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[UPDATE] BlazBlue: Central Fiction Location Tests Streaming Live from Japan
While public demonstrations are an amazing way to connect with the community that plays your game, their very nature often excludes folks who live outside the regions in which they are being held. Fortunately, Taito has organized a series of live broadcasts for Arc System Works’ upcoming BlazBlue: Central Fiction location...

Central Fiction loketests from the various Tatito Station Game Centers around Japan.

arc system works combos by game

blazblue combos: intricate series of attacks using a wide variety of special moves ending with a flashy super move to maximize damage

guilty gear combos: jump and punch your opponent in the gut repeatedly until they lose 60% of their health

persona 4 arena/ultimax combos: just fucking do every super you have all in a row. right now. just do it because why the fuck not.

hokuto no ken combos: 


DBZ Extreme Butoden out October 20 in the U.S. ⊟ 

Throw those boring old normal butodens in the trash, because Extreme Butoden is on the way to North america! It’s a 2D fighter for 3DS, developed by Arc System Works and featuring 20+ playable Dragon Ball Z characters, along with 100 “support characters” (including the entire Ginyu Force, Master Roshi, and that turtle, as seen in these screens).

It’s out October 16 in Europe, by the way, for our readers craving EU-todens. We riffed nonsensically on this game in our latest podcast, if that’s something you want to hear.

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