supergirl season 1 appreciation week
day 6: best arc (cat’s growth through kara)

I just want you to know that working for you is a true honor. You are my role model, and you lead this city with such strength and grace. And underneath that prickly exterior you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I just… I’m just trying to say thank you, for being an amazing mentor… and friend. 

Well, you’ve made quite the impression on me, too, Kiera.

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Hey friendly reminder to everyone that Jenkins is the only character to have such a bad roll that he died

Griffin: Uh, and he points his wand at the meat monster and a bolt of fiery flame shoots out of it. Uhhh,

[rolls dice]

Griffin: And he rolled a 2. And uh, misses the meat monster by a country mile!

[Travis and Justin laughing hard]

Taako: The worst!

Griffin: Uhh, and uh, with that, it’s back to the top of the order! [laughing] Uh, which is, the meat monster [Justin laughing hard]. Which, uh, trudges over to Jenkins, uh, picks him up by the throat, and throws him off the back of the, uh, open caboose door. And Jenkins… [rolls dice, scoffs] rolls an 8 on his dexterity saving throw. And you don’t see Jenkins anymore, he is gone, he has been deposited out of the back of the train. You hear him go:

Jenkins: Smell ya laterrrrrrrrrrrr~~~

Taako was right; Jenkins was such a shitty wizard that he died from his own bad rolls.


(by /u/monkeyjay)

Oh man, these are so cool!

I have to admit, it was tricky to figure out whether these were pictures of cosplayers or traditional/digital art. In fact, I’m still not 100% sure, so maybe I’m about to make a fool of myself as I go on to say how awesome it is that Monkeyjay managed to make them look so real!

It kind of reminds me of my reaction to this piece of Star Wars art, actually. :)

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I was relistening and in Moonlighting (ep 9) Lucretia says "As far as we know, the, the- the rogue wizards, who called themselves Red Robes--as far as we know, the- the rogue wizards who created all of these, uh, weapons of mass destruction, these, these Red Robes, are - all gone." (cause they asked if there was an anti BOB) and I find that really funny now cause literally everyone but Barry was in the room at the time. 😆

On a scale from having the whole team choosing red as their null suit colour when their old uniform before their mindwipe was also red to having a magical umbrella that absorbs the power of defeated magical energy when you yourself are a lich, that’s about as ironic as dying by the hands of your own meat monster as the wizard who’s been calling you a shitty wizard is proven right.

What I think I’m saying is that The Adventure Zone is quite a big fan of dramatic irony for a mostly-unscripted D&D podcast.

Nothing else mattered

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last Supernatural meta. Some days ago I answered an ask where I said that time constraints were among the reasons why I hadn’t written much lately. The other powerful reason was lack of inspiration. The thing is that after watching episode 12x14, I felt that I simply HAD TO write about something in particular, no matter what. I haven’t had time to read any meta for this episode, and that’s a good thing because it means this is my opinion without anybody else’s influence. Without further ado, let’s talk about the part of the episode that inspired me to write again.  

Other more talented meta writers have previously stated that Mary’s arc this season parallels Cas’ arc in season 6. I totally agree. The whole “Mary is working with the BMoL and keeping it from Dean and Sam” is the same thing Cas did when he was secretly working with Crowley. At least, the writers are trying to undo some things from season 6 because in this case Mary decided to confess to her sons what she was doing without being forced. However, if somebody still had doubts that Mary is a Cas parallel, in this episode there was a very explicit shout-out to a memorable scene between Dean and Cas: Mary literally told Dean, “I’m doing this for you.” I know she meant both Winchesters, but she was talking directly to Dean in that scene. Besides, where have we heard those exacts words before?

There was something else that was very relevant almost at the end of the episode. If we’re keeping in mind that Mary is a Cas parallel, how much of what Dean said to Mary applied to Cas around 6 years ago? The thing is that Dean never expressed what he felt at that time, but he did it now. The fact that he’s trying to talk about his feelings is huge character development for Dean.

What did Dean say to Mary?

“The moment I thought something bad had happened to you, nothing else mattered.”

That pretty much explains this from episode 7x01:

It also explains why Dean was so worried and desperate when he thought Cas was dead, to the point where he told Bobby that maybe angels didn’t need to breathe. It explains why when Dean realized Cas was alive, he didn’t focus on being pissed.

Dean didn’t tell Cas there was no way to redeem himself. He didn’t decide to leave him right there; Dean actually wanted to take Cas with them. Why? Dean was hurt deeply by what Cas did, and didn’t like the choices Cas made. The same happened with Mary. Dean didn’t like the choices she made and was really hurt by them. However, when Dean thought that something bad could happen to Mary, nothing else mattered. There was no betrayal important enough to prevent him from running to her rescue.

That’s what happened back in season 7’s premiere. The moment Dean thought that something bad could happen to Cas, nothing else mattered. Nothing Cas had done was beyond redemption. The idea of losing the person he loves hurts Dean a lot more than accepting the choices the person makes. That’s why Dean forgave Cas in season 7, no matter what.

Of course, many of us already knew that Cas meant a lot to Dean even back then. I’m just glad the subtext of season 12 is somehow explaining things that happened so long ago in the show. If season 12 continues like this, I might feel inspired enough to keep writing as often as I used to. 


First row: YunYunHakusho
Second and third row: Ionsheep
Fourth row: Shadaan
Fifth row: Cosplay by @rattonic
The remaining three: Unknown. If you have sources for these, let me know and I’ll edit this post.

Lots of awesome fanart submitted by thats-rough-buddy!

I really like all the styles here. The Worm fandom may not be that big, but it certainly has some very good artists in its midst. :)

Fact 6

Taako (Justin) actually uses a few spells during The Suffering Game that he was not supposed to be able to use. 

  • True Seeing; during The Suffering Game, Taako is a level 12 wizard, meaning that he only has one level 6 spell slot. During Episode 53, he uses the spell Disintegrate (level 6 transmutation) on the multiplying regenerating poisonous slime. Later on in Episode 54, Taako uses True Seeing (level 6 divination) on Magnus. There wasn’t anything mentioned between these two events that Taako had gotten this spell slot back.
    • There is the fact that Taako did cast Magic Jar (level 6 necromancy) in episode 56 when he was saving Magnus’ soul, but this is justified by the fact that the Umbra Staff had had Fake!Jenkins’ wand earlier that episode, so Taako had his spell slot back by then.
    • Taako used Drammij’s Instant Summons (level 6 conjuration) in Episode 58, but Reunion Tour take place the day after the events of The Suffering Game, so he had a long rest before then.
  • Hunger of Hadar; Taako uses this spell in Episode 55. Hunger of Hadar (level 3 conjuration) is a warlock only spell. Taako is a wizard and does not own a magic item that grants him the ability to use another class’ spell.
My theory for Black Butler

(I had to rewrite this, thank you very much tumblr, for not saving drafts automatically)

After reading chapter 129 and several theories by @abybweisse (who’s got great theories btw, so check them out!), I decided I’d give you my sight on the events.

Let’s begin.

I think we can say the twin Ciel theory is 100% valid now, really, nothing proves against it.

After reading the “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” line, I think there might be a second possibility other than Ciel being the one targeted by the “real Ciel”. The “candy” is suposedly the Phantomhive ring, that real!Ciel swallowed before being killed (I don’t know where the “swallowing” thing came from, but it seems logic to hide a ring in your stomach…). He then got stabbed in the chest/stomach as a sacrifice to Sebastian, who ate real!Ciel’s soul, then gave our!Ciel the ring after making the contract with him. According to theories, real!Ciel refers to the ring being “stolen” from him, which would mean our!Ciel stole real!Ciel’s title as the next Earl Phanomhive. So now real!Ciel wants his status back and our!Ciel is panicking because that would reveal the imposture and he would lose all the power and honor of being the Queen’s Watchdog.

But what if that wasn’t the true meaning of the message? After all, who was the one to steal the ring from real!Ciel’s stomach? Sebastian. Maybe real!Ciel is actually menacing Sebastian and trying to save our!Ciel from the same fate he met (losing his soul). Then maybe the “candy” isn’t the ring, but rather the soul. A-ha! This would furthermore prove that the message is addressed to Sebastian!

But then how does real!Ciel plan to get rid of Sebastian? The answer is as clear as daylight to me. If real!Ciel doesn’t have a soul anymore, than there can only be one man behind his revival. Or rather, one grim reaper. Undertaker.

Undertaker is the only one able to revive soulless humans as Bizarre Dolls from what we know. And even if someone else could do it, there’s still more chances he’s the one helping real!Ciel! (remember the scene when Undertaker is next to Ciel’s bed, and gives him something to drink? Very suspicious, no? Notice how you can’t see the left eye open? There’s the proof, it’s probably real!Ciel, and not our!Ciel! Also Undertaker says “it’s still too early for you to wake up”, which would be very strange of Toboso to highlight that on a single black panel without a reason)

Also, Undertaker has a good tie to the Phantomhives as it has been seen (the locket with Claudia Phantomhive’s hair, his attachment to Vincent seen in the Emerald Witch arc and the Demon 6 chapter…, and all his warnings to Ciel about his soul and status as the Queen’s Watchdog.) Undertaker cares for Ciel, and this can only add to evidence that the “Ciel wants to save Ciel” theory is possible.

The only possible counter to this theory I have found is that the last time we saw Undertaker, he’d used dreams and wishes to make the Bizarre Dolls, meaning that if real!Ciel did want revenge on his brother for stealing his status, then he would probably give up on reason because only his dreams are controlling him as a Bizarre Doll.

Back to Undertaker trying to help real!Ciel. I think Undertaker is more than the “friend” he’s been acting as with Ciel. I think he’s Ciel’s grandfather. The proof? Here you have it:

  • The locket with Claudia’s hair: those lockets are probably the hair of loved ones, more precisely spouse or family. If you’d seen all your loved ones die while you were immortal, wouldn’t you be fed up? That’s why Undertaker started trying to revive humans. And now he’s trying to bring back the last ones he’s had that he can still manage to save. Vincent was burned to ashes, so he can’t be brought back, but real!Ciel still had a body, so Undertaker just needed to preserve it (the special coffins of his confection, remember? He’s a reaper AND he has advanced technology, so it’s possible)
  • His close relation to Vincent and Claudia (perhaps): As seen in the Emerald Witch arc and the Demon 6 chapter, Undertaker is more than friends with Vincent (but not to the point where I would imagine shipping them; not enough evidence). This leads us to that special moment with the German Reapers. Remember when Sascha and Rudgar were commenting on how Ciel had seen them (surprisingly faster then Sebastian, *hint, hint*), they’d said “or maybe it’s because of his lineage”, and the family tree is partially shown? One box in the grandparents level of the tree was covered up by a speech bubble, and under it was written “Cedric K. Ros—-” with birth and death dates covered up by the bubble. Next to that box was Claudia Phantomhive’s name. Undertaker has a locket of Claudia’s hair. I think this is enough proof that Undertaker IS Cedric K. Ros—-. If the dates of birth and death aren’t shown, it might be for a reason. Like having a birth date several centuries before your wife’s and no death date with that. If Sascha and Rudgar were saying Ciel could notice reapers more easily than normal humans could, then maybe they were contemplating the fact that Ciel could have some grim reaper blood in him, leading to characteristics that they have, like seeing other reapers faster than a demon. This is also a theory to why Vincent was killed: maybe someone discovered his reaper lineage and saw it as dangerous, i.e. one of the Queen’s butlers or servants didn’t want Vincent to be an actual danger to the Queen (I think that’s why Charles Grey hates Ciel, maybe he’s the killer. That guy is able to hide criminal proof so well that only a demon can find it.)

To conclude this, I think Undertaker and real!Ciel are trying to save our!Ciel from losing his soul like real!Ciel did. I don’t know what Undertaker would do with the two afterwards, but I guess he’s not questioning that and just putting the two Ciels’ safety as his main goal (maybe a promise to Vincent or a feeling of paternal duty. Or both).

What I’d really like to see is if this grim reaper blood might lead somewhere else. Or if that comment Sebastian made about serving Ciel until Ciel dies, unless suicide comes in. BAM. What did Toboso reveal to us about grim reapers? 

I want to see if that line Sebastian said was just my imagination or if it’s real and maybe going to back-stab him someway… We’ll see later!

Oh and @abybweisse if you could correct me if you know stuff I don’t on this that could prove or disprove any of my theories, please reblog and tell me!

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Is there a reason Lucretia's design is most commonly a darker woman with short, white hair? Was this mentioned in an episode somewhere? (I got to thinking about the designs of the crew earlier, and it never occurred to me that this is the most common depiction of her! It's a lovely design, and I'm awfully curious. Thank you!!)

Oh! That’s because the dark skin and light/white hair is canon!

Griffin: With her back to you, she is facing that portrait in the back of the room, the one that I guess I think it was Taako who thought it had some kind of arcane energy around it, and with a wave of her white oak staff, that image in the portrait changes, and the Lucretia that you see - she’s about a 50 year old woman - disappears, and there is a young woman, in the portrait, with the same light hair and dark skin that the Director has, but she looks a couple of decades younger than the Director that you know today.

The short hair part is because it just seems like a very fitting hair cut/style for someone who goes by the title “Madam Director.”


#thankyoubones week: day 9 → 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

Hodgela ❤️ Yet another couple who have been through hell and back together, and have come out stronger despite the odds. What I love most about Hodgela is that while their journey from friends to lovers to an engaged couple happened in such a short timeframe, no one questioned their love or commitment to each other back then because they too, were always meant to be. Of course, an ex husband, a break up, Roxie, Wendell and several eons later, these two realised that themselves and thankfully, got married (in a jail cell no less). I have to say, that the day they spent in the jail cell represents some of my favourite Hodgela moments of the series, and their pregnancy arc in season 6 is a definite favourite, along with Hodgins’ paralysis storyline of course. I am so glad that after everything they’ve been through, particularly recently, they are now as solid as ever, if not more so. ‘We’re gonna live together and we’re gonna love together and we’re gonna have so much fun, and a little pain, and we’re gonna live a life that’s gonna make other people die with jealousy, wishing they were us.’ Hell yeah you two are ❤

Hey all! It’s that time of year! June 1st marks the anniversary of the Static #1 comic book release. It’s been a long time since the comic book and animated series ended along with Virgil’s short lived featuring in Young Justice (hopefully he’ll appear regularly in season 3), and a reboot comic that ended entirely too soon, but here’s where the second annual Static Shock Appreciation Week comes in! While were waiting for some new Static content for us fans to gobble up why not, in celebration of the 24th anniversary of Virgil Hawkins becoming the young, intelligent, electrified superhero we all know and love, spread our appreciation and love for this awesome super hero. This is to show everyone that the Static fandom is far from dead , and  we’re still here and waiting for Static and his crew to come back to us!

The event will start on May 29th and last through June 4th with a special prompt for each day. Anything goes as long as it pertains to the prompt no matter how accurate or how loose. Fanart, Fanfic, gifs, headcanons, anecdotes, etc are accepted for the comics and animated TV show, if Static was in it then it can be included. Just make sure to tag #StaticShockAppreciationWeek2017 in your posts so I can reblog it here and so others can see it in the tag.

Day 1 (May 29th) -Favorite Static Moment (What made you like Virgil Hawkins?)
Day 2 (May 30th) - Favorite Character in the Comic or TV Series
Day 3 (May 31st) - Favorite Static Shock Rogue (Ebon, Hotstreak, Puff, etc)
Day 4 (June 1st) - Happy Anniversary! What do you hope to see included in future Static incarnations?
Day 5 (June 2nd) - Favorite Episode or Comic Arc and Why.
Day 6 (June 3rd) - Favorite Character Relationships (Familial, Platonic, or Romantic)
Day 7 (June 4th) - Free Day (Anything goes, something you wanted to do didn’t fit in the other days? Today’s the day to let it all out with a bang!)

And that’s it! Take the rest of the time to think up and spread the news! Hope everyone that wants to participate can. Last year had a great turn out. I hope to see more of you post you thoughts and creations this year! Don’t forget to tag #StaticShockAppreciationWeek2017 in your posts!