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“Hammerhead” (Alpha 25) Changelog:


  • “Unknown” controllers such as flight sticks are now recognized, you need to set up the control bindings yourself for them to work
  • There is a “Controls” menu in the “Options” menu that lets you rebind controls (with known OR unknown controllers)
  • You can set the resolution and fullscreen settings inside the game itself
  • The default Unity launcher popup is no more


  • Your loadout will be correctly applied even if all you did was pick a different aero
  • The aeroboost and aerododge specials play sound again
  • The game no longer tries to load saves from the registry, which was causing problems for people who had played Alpha 22 or earlier
  • Ground defenses should no longer spawn inside buildings


  • Earlier missions should generally be easier than in previous alphas, but later missions should be harder
  • Hitpoints reduced: AAA 100 -> 40, SAM 100 -> 60
  • If the mission objective is a ground target, there will be less turrets defending it in earlier levels
  • “VET” and “ACE” enemies now use secondary weapons… watch out!
  • Reinforcements are more aggressive
  • Mission objectives now have a maximum count depending on target type (no x6 X-LAB missions, for example)
  • AWACS now have escorts flying with them
  • Micro-rockets (unguided micromissiles) are now extremely accurate to make them a more compelling choice
  • The carrier screen is skipped directly after the tutorial (for a more streamlined new player experience)
  • Friendly ground bases are not guaranteed to spawn, but no longer have enemy defenses


  • You can now track a target by holding the target button (A button or spacebar), and release it to return to chase camera
  • There’s a HUD indicator when you’re in target-tracking mode
  • Missiles that have lost their target (or weren’t locked on at all) have a red X on them
  • Tech level is displayed on the carrier menu
  • The “EMPTY” option in the loadout screen how has an icon to make it more obvious
  • Icons in the loadout screen now automatically rotate
  • Indicators in the loadout menu make it a bit more obvious what you need to do
  • You can use the B button / TAB key to back out of most menus


  • The “look” controls (right stick) when using a gamepad / joystick have been greatly improved.
  • If you are tracking a target, when it’s killed you don’t automatically switch targets. Makes it feel a lot cooler!
  • Various missile sound effects changed
  • Due to controller configuration changes, splitscreen requires 2 controllers, 1 controller + keyboard doesn’t work
signs at an arcade

Aries: plays all the shooting games, hits the game screen when they lose
Taurus: filming Aries reactions with Sagittarius and sending them to the group chat
Gemini: playing arcade games with Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio and is the best at the racing games
Cancer: not really playing any of the games, just watching Scorpio, Leo, and Gemini fight over who is the actual winner
Leo: throws a tantrum after they lose for the 100th time, ends up having to be dragged away from Gemini by Scorpio
Virgo: thinks they have the most tickets by playing the same game over and over again with Capricorn until they see Aquarius
Libra: hanging out with Aquarius and Pisces, watching Aquarius win at all the games
Scorpio: secretly planning revenge against Gemini, drags away Leo because they threw a huge tantrum
Sagittarius: laughing their ass off with Taurus while watching Aries almost break an arcade machine
Capricorn: gets angry after comparing their and Virgos amount of tickets with Aquarius, scolds Leo and Aries for almost getting them kicked out
Aquarius: wins all the games that have to do with luck, leaves with all the prizes but splits some with Libra and Pisces
Pisces: gets all the cat stickers at the prize counter because Aquarius lent them some tickets



The final battle of the world heroes is at hand. Using the doctor’s time machine, combatants are sent through various periods of history as their fighting arenas to prove their supremacy once and for all. Battle across the Jurassic Period, the Stone and Ice Ages, the Dark Ages, Feudal Japan, the Industrial Renaissance, and more!

Sixteen warriors collide to put their skills to the ultimate test. Would your fighter have what it takes against the monkey king Son Gokuu, the dark warrior Zeus, and malice incarnate Neo Dio?


The other day I decided to install SDLMAME on my Mac since MAME OS X is so out-of-date. Now I’ve been sucked into a MAME rabbit hole for days and can’t focus on anything else. I need help. The upside is I downloaded a bunch of arcade flyers from here to use in a front-end and discovered a whole new world… Help me.

#HSWDAY from our friend StormSurge in the forums @stormsurge12

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