Protags and their Spiritual Partners
  • Yugi: My Aibou. He gives me the confidence I need and I teach him humility. The most important person in my life.
  • Judai: My sorta boyfriend partner? Turns out we were aliens in past lives and they got dragon armor and went crazy with space madness. They got better.
  • Yusei: uh
  • Yuma: My teammate. He can be annoying when handing out advice but I teach him a thing or two from time to time. Wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.
  • Yuya: My other me? He sends me a voicemail every half year about either bringing smiles or killing academy kids. Shun really misses him.
  • Yusaku: piece of shit i'm stuck with. Almost got me killed with a tornado. Need him for revenge reasons.

Vrains is finally making its debut soon and I imagine Yusaku is going through the last reminders from the other protagonists before show time~ hehe <33  

( Edit: Yush! Finally able to fix the last three panels!! \(ouo)/ 
PS: I kinda not sure what team name to give for Judai and Yuma so…yeah random Team Fivestar XD)


Here it is. The full comic.

Yuzu begs Yuya to enter the ikemen pageant because the prize is 60 kilos of rice AND the duel school would get a lot of publicity. Yuya’s hesitant, but Yugo’s like HMPF, I CAN TOTALLY WIN FOR YUYA. But Yuri’s like “You, an ikemen?? Please, you probably can’t even win a contest as classless as this.”

Then Yuzu reveals the contest is a swimsuit contest. Yuya, Yugo, and Yuri all start freaking out, saying NO WAY!, and Yuzu tries to reason with them–until Yuto steps up like “Hm, it can’t be helped…”

Cut to the actual contest. Yuzu doubts if Yuya can win, and Shuzo’s like “Yeah, Kurosaki and Sawatari have surprisingly nice bodies”.

But then Sora announces REIJI as the winner.

Yuto and Sawatari are like “The hell? You’re not even in a swimsuit!”

Reiji: “My swimsuit is… zero.”