Careful Out There, It’s Candy Cab Crossing Season

Via @BlankaAlienJu, who states that it’s typhoon season in her neck of the woods, which is Taiwan. I guess that kinda/sorta explains the scene above?

Must have been some crazy strong winds; the few people I know who have moved their Candy Cabs for whatever reason practically chain themselves to the damn thing to such a degree that even Harry Houdini couldn’t pry loose. Oh, so on a totally random note…

I Googled to see if Candy Cabs was capitalized or not, which is how I came across Candy Cab NYC and then got all excited. Cuz it’s about time Candy Cab owners in the city had an online forum to engage in discussion, specifically those who hope to be one someday!

Instead, it’s just a cab driver that gives out candy to his riders. He also offers karaoke? Sounds like a fun time! Not an Astro City with a Ketsui board installed level of awesomeness, but a fun time nonetheless.


Arrangement of Final Fantasy Tactic’s “Antipyretic” from Dissidia Final Fantasy, arcade.