Fire - Wake Up



I think Wade just made a very interesting lore observation. The springlock suit that you’re in has a wide open mouth and an opening face. Spring Bonnie and Spring Freddy don’t have that feature, as we all know, but Wade asked something that completely escaped my “peripheral vision”:

“Is this Chica?”

Is it possible that there was a Spring Chica suit used somewhere? She and the Puppet are the only previously established characters to feature a wide open mouth like that (Toy Chica), and Scott did make a big point out of Chica missing her beak during 4. We also know from the pre-release source code that Chica had her own separate arcade before she was added to the Freddy cast: Chica’s Party World. However, her party place isn’t even brought up once in Sister Location. Did the Purple Man kill kids at her place using a springlock suit?