Things I intended to draw tonight: broody fanart about the kind of ‘mentor’ Dazai was to Akutagawa during their Mafia days.

Things I actually drew: This.

Bonus of Akutagawa trying to process a head pat:

spinolsen  asked:

So is season eight the final season? It sounds that way and I don't like it!

Season Eight will in fact be the final season of Our Fair City.  We planned out our length and arc early on, and while it has been tough sticking to our guns (we love this world and our characters), we think you’ll be really excited to see how the series wraps up.

Never fear though—HartLife NFP isn’t going anywhere.  We are already in the midst of preparing for our next flagship serial, which we’ll start releasing after Our Fair City is concluded. 

Me, trying to explain how a radian is just a ratio of the arc length and the radius: It doesn’t have a unit, it’s like a unitless…unit

Creepypasta #618: The ARC

Story length: Super long

My buddy Dave was a game developer. A good one. He’s the only guy I know who could blend a game with reality on this level. But I’m scared to think what he actually accomplished.

He started in BASIC when we were in elementary school. Back then he’d just modify the demos that came included like the gorillas game where you throw the banana-bombs back and forth. By the end of middle school, he had a good grasp of C++.

After college we ended up living in different cities. He moved into New York City, I went out to San Diego. But he kept developing games, indie ones mostly. Back when indie was more synonymous with unsuccessful. And I was always the first to test them out.

So when I saw the package from Dave at my front door, I wasn’t too surprised.

Normally he’d just post the files for me but this had hardware. It was an attachment for my iPhone. A crude 3d-printed plastic device that connected to the bottom port and wrapped up around the lens.

“It’s a kind of augmented reality game,“ Dave said on a video chat with me that evening. "The hardware scans depth in the room, like the Kinect. It’ll do an on-the-fly scan of your apartment, creating a point cloud. It lets the ARC know what exists in his space.”

He would do this sometimes, talk like folks knew what he meant. “I don’t know what an ARC is, Dave. No one does.”

He sighed. "Augmented Reality Character. Imagine the The Sims, but it’s happening in your home, and you can watch it through your phone’s camera. The hardware and software scan the rooms you want and process it into 3D space. Then your character, your ARC, can walk around your apartment, or where ever you scan.” Whatever ever I scanned… I started to get it.

“The phone’s camera is like window into the ARC’s world. A mirror of ours.”

I scanned my apartment, but started off simple. Just the living room and the kitchen. After a bit of processing, a crude 3D character (like the first version of the Sims) appeared in the middle of the room. He looked around cautiously before bumping into my coffee table and navigated around it.

It was incredible. It really felt like he was there. I looked out into my empty room, then back into my phone. It was like I was watching an alternate dimension.

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funny story

so last year during math class we were talking about circles and how to find the arc length (it’s a section of the distance around) and my 50 year old male teacher asks what we use to find this. no one was really in the mood to answer any questions that day, so I took it upon myself to answer it. now note, I’m usually pretty quiet in all my classes, but I’ll answer a question here or there. this is because I tend to stumble over my words and mess them up sometimes. so the answer was circumference, and I raised my hand to be called on. He calls my name and what do I say?

“You use the circumcision.”

my class just stared at me and a couple chuckles were heard from around the room. my teacher was mortified, and just replied “you mean the circumference?”

I said “yeah, what did I say?” and he just laughed and continued with the lesson. I had to turn to my seat partner and asked what had happened. she explained what all went down. now I avoid speaking in classes all together.

Calculus question about arc length? (Solved - thank you).

I’m confused about one little part of the arc length topic in Calculus.

The question is:

y = 4 - 3x on [-3,2] (Use calculus.)

The answer and the steps given are as follows:

I’m just confused on the last step. How does sqrt(10)dx become 5(sqrt10). Without knowing this I can’t answer any of the questions on this topic.

Its probably something really obvious, but I can’t see it.

Size chart with Vegeta’s new height compared to Gokû and Bulma!