I feel like Yugo went about it the wrong way, he tries to regain Rin by frantically showing her things they fondly shared, clear wing and their d-wheel. Yes the d-wheel is important and precious to them and the dragon was a card that brought them hope but he needed to face her head on because Yugo is the one she holds most dear. 

Like Shun, Yugo needed to get this feeling across of ‘I’m gonna get you back no mattter what’ in order to actually get some headway in the situation, feels like he may have just panicked too much in the heat of the moment.

Maybe this is just my appleshipper heart speaking.

Some headcons for my fav fuison kids

- Serena develops fear of bugs after the parasite incident, but being stubborn as she is and supposedly fearless she tries to hide it as much as she can which can be unhealthy for her. Sometimes she has nightmares where she thinks that there’s a bug in her ear and she’ll scratch her ear until it’s red (or till it bleeds) just to calm herself down.

- Dennis can be clingy and friendly but only around people he trusts and feels comfortable with. Basically he wouldn’t like to be touched by someone he doesn’t know well, and especially he won’t like people touching his hair to which he would react very negatively and maybe a little aggressive as well. So like, on a scale of fusion users we know:

Yuri can break his personal space whenever he wants (in a platonic way) -> the Tyler sisters (mostly Grace) can hug him but he’ll get a little grumpy if they’ll play with his hair -> Edo can hold his shoulders in some sort of comfort but if he’ll hug him Dennis will try to break free -> Sora shouldn’t touch him under any circumstance.


Yugioh Arc V Manga Volume 1 Special One-shot Chapter!

Credit to Kankurou on NAC

Yuya: -It’s noon, huh… I’m fed up of preserved foods, guess it won’t hurt to have lunch outside once in a while…
Yuya: -I wonder what I should eat… (something about eating on "Oomori Ramen")

Yuri: -That’s outrageous!

Yuto: -That’s right, only Yuya can eat whatever he likes outside…
Yugo: -Let us pick something we like to eat too!
Yuya: -What are you guys saying? The one who’ll be eating is me, am I right?

Yugo: -If you switch places with us, then we too will be able to get the feeling of tasting real food!
Yuya: -But then it’ll be as if I didn’t actually eat, won’t it!

Yuto: -If we have to pick something for lunch, it really should be “Curry”, after all…
Yugo: -Nope, it clearly should be some “Tongatsu” soaked in oil!
Yuri: -Lately, it seems like Yuya has been lacking physical training… For the sake of our beauty and health, it would be prudent to skip lunch…

Yugo: -Skipping lunch is completely out of question! We’re having Tongatsu!
Yuto: -Currey!
Yuri: -We are going on a diet!
Yuya: -Listen when someone’s talking, geez!

Yugo: -Yuya picked “Ramen”, right…?
Yuya: -Y- Yeah…

Yugo: -Then, let’s settle down who gets to choose!
Yuto: -Very well! But unfortunately, only Yuya has a Duel Disk…
Yuri: -In that case, let’s decide it with Janken.

Yuto: -Let’s do this!
Yugo: -Let’s go!
Yuri: -Here I come!
Yuya: -Ack, geez! Janken…

Yuzu: -It’s decided, then! We’re having noodles!
The Yus: -Whaaaat?!