Not everything I’ve thought up when writing my Au has made the cut.

Since I’m skipping day 20 and 21 for the FebYgoChallenge(b/c I don’t have a favourite spell or trap), I’m gonna share an idea I scrapped while writing my Barian AU(since it’s not spoilery).

So, if you’ve watched ZeXal you‘ll know there’s two kinds of Barians.

Barian Emperors, which are the gem studded, mouthless ones.

And what I call ‘Barian Generals’, the ones like Mr. Heartland that can take on an animalistic form. They have powers similar to the Barian Emperors-the ability to travel between the Barian world and Earth, shifting between two forms(human and Barian) and at least one specialized power, generally based on their Barian form and serve the Barian Emperors.

I briefly toyed with the idea of utilizing the second kind of Barian and giving each of the pairs a ‘general’ under their command.

The set up was basically the following-

Yuya/Yuzu- Sawatari

Yuto/Ruri- Shun

Yuri/Selena- Sora

Yugo/Rin- Gongenzaka

The Synchro group ended up being the odd one out because I wanted the General for each pair to 1) be from their dimension and 2) utilize the same summoning methods.

And Yugo is a loser with no friends outside of Rin and using Shinji would have been, odd cause they don’t really know each other(though I suppose I could have done that) which left Gongenzaka as the only other Synchro user in the main cast.

Sora was chosen over Dennis b/c I had a role for Dennis.

Same reason Yuya ended up with Sawatari, he’s the only other Pendulum user outside of Reiji.

On that note, Sawatari would be the most obnoxious Barian ever I’m sure.

Yes, this means that all of the above characters would have to die, or at least come close to death and have Barian power given to them (more than likely form Yuya in an effort to save them).

Their Barian forms would be based on their deck archetypes-

Shun would gain wings(either actual wings or wing-arms-like Ruri’s monsters have), claws and hawk-like eyes.

Sora would look like a mutated toy, stitch marks on the joints/all over and hands/paws with oversized claws.

Sawatari would be based off a devil/demon and an actor, probably def gaining some wings and an arrow tipped tail.

I was never sure what Gongenzaka would look like, but a samurai/beast combo seems like it would be the best fit(minotaur anyone?).

I never really decided on the powers, except for Sora. Some kind of ability allowing him to manipulate things with string(honestly he’d make a very good evil Barian).

Ultimately though, I scrapped the idea because I just, couldn’t work it in.

what if there were some changes to Yuya post Zarc

- His hair is noticeably a tid bit longer and some of his green hair has lighter green stips in them.

- His  eyes are a bit sharper, and while he mantains his intense red eyes, the color can change to yellow and the Pupils have the ability to change into slits when he feels a particularly strong emotion, mainly anger or annoyance. When extreme angry they glow golden.

- when angry or annoyed he can make a, only just noticeable (though easy to miss) growl.

- His incisors are sharper than usual ones.

- his sense of sight, sound, and smell a sharper as well

- The feel of his presence is much more noticeable. It leaves people with a sense of both great fear and awe. Like they are are in the presence of a deity or a beast, yet it’s also comforting, peaceful, and calm and surprisingly a bit soothing, like it’s a tamed beast.

- Yuya can tell they feel this to an extent and has no problem telling them he isn’t anywhere near “tamed” he’s simply “a sleeping beast” and would perfer to stay that way.

- His personality retains Zarc’s Stoic behaviour although nowhere near Zarc’s extent, it’s just hard for him to strongly react to things like he use too. That doesn’t mean he can’t though.

- he mantains the ability to transform, but refuses to. His doesn’t have a problem manifesting an image of his wings or tale via his shadow however.

- his anger truly is like that of a dragon when pushed far enough 

anonymous asked:

A superhero au?

So like… Arc V? Let’s do Arc-V. 

  • Yusho and Leo were the biggest superheroes of the city. They’re like, Superman and Batman level. 
  • Yusho’s identity was The Sky Magician. Leo was known as The Professor. (Charles Xavier shakes his bald head.) 
  • Eventually The Professor begun to do suspicious shit. Yusho gets suspicious. He investigates his partner, followed The Professor one day, and never returned home. ):
    • Cue Yuya devastated
  • Yuya grew up and, determined to find the truth behind his dad’s disappearance, took up the Sky Magician identity. Suddenly Sky Magician is back in the sky. 
    • He gets targeted. 
  • His identity was discovered by Reiji, CEO of Leo Corp. Cue panic. 
  • So apparently Reiji is the son of The Professor. Anyway he’s like “my father is behind an underground crime syndicate.” He gives Yuya the option to work with him or back off for his own safety. 
  • Yuya’s all “I wanna find dad.” 
  • “Where’s Dad^2″
  • Yuya keep fighting crime in the daylight while Reiji investigate in the shadows and help protect him. 
  • Eventually Reiji forms the Lancers, a collection of heroes and vigilantes to counter the crime syndicate. 
  • Dennis is still the mole. Also he’s totally a Sky Magician wannabe. He’s actually one of the first to recognize that Yuya isn’t Yusho. (SHHHH the costume is really floofy so you can’t tell that Yuya is half Yusho’s size OKAY.) 
  • SERENA THE HACKER. (Ex-criminal.) 
  • Gongenzaka’s a police officer. 
  • Shun’s like… this other ex-criminal that Reiji blackmailed into working for them. So is Sora. Sora’s originally part of the Syndicate, then later they captured him and he’s currently doing Community Service (I guess?) with Serena and Shun. 
  • Yuzu got into this whole business to look out for Yuya isn’t that sweet. 
  • So basically, Yuya, Yuzu, Sawatari and Dennis are the actual costume heroes. They’re there to sort of attract attention and make a statement to counter the Syndicate. All the rest are the behind-the-scene team, working mostly in the dark to investigate the Syndicate and also protect them. 

Send an au and characters and I’ll give you headcanons.